Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

This is something interesting merely about the Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World. Their beauty as well as being the capital of the country made them enlisted in the top ten beautiful capital in the world. A presentation in table form is given while the detail of each is given below. Look ahead and enjoy!!

Sr. No. City Name Country Name
1 London England
2 Islamabad Pakistan
3 Berlin Germany
4 Washington America
5 Paris France
6 Rome Italy
7 Tokyo Japan
8 Budapest Hungary
9 Ottawa Canada
10 Moscow Russia

10. Moscow

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is the most beautiful city and the lat but not least one to be named under the top ten beautiful capitals of the world. People think of this city as the city with long history and with lots of skyscrapers too. Moscow has the largest group of people of billionaires in the world. Moscow is the northernmost mega city on Earth along with it; Moscow is the most crowded city in Europe.
The city is served by a wide-ranging passage set-up. This setup includes four international airports and the nine railway terminals along with one of the deepest subversive metro systems in the world. That deepest subversive metro system is known as the Moscow Metro, which is ranked third to Tokyo and Seoul in conditions of passenger figures. It is acknowledged as one of the city’s landmarks due to the well-off and speckled structural design of its 188 stations. Moscow is the beautiful, stunning, sparkling, dramatic, eye-catching, surprising and attractive place to visit. The people and their civilization worth a visit to Moscow. It stood first in terms of beauty in nature as well as in development of structures too. Over all a beautiful place to see and feel and which is why it is enlisted in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World.

9. Ottawa

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Ottawa being famous for its stunning and fascinating nature along with the eye-catching beauty is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is listed under the category for the Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World. Ottawa is wonderful, glorious, superb and splendid. Ottawa has a little of the best “green belt” parks of any city in the world. It is a dense city which facilitates you for easy walking. While in the winter season, it is wonderful to skate on the Rideau Canal which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. And then in May the tulip event is also appealing for a visit. The tulips are a yearly gift from The Netherlands in appreciation for Canada harboring Queen Juliana. The queen Juliana gave birth to one of her daughters in Ottawa, while in exile during WW2. The Dutch have never elapsed that. Then again in the summer, there is Chamber fest that is celebrated an once a year, Chamber Music Festival for music lovers. Ottawa holds a lot of grand, vast and admired museums. The National Art Gallery is appealing one too in Ottawa. It is said to be perfect with outclass and remarkable but trendy museums. Ottawa is one of the greatest of the places to see having great food and great civilization. Indeed an amazing place to visit in all seasons. For dignifying Ottawa’s beauty it is enlisted under top ten beautiful capital cities.

8. Budapest

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The most beautiful one is the next in our cont down to be observed for the top 10 beautiful capital cities. People visited the place and reviewed it as the most beautiful city having quite a friendly people with an incredibly good food and excellent Hungarian wine too. People also named it as the most beautiful city they ever visited.
The past of Budapest began with Aquincum that became the Roman capital of Lower Pannonia. Cited as one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe, its wide-ranging World Heritage Site includes the banks of the Danube, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway for being the  second oldest in the world. The city draws attention of about 4.3 million tourists a year that in result makes it the 25th most well-liked city in the world according to Euro monitor. Budapest is also considered as the economical hub in the central Europe.  This beautifying place is a continuous source to provide the people with the true joy, essence of beauty by the natural scenes captured and matured. A great diversity of people along with their cultures is seen here. From the food to the advanced fashion and high structures Budapest is the one admired for its beauty.

7. Tokyo

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Tokyo is the beautiful and elegant capital of Japan officially known as Tokyo Metropolis. Tokyo is the next to be highlighted in our list for the Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World. Tokyo is famous for being incredibly secure, hygienic, fresh, wonderful foods, fashion, arts, for being crowded too and for the urbane cultures; you are just blemished for choices. Tokyo is also the largest metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo is frequently reflected of as a city but is commonly referred to as a “metropolitan state”.  Tokyo is said to be an advanced city, an up-to-dated one and along with it, it is called alpha world city. It is also said to be the most expensive city too for the expatriated as being researched by the Mercer and the Economists Intelligence Unit back in the year 2012. Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympic Games in the year 1964 and is programmed to congregate again in 2020. Tokyo is overall an amazing city to visit, this is what the visitors and tourists think and they paste Tokyo to their first priority while planning for the tourism. This beautiful place along with the sparkling, glittering and stunning nights with the essence of natural beauty and topped of the versatile food; an incredible place to tour for. Tokyo is the capital city to be named as beautiful capital city of the world.

6. Rome

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Rome is the beautiful city that is the capital of Italy. It is to be enlisted under the top ten beautiful capitals in the world. People visited Rome and they loved to hang out there again for they say Rome is a wonderful city and it is amazing to watch and enjoy such great structures and historical legacy Rome have, proud to name that the monuments speaks their history and civilization quite well. Rome is the only city in the world to hold in its heart an entire state; the closed society of Vatican City. Rome has a rank for being the global city. Back in the year 2007, Rome was the 11th-most-visited city in the world and along with it. It was the 3rd most visited in the European Union, and the most popular vacationer magnetism in Italy. This city is one of Europe’s and the world’s most triumphant city “brands” when we talked about both in language of standing and possessions. Rome is the greatest place to be visited for it captures the true beauty inside it and holds the true essence of fascination too. People in large visit this place and enjoys. For all theses good reasons Rome is enlisted under the top ten most beautiful capitals of the entire world.

5. Paris

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Paris is the capital of France and is enlisted under the top ten most beautiful capital cities in the entire world. With no uncertainty, Paris is the most beautiful city of the world including a lot more of the land marks. Paris is well-built on all fronts and is therefore said to be the world’s best capital city. Paris has beauty in its art, craft, atmosphere, sceneries and even within is history too. Today it is one of the world’s foremost commerce and artistic centers, and its authority in political affairs, tutoring, amusement, media, science, fashion and the rest of the arts all put in to its rank as one of the world’s major cities ever known. This city has high attentiveness of nationwide and global political, artistic and systematic institutions that over all makes it one of the world’s chief tourist destinations. Centuries of artistic and opinionated development have taken Paris to a diversity of museums, theatres, monuments and architectural styles. A large number of the master pieces of Paris such as the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe are iconic buildings and the Eiffel Tower, which is its internationally recognized symbol. Paris is regarded long for being the international center of arts, its works by history’s most famous artists can be initiate in the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay and its many other museums and galleries. Paris is said to be the global hub of fashion and has been referred to as the “international capital of style”. Paris is said to be enlisted under the Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World.

4. Washington

top ten beautiful capitals

Washington D.C, officially called the District of Columbia, is the capital of United States. It was founded in 1791 to give out as the new capital of Unites States. It is also the 24th most populous places of the world and along with that; it is the 7th largest urban area too. Washington D.C is one of the extremely beautiful places of the world, or its better to say one of the most stunning capital city if the entire world. People call it the best to be viewed at night for its remarkably stunning looks and sparkling notions.
Washington D.C is the name that is quite well-known to all the people around the globe. Washington D.C is the busiest one, economical too and up to date in every field. It holds its name at first for being best in beauty, fascination, attractiveness, eye-catching looks, aesthetically cool, classy, clean, and green and many more yet to be mentioned. People love to visit that place for spending holidays and for planning out tours due to its soothing essence and for being very close to nature too. Keeping in mind all these figures and facts Washington D.C is placed under the list for top ten most beautiful capitals in the world.

3. Berlin

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Berlin is the capital of Germany and even one of the 16 states of Germany. Berlin is one of the top ten beautiful capitals of the world. City like Berlin was able to rise up after the devastating destruction back in the year 1945, and even after that it stood up appearing as one of the greatest competitors to its neighboring cities. It is amongst the top most busiest and most producing one city that cranks up the growth too. Berlin involves a diversity of culture and people. People consider it as the safe and most beautiful city they visited ever. Berlin is said to be the largest city of Germany while the second most popular one. Berlin acquires a pleasant seasonal climate too that adds up to its beauty.
One third of the Berlin comprised of parks, gardens, lakes, rivers and forests. Berlin, one of the top ten beautiful cities of the world, is a city of technology, science, culture, tradition, media, politics and entertainment having diverse range of creative and innovative industries. Due to its dignifying beauty it is the most populous capital for tourist’s viewpoint. It is a tourism destination for the entire world, people visit, enjoys and then takes away the essence of Berlin with them. It is specified for bio-chemical engineering, biotechnology, traffic engineering, medical pharmaceutical industries, electronics and many many more. It is a home for many famous and pompous industries, universities, research organizations, orchestras, museums, and superstars too. It is well known for its festivals too. For these and so many more reasons along with the striking and stunning beauty Berlin is enlisted in one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World.

2. Islamabad

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

Islamabad, one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, famous for its beauty, decor, fascination, attractiveness and the one regarded fully. Islamabad being the glorious one could be competed over the entire cities of the world. It is highly developed and the developments can been seen in every angle of the city, moreover it is also included in the list of largest cities in the world.. The most beautiful capital of the world is the one on which entire Pakistan feel proud and very well pleased. People thought to visit Islamabad for Islamabad being too striking, fine-looking and stunning.
It is also famous for being clean, cool, calm, peaceful, sparkling, hygienic, fresh and dirt free. It is the most broad-based and urbanized city of the Pakistan. It is very up-to-dated one, modern and very well maintained lie at the northern part of the country capturing the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan. Islamabad is efficient, well-ordered, well planned and well-maintained city being divided into different zones and sectors each with a distinction of its own beauty. Islamabad is quite very source of amusement and a great place to spend holidays and to visit too due to its adorable beauty not only of buildings but of the green lands and parks and many more. For keeping in view all these dignified facts and figures Islamabad is enlisted in the top ten beautiful capital cities.

1. London

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World

The most beautiful capital city in the world is London. It is said to be the powerful city for being the capital of England and of the United Kingdom. London is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World. London has such landmarks that are considered over the entire world even more then that these are renowned well. It is also one of the top economical cities of the British Empire.
London is the one heavily populated and metropolitan zone. It is considered as the largest city in the entire European region. The capital of England is the principal global city that resides the power in its trade, commerce, schooling, fine arts, investment, entertainment, fashion, health, specialized services, researches, tourism and development. London is the most beautiful city according to most of the people who visited it. It constitutes not only larger buildings but natural scenes are well managed. London is also the popular for being the leading economical hub. It is also known as the artistic capital of the world as well as the world’s most traveled city when measured by the international arrivals. It includes 43 universities along with that, it has variety of people with variety of culture living in it with even more then 300 languages been spoken. London holds many things in the history that are recorded quite well. For the beauty and the sense of fascination residing in the city it is enlisted in the top ten beautiful capital cities.

Author: Mr. William


  1. Thank you Mr. William for giving this list of beautiful cities,no doubt these cities have their own beauty and worth watching scenes but Islamabad is overall green.

    And I don’t know about Lahore but it has been ranked in the World Heritage .

    1. Lahore is a big city, the capital of Punjab Province, city of gardens, and heart of Pakistan. Lahore is a bit congested and over populated but beautiful. A lot of development work has been done and funther is going on. It is said locally, “Lahore is Lahore”, Life is incomplete without seeing Lahore.

  2. Nice,though my personal opinion is that Moscow had to be on NO:1, London really only has two things to show whereas Moscow should have been on the number one list. But that is my opinion 🙂

    1. Agreed 100% , its unfair to put moscow on the last in the list & London on the top , its also a personal opinion , cities might have been judged on many aspects , I wish I could visit Moscow one day

  3. I have visited Islamabad and sadly I don’t think it can qualify to be in top ten of anything. While it has some nice neighbourhoods where the government functionaries live but overall the place is quite run down and is NOT pedestrian friendly.

    1. I agree, I live there ,and although it is the most beautiful city of Pakistan ,it can’t really compete with the others in this list , the Centaurus is half done , maybe once it is complete , the city level is raised ,I certainly hope so

      1. Centaurus is just a building have you seen, shah allah dita cave area, Shakerparya, Faisal Masque, Tracking area trail 5, E- Sectors, Roads Network, Monal is Also top Restaurant.
        Better Roads, Proper Planning, Parks, Climate, Margallah mountains made Islamabad at this position.

        Dubai is missing i wonder why .

  4. Patrick, you have your own opinion, yes Islamabad is not as developed as western countries, but pls read the title of this news “top 10 beautiful cities of the world”.

    Islamabad is overall green, clean and well maintained and planned.

    It is a new city which was built in 1960s, so you can’t expect it to be like Western cities which are 1000s of years old.

    Although Pakistan has problems ,but still I have seen some foreigners in Islamabad and I have even read the comments of some of the foreigners on the facebook pages of Islamabad and they have all praised this city.

    1. Agreed to Wallis. Guys, the title is not the most developed capital that you are talking about buildings

  5. Most of the streets and roads in Islamabad are wide and clean, I have talked to one American lady who has a Pakistani husband and she has visited Pakistan many times and she told me that Islamabad is more like western cities.

    So you have your opinion and others have theirs.

    Their are many parks, coffee shops and other markets in Islamabad and now they are making shopping malls their. Eg. Centarious shopping mall and now they have “safa shopping malls”.

    And pls note that mashallah a new airport is under construction in Islamabad .

    So offcourse it takes time.

  6. Islamabad I think deserves to be amongst the top 10 beautiful cities of the world as it does have some beautiful and nice places. In development, Islamabad might not be ranked amongst the top 10 cities of the world .

    1. wallis overall pakistan is beautiful pls check on internet murree, swat, naran, kaghan, malamjaba, zeyrat, khashmir and most beautiful cities of Pakistan i love my Pakistan

      1. Yes my brothers Islamabad is doesn’t means having beautiful buildings and infrastructures .beauty means natural beauty.

  7. The picture of Washington is actually San Diego.
    Also, not sure how Stockholm wouldn’t make this list…

  8. I think islamabad doesn’t deserve to be amongst top 10 beautiful capital… Even i am pakistani but its true…. WOrld has many more beautiful cities than islamabad..

    1. well it deserves! Islamabad is our capital! I believe that Islamabad should be no.1 cuz It’s in my country Pakistan and also, it is the most beautiful capital of the world… every other capitals have building only.but, Islambad has everything a city should have

    2. Bro, the title is “most beautiful” so the capitals of other countries can be listed in “most developed” because of huge investment in them but where a word comes “beautiful” there are many other aspects describing the beauty of a place not only buildings and development. There is a difference between beauty and development of a city.
      Other capitals could be more developed because of high rising skyscrappers but here they considered it beautiful because of its natural beauty and greenery, weather and development could be an aspect in this article but aricle not totally relying on it.

    3. Yeah world may have beautiful cities but not beautiful capitals…but maybe the ranking is not about devolopment it might be about nature and well planning and hygiene environment .

    4. You are blind then my friend. Only if u would go out of ur house n visit sectors like G-9, F-10, F-8, F-11, G-10 n etc.. also only if u would visit places like centaurus mall, safa gold mall, mcc mall, shakarpariyan, damn.e.koh, margalla hills, F1 trax, fatima jinnah park, shah faidal mosque.. there r organised n well maintained parks in each sector.. there r clean roads n well established n built markets that splendidly light the city n work like stars at night.. the foreigm living here like hundreds of Turks, Somalian n Chinese have always praised it for its cleanliness, greenery, magnificent green view, amazin metro bus, well built n architected houses.. only if u would have a fullll view of the city from the heart taking marvellous damn.e.koh… broh only blind can deny the most beautiful city.. n the school n universities r BEESSTT! There r so many other places like supreme court, golra, parliament house, presidency, … LOVVEE ISLAMABADDD.. ?????????????

  9. islamabad is the most beauttifull city in world … my opinion is that it is ranked on top … i love my pakistan .. and proud to be. pakistani ..

  10. Hi everyone,
    Feeling too much proud to be a part of Islamabad 🙂 No doubt, it deserves the position it got and its a piece of paradise, yet its under construction and being polished and I’ll suggest the foreigners to visit it. You will verily love it.

  11. I Spend Almost Ten Years(1964-1973) In Islamabad With My Father-Mother- Brothers & Sisters.My Father Was A Govt. Employ Worked At Ministry Of Finance.Though I Was A Kid But Still I Remember Lot Of Golden Memories.Specially The Place Where We Used To Lived (G-6\4). I Missed Those Places Including My School Friends & Neighbors.

  12. I have been living in Islamabad since 1995. No doubt this is a beautiful city, well planned, lot of greenery, nice roads and buildings but I don’t think it is the second most beautiful city of the world.

  13. Feeling proud to see islamabad as 2nd most beautiful capital of world! 😀
    And am angry and feel sorry for those Pakistanis who are giving priority to other capitals over there capital….this shows there love with the country -.-

  14. Well.. Islamabad the most beautiful capital in the world..with the change of weather… beauty of islamabad looks in different way

  15. Islamabad , is no doubt a beautiful capital. But you can’t compete it with others in the list. It took European countries centuries to reach what they’ve achieved today. Pakistan is still under development. Islamabad will make the list in a deserving way in 8 to 10 years. But not now. The city is green , roads are well maintained and beautiful but yet needs a lot of changes.

  16. since i also visited most of the worlds capitals ,, however Islamabad is realy have the natural beauty .. it should be on Number 01… i am dreaming to live in Islamabad and to enjoy its great weather the natural beauty uffffffffffffff u cant ignore its like no match…

  17. Agreed with you we are talking about beauty & nature ISLAMABAD have both also peaceful city all over other PAKISTANIS city we love our country capital city of PAKISTAN..The crime ratio is 0%…

  18. Yes I know Islamabad is most beautiful capital of the world. I think it should be on no. One beautiful capital of world.It has it’s own natural beauty by GOD and London has artificial beauty.

  19. Hope Islamabad stays clean and green, inshallah and citizens develop some civic sense!! it ‘s uniqueness comes from the Margalla hills surrounding the city-lets hope they don’t turn into rubbish dumps. I recall one women throwing out an eaten food tray out of her car while in a parking bay , and then her daughter throwing out a plastic pot!! Just awful ! I went up to her and said ‘please
    why is it so hard to keep the ‘Paak’ in Pakistan ?’ She sheepishly opened the door and and picked up the items muttering ‘the chowkidur will pick it up’ . I said ‘if the ‘chowkidur’ didn’t have to pick your trash up, perhaps his time could be better spent tending to the shrubs and growing flowers!! ‘Please CDA introduce fines for littering !! Much better way to get taxes! if Singapore can do it so can anyone else!!

  20. I am from rural area of Islamabad, serving in Parliament of Pakistan, Islamabad and living in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I have visited quiet a few cities of the world including London and Tokyo. Every city has its beauties but there is no match of Islamabad in the cities of the world. The wide and signal free roads, abundant green trees, clean environment, most beautiful Metro bus, rawal lake, view points, beautiful buildings, no sound pollution, hills and mountains, no traffic blockages, cleanliness, play grounds and Parks, hiking Tracks, jogging tracks, planned shopping centers, monument, food streets and many other things are the distinguished features of Islamabad. One who has not seen Islamabad has not seen the beauty of the modern world. However, the picture of three towers and a nearby 4th tower, given here, is not real. The 4th one has not yet been constructed. Islamabad is most secure and peaceful cities of Pakistan. Lahore is another beautiful city of Pakistan which can be compared to London.

  21. I wonder why Vienna isn’t on the list. I liked it more than Paris & Washington.
    Budapest was a surprise there, but I’ve been reading a lot about how beautiful Budapest and Prague are.

  22. Yes,, Islamabad deserves to be on 2nd ,,, cool and happy city with awsome every type of weather ,, love it islamabad ,,, living there from 2000 and its 2015 and i don’t wanna to go anywhere ,,, cause i don’t wanna to leave the heaven of my life…. i don’t go to my village ,,, i love islamabad more than my village ,,,
    love you
    City cannot became by buildings parks,, but by peoples …. good peoples of islamabad
    We don’t wanna to be like western,, we have to make our own identity ,,,, not western identity ……..

  23. instead of finding faults in it..people should feel proud that isb is the second MOST BEAUTIFUL capital! #proud! Good job william.

  24. Right now we should stop analysis of the list and ………….just accept it because its not a degree or some useless debate on which we need comments!
    Just take it positively accept it…………….

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