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Top 10 Doll Brands in the World

Doll seems as most fascinating and demanding toy among so many others by children. They love to have lots of Dolls around them especially little girls. These are believed as source of delight for so many years. There are bundle of doll brands in the world but few of them have gained more fame and popularity and are considered as best doll brands. In this article you will come to know about top 10 doll brands among so many other doll brands in the world.

Top Ten Doll Brands List in the World:

Sr. No

Brands Name

1 Barbie
2 Madame  Alexander
3 American Girls
4 Marie Osmond
5 Robert Tonner
6 Adora Baby
7 Bratz Dolls
8 Lee Middleton
9 Ashton Drake
10 Vogue (Ginny)

10. Vogue (Ginny):

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First doll brand among top ten doll brands in the world which I would like to discuss is Vogue Doll (Ginny). It is enlisted as tenth largest doll brand in the entire world. Ginny is one of the most wanted and is of so many little girls ever favorite doll since its appearance for the first time. It came to an appearance for first time back in 1950’s probably. Ginny Dolls are not as such expensive that everyone can’t buy it. There are at highly bearable rates. And fascinating factor of this doll brand is that these Ginny Dolls are with so many accessories. Ginny Doll’s wardrobe is highly amazing and wonderful since its debut till today. So this brand is fulfilling demands of little princess by providing them extremely beautiful dolls with lot of accessories and captivating wardrobe.

9. Ashton Drake:

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Next one that comes under discussion and is in list of top ten doll brands in the entire world is Ashton Drake Doll. It is considered as ninth largest doll brand that caters its customer with highly amazing one. This brand is very well known for providing very realistic dolls but apart from those realistic baby dolls it also produces Wizard of Oz, Winnie the Pooh, Precious Moment, Patti Playpal and Mickey Mouse dolls and lot of other styles also. Ashton Drake Doll brand is among best doll brands of the world because it has potential and is capable of fulfilling the little angel’s demands regarding their dolls choice.

8. Lee Middleton:

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Like so many other things that are of great importance doll is also one of them. As elders do their shopping and have choices same is the case with kids. Little girls always dreamed for very unique and different dolls because their lives move around all these stuff toys so they also have their favorite doll brands. It is another very amazing doll brand and one of the most likely brands as well. It is enlisted as eighth largest and more recognizable doll brand among top ten doll brands in the world. This doll brand is considered as highly expensive brand but still it is one the most popular and likeable doll brand. These dolls are very sensitive and fragile because of this kids cannot play with them you can just place them in show case and it will add up into beauty of your little girl room. But along with no play dolls this brand also produce limited range of playable. For the first time they were produced in Belpre but now it moved to China as well.

7. Bratz:

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So here comes another very popular and best doll brand of the world which is Bratz Dolls. It is enlisted as seventh best one among top ten doll brands in the world. Whether you like it or not but Bratz dolls are one of the best dolls of the world and you cannot deny this fact because of their very much popularity. It has gained such popularity and are best choice of lot of Doll Collector because looks and fascinating clothing. These are no doubt having extremely funky appearances. And production credit of Bratz Dolls goes to MGA Entertainment and along with these dolls it also includes Cartoons, Movies and has very interactive website that is

6. Adora Baby:

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Adora Baby Dolls is next under discussion it is enlisted as sixth largest doll brand among top ten doll brands in the world. The best thing about it is that they seem hundred percent like actual baby. They have so much realistic touch in them and this brand comes up with full package like line of wardrobe and accessories. And these dolls attracts not only children but adults also feel attraction towards these dolls. Adora Inc. is responsible for their production and another good thing about it is that they are more affordable and least expensive than Lee Middleton. Adora brand produces dolls in different hair color, in all races and with different eye colors.

5. Robert Tonner:

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So here comes another very exciting doll brand and that is Robert Tonner Doll brand. Amazing fact about Robert Tonner Dolls is that they are formed after famous personalities such as Tyler Wentworth, Harry Potter, Kitty Collier, and Gone with the wind, Wizard of Oz, Superman, Mary Poppins and Mary Englebreit. It produces variety of dolls from fashionable ladies to adorable babies and dolls based on move themes. If you have not seen these dolls ever before then I must say you should see them immediately and they are extremely adorable dolls.

4. Marie Osmond:

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Marie Osmond Dolls is next one that is in list of top ranked doll brands in the world. It is enlisted as fourth largest brand among top ten doll brands in the world and this list of best doll brands cannot be completed without Marie Osmond Dolls. These became famous after their appearance on QVC. These are produced in porcelain and these porcelain are in highly accessible and are cheapest dolls. This famous doll brand line includes Adora Belle, toddler dolls and Tiny Tots. Most of the Marie Osmond Dolls are porcelain produced but few of them are in resin as well. There is no reason to keep this name (Marie Osmond Dolls) away or out from the list top ranked and most demanding doll brands in the world.

3. American Girls:

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Another very exciting brand that is appealing for little princess is American Girl Dolls. It is third largest and more demanding brand among top ten doll brands in the world. American girl dolls attract kids and collectors as well by their costume and appearance. American girl dolls have gained popularity and fame in a speedy manner as compare to other all brands. This brand offers dolls, historical books about dolls formation, historical costumes and so many accessories. Nowadays production of American Girls Doll is by division of Mattel, Inc.

2. Madame Alexander:

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So, here we reaches to world’s second largest and popular brand and that is Madame Alexander Dolls. This amazing brand in enlisted as second most popular doll brand in the list of various top doll brands in the world. The Madame Alexander Dolls are first choice for children and collectors because of size and character. They are formed on the basis of so many themes like Wizard of Oz, fiction characters and Victoriana. Madame Alexander dolls are in various sizes and shapes you can get of your own choice. Along with this fascinating stuff they also produce lines of toddler dolls and baby for kids like Huggums and Pussycat dolls.

1. Barbie:

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So, what do you think among all the best doll brands which one is the top ranked and best doll brand?

Obviously it’s none other Barbie Dolls because this list of top ranked and most popular brands would never be completed without this brand. It is considered as most demanding and dreamy. It will not be a surprising for you if I would say that Barbie Doll is always a first choice for every single child. Barbie Doll always comes up with lot of themes and is designed in a variety of manners.  The extremely innovative ideas of this brand team and production of Silkstone dolls is a big hit in this stream of top doll brands. An amazing and wonderful thing about Barbie dolls is there variety which means if you have five or six Barbie dolls they will be definitely different from each other. It is labeled as fashion doll till today since its creation in the entire world. It includes dolls based on varying themes like holiday theme, movie theme dolls or is formed after any celebrity like Cher and Grease or based on any fiction writing like Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland.


Above mentioned all the doll brands are most popular and demanding doll brands and children always love to buy these top brand dolls. These all doll brands vary from one another every brand has its own unique idea which is followed by them and fulfill the varying demands of children in one way or the other.

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