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Top 10 Countries with the World’s Best Workers – Hard Working Nations

For the economic success of a country its human capital, the talent and productivity of its worker is essential. The companies are unable to get a successful award if the cant gets the people they need. The modern society is set up upon those who work hard, upon which their country’s economy can boom. We possibly feel at the end of a hard day’s work that only we are working longer hours than anyone else on the planet. But there are plenty of societies across the world where long hours are expected. These countries are known to have hard working and successful citizens, a history upon which the expectation of long hours is built. To find between work, family and leisure is one of the keys to happiness in life. But all nations are not formed equal when it comes to promoting that balance. Below are top ten hard working nations.

10. Canada:

best workers in the world

Canada is among the countries having hard work people. It is being rank at 15th for its work force and 2nd for education. Extremely high education score in Canada goes a long way toward pushing the country past lesser scores elsewhere. It’s after only Finland, and has the highest levels of citizens with tertiary degrees in the world. The Average working hours are 8.37 and Youth job holders Rate in between the Ages 15-25 is 59.5%.Peak job holder Rate in Canada in between the Ages 25-54 is 82.2% ,Older Workers labor Rate: (55-64 Ages) is 57.1% and average Annual Hours Worked is 1,736.

9. Denmark:

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Denmark has the best workers in the world. It’s Ranking for education is 18, 3rd for health, 12th for its workforce, and 11th for enabling environment. Denmark has a particular strength in health-care system. The people living in Denmark have the second-lowest percentage of unhealthful years throughout their lives, as well as one of the lowest rates of diseases like depression and communicable. According to the survey in Denmark Youth Employment Rate ( 15-25 Ages) is 67.4%, Peak Employment Rate (Ages 25-54) is 86.1%, Older Workers Employment Rate: (Ages 55-64) is 58.7%, Average Annual Hours Worked is 1,577.

8. United Kingdom:

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The United Kingdom is another country which has most hard working nation. The English are Ranked 10th for education, 10th for its workforce, 17th for health and 7th for enabling environment. The U.K. doesn’t particularly stand out at any point but has succeeded in doing little well across above categories and maintaining a particularly friendly environment for businesses and their employees. According to the survey in United Kingdom Youth Employment Rate (Ages 15-25) is 55.9%, Peak Employment Rate (Ages 25-54) is 81.3%, Older Workers Employment Rate: (Ages 55-64) is 57.4%, Average Annual Hours Worked is 1,670.

7. Norway:

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Norway’ nation are the best workers in the world. Its ranking for education is 15, 6th for health, 5th for its workforce, and 8th for enabling environment. Norway’s health-care system and workforce are at class in the world. In general, it has one of the world’s lowest gender gaps, a established ability to attract and maintain talent, and a vibrant scientific community. According to the survey in Norway Youth Employment Rate (Ages 15-25) is 56%, Peak Employment Rate (Ages 25-54) is 85%, Older Workers Employment Rate: (Ages 55-64) is 69%, Average Annual Hours Worked is 1,417.

6. Germany:

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Germany takes place in the countries having hard work people. Germany is being ranked at 19th for schooling, 8th for fitness, 9th for its labor force, and 3rd for facilitating environment. Germany weathered the European Union’s economic crisis superior than just about any other nation for a reason. It has one of the strongest road and rail networks and workforces in the world. Germany is seen as by far the most hardworking nation where 34% of the members of EU pick Germany when asked which country of all the 27 EU members generally “works the hardest”. In addition to that, Germans are one of the nations that equipped with large and scaled-up firms, low vice, state-of-the-art technologies, financing chances, and smart global supply chain management get a lot more product out of each hour worked.

5. Sweden:

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Swedes is in the topmost list of hard working nation. Its ranking for education is 14th, 2nd for health, 6th for its workforce, and 10th for enabling environment. Sweden emerges near the top in almost every health-care measure from infant mortality to water quality, and has a extremely educated and talented workforce as well. According to survey in Sweden its Youth Employment Rate (Ages 15-25) is 46.3%, Peak Employment Rate ( 25-54 Ages) is 86.1%, Older Workers Employment Rate: (55-64 Ages) is 70.1%, Average Annual Hours Worked  is 1,562.

4. Netherlands:

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Holland also gets in the list of countries with diligent workers. The Netherlands are ranked 7th for schooling, 4th for fitness, 8th for its labor force, and 4th for allowing environment. The Netherlands might be well-known for its tolerant capital, but it also has first-rate health care, education, and road and rail network. The Netherlands is number seven among selling overseas nations of the world. Almost 8,000 international companies have their European headquarters here. The Average working hours in the Netherlands are 1381. The Netherlands is a flourishing country due to the working environment where hard effort and wits is much valued. From 14th century the Netherlands has played an important role in determining the world market and It is especially known as the nation of seller, having its peak in the 17th century.

3. Singapore:

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Singapore is named as the country with hard working citizens. Singapore continues top position in BERI’s Labor Force Evaluation Measure. It is ranked at 13th for health, 3rd for education, 2nd for its labor force, and 5th for allowing environment. Singapore has an extremely precise education system, which facilitates produce a workforce that’s among the most competitive in the world. The business atmosphere attracts talent from all over the globe as well.  Singapore has the best labor-employer relations in Asia (2nd). According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012, World Economic Forum, Singapore is among the top 5 in the world for the most business favorable labor regulations (5th). From BERI Report 2012-III Singapore is among the top 2 most spirited countries in the world (2nd). Singapore is ranked first in the world as the city with the best investment latent.

2. Finland:

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Finland is in the list of best workers countries. Finland Ranks 1st for schooling, 9th for fitness, 3rd for its labor force, and 1st for permitting environment. It might be most well-known for its first-class and unconventional education system. Finland also has a brilliant road and rail network, expert employees, and the world’s greatest rate of public mobility.
Regarding employment, 70% of people aged 15 to 64 in Finland have a salaried job, above the OECD employment average of 65%. Some 71% of men are in salaried work, compared with 68% of women. Employees in Finland work 1 672 hours a year, less than 1 765 hours of OECD average. Some 4% of workers work very long hours which is much lower than the OECD average of 9%, with 6% of men working very long hours compared with just 2% for women.

1. Switzerland:

which is best worker country

Which country has the best workers in the world? Which is the best worker nation?

Switzerland is the top most country where the nation has best workers in the world. Switzerland Ranks 4th for education, 1st for health, 1st for its workforce, and 2nd for enabling environment. It is worth noting that the World Economic Forum is based in Switzerland, but based on experimental metrics like employee training, talent maintenance, scientific output, and productivity, the country wins out. Its Youth Employment Rate ( 15-25 Ages) is 62.6%, Peak job holders Rate (Ages 25-54) is 86.1%, Older Workers Employment Rate: (Ages 55-64) is 67.2%, Average Annual Hours Worked is 1,657.

Most Hardworking Nations in the World:

Sr. No. Country Name
1 Switzerland
2 Finland
3 Singapore
4 Netherlands
5 Sweden
6 Germany
7 Norway
8 United Kingdoms
9 Denmark
10 Canada


By keeping one’s educational, health and environment strong, one can compete in producing brilliant and extraordinary workers in the country not ignoring women and old workers as well and giving the country a status of best workers producing country.

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