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Top 10 Internet Radio Stations

There are thousands of internet radio stations where you just have to tune in and then you can enjoy your favorite music genres and you can also share your own music because few of the online radio stations serve as a social networking site. Among all these thousands and thousands of radio stations few have gained much popularity because they offer very exciting things to their users. In this article you will come to know about top ten internet radio station first they are listed according to their ranking and then necessary information about all of them is also given.

List of best web radios ranking:

Sr. No Radio Name Origin
1 Maestro Indonesia
2 Grooveshark: Self –Directed Radio United States
3 Spotify Sweden
4 Canadian Web Radio Canada
5 Acoustic Alternative USA
6 Pirate Radio Network USA
7 Last.fm United Kingdom
8 The Inferno Radio Romania
9 SHOUTcast Basically an international streaming provider company
10 Pandora USA

10. Pandora:

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First Internet radio station that I am going to discuss is Pandora and it is enlisted as tenth best and internationally ranked radio station. In this internet broadcasting situation somehow squat intensity of artificial intelligence is used. By using this, what Pandora tries to find out is just to know about listener’s music lifestyle and then new music is also suggested that you may like. It also has another very distinctive facility that is “recommendation engine” it is quite new and trivial criterion for decision of DNA of song is used in it. Beside this fact of trivial criterion it has a large number of fan following. And USA’s resident must enjoy this station (American computers only).

9. SHOUTcast by Nullsoft:

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Next online radio station that I would like to share with you is SHOUTcast by Nullsoft and in international ranking of best radio stations it is for sure ninth best radio destination known worldwide. SHOUTcast is not a single radio station in fact it is a considerable mixture of so many individual radio stations. Actually there are enormous stations here, and it is unapproachable to figure out one at first position. But if you are die heart fan of niche music this is the best and foremost choice in that case. Yes then you must give a try to this platform and you will love it. Gothic metal from era of 90’s, big band swing remix version and German synth music…what else you want about niche music. All this you can find on this platform.

8. The Inferno radio:

So, here comes another worldwide recognized and best radio station that is The Inferno radio and in international ranking its position is eighth best. The best and special trait of this place is “eclectic listening”: yoking and blending of variety of genres into a solo playlist. And it’s this solo playlist consist of David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin and kid rock. And the playlists which are forms here in The Inferno is by DJ’s choice and also according to listeners request and demand. And yes if you are fond of variety of music and you are desirous to find it in a single place then must go for The Inferno radio station. You will love it…

7. Last.fm:

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Next online FM radio station that is worth discussing is Last.fm and it is in raking of top ten internet radio station seventh best and popular radio station which has large number of fan following worldwide. Social networking is at its peak in this station (Last.fm). You can very conveniently connect with other user of it and operate suggestions and friendly chitchat. Along with this you can also give your vote whether you like or not the song or any particular artist. And these recommendations will be very helpful for last.fm in song selection because it will entertain you according to your demands and choice. And the service on Last.fm charge 3 dollars per month.

6. Pirate Radio Network:

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Next comes another very exciting radio station and best on the behalf of services it provides to user that is Pirate radio network and it is enlisted as sixth best and leading online broadcasting platform globally. The interesting fact about pirate radio network is its different way of listening of its broadcast: it offers two ways for it via web tuner or via downloadable extraordinary player. Thousand of music genres proliferate here and user are at this platform bound to find out highly new and influential music. And another exciting offer that you can have on Pirate radio network is if you are PC user you can easily make your own radio station and can start broadcasting as a DJ. What you have to do is just to install a software package for it and I assure you it’s worth trying if you ever dreamed to be a DJ.

5. Acoustic Alternative:

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So next best online FM station would be none other than Acoustic Alternative.com and in top international ranking of broadcasting stations it is enlisted as fifth leading and popular platform that can give you entertainment for which you ever wished for. In Fact it is just not acoustic but alternative as well; Charlestown, punk, ska and so many other genres a person can find on it. Acoustic Alternative also has a miserable fat about it: its fan following is not as much as other all enlisted radio stations have. Yet it has its lovers and has so many people which really like and appreciate it. Acoustic Alternative (AA) is master in combining subtle sounds, vocal hooks, pumping rhythm and great plus mesmerizing melodies.

4. Canadian Web Radio:

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Next FM station that I would like to discuss is Canadian Web radio and in ranking of top ten Internet radio stations it is fourth best and popular broadcasting station that is known and recognized worldwide. Interesting and worth knowing fact about Canadian web radio is that it is not a destination service like other member of this list in fact it is a assemblage of different other links to customary Canadian radio station that also pour out their shows across the web. If you are highly interested in knowing what Canadian are listening to and what they are talking about the check all this stuff (music + talk shows) at Canadian radio hub.

3. Spotify:

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So, here comes one more popular leading FM station which is Spotify and in ranking of world best online radio stations it is ranked as third best among all these. It is possibly one of the best free music service available nowadays. Spotify has limited access it is available in USA, Spain, United Kingdom and parts of Europe. As they get through music chief challenges, Spotify is hoping to enlarge its services to other countries very soon. As far as its services are concerned Spotify is considered as highly speedy and reliable radio system that outstrips the contest. It differentiates itself from iTunes and Pandora by behaving as an immense peripheral hard drive.

2. Grooveshark: Self-directed radio:

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Next comes Grooveshark online fm station which is a self directed radio and it is in ranking of best online FM stations second most influential and best platform. It is undoubtedly a genuine mob pleaser. Grooveshark is not a conformist sort of radio station where DJ or database is supposed to design playlists. In fact you are supposed to choose your favorite songs with playlist designer. Here you can find much more than your personal computer because million of songs are present here at Grooveshark. If you are interested in designing your own playlist the just effort of few minutes is required and definitely Grooveshark will not let down you.

1. Maestro.FM:

which best web radio

Which internet radio station is most popular and top ranked among all others?

Maestro FM is believed as number one online FM station among so many other leading internet radio stations. Maestro.fm just like Last.fm is all about social networking. Maestro gives an opportunity to operate playlist, follow other users’ argument on genres of music and by these conversations can discover a new artist. Along with all this you can also store some of your own music at remote storage site of Maestro.fm. If you are much into facebook and last .fm then you must give a try to Maestro.fm and I assure you will love listening to this online top ranked radio station because Maestro.fm has aim to give you best and according to your taste.


So here comes an end of this article (top ten internet radio stations). All those online FM stations which are having large number of fan following and have international recognition are discussed in this article. All the necessary information about every station is given in a concrete and brief manner. They all are best and top ranked because of unique offers. Each station offers something unique, new and exciting… if you are interested in trying online radio stations must read this article it will be helpful for you.

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