Which Country with the Highest Birth Rate in the World

Top 10 Countries with Highest Birth Rate in the World

In this article we will talk about top 10 countries of the world with highest birth rate. We all know that fertility rate in many countries is increasing day by day. This is a big problem for many countries because as population increases government has to increase resources for the people. As population increases resources available in the country are usually less so further arrangements have to be done for them. This birth rate has created many problems for countries. There are many developed countries which have restrictions on children birth like in China only 1 child is allowed indeed China is very successful and developed country of the world. In present situation every Government should take special measures to control the high birth rate. This high birth rate depends upon the level of fertility and the age of people because these are main factors for birth of a baby. There are many countries in which there is high birth rate. By reading this article you will be able to know about top 10 countries with highest fertility rate in the world.


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This is an Islamic country officially called Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is located in Asia. Its total population is about 31 million which shows it is highly populated. Afghanistan is situated near Pakistan and has a border with it. It covers a large area of land and also in the list of largest countries of the world. It has a high rate of child growth and has less resource for the people of the country. In this country rate of fertility is about 38.84 births/1000 persons which shows this country has high fertility rate.


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Angola is located in Africa which is the 7th largest country of Africa. It shares border with many developed countries especially with Atlantic Ocean. Angola is very rich in minerals and petroleum reserves which are the main reason for the success of Angola. As population is very high in it so people have low standard of living in Angola. The total population in it is 22.1 million. Population in Angola is increasing on the ratio of about 2.18% per year. In Angola ratio of birth is 38.97 births/1000 population. The main reason of low standard of living in it is high birth rate.


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Somalia is basically called Federal Republic of Somalia and is situated in Africa. It shares border with many countries some of them are very poor because of living conditions of people there like Ethiopia and also has India Ocean in the east of this country. Total public of Somalia is about 10.8 million. The population growth ratio each year is about 3%. The fertility rate of women in this country is 6.26 which is the 6th largest all around the world. The birth rate in this country is 40.87 births/ 1000 population while death rate of Somalia is only 13.91 deaths/1000 persons which are very less as compared to birth rate.


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Malawi is located in continent of Africa. Its name is on kept on the name of people living there in past. Malawi is also known as The Warm Heart of Africa. It is less developed country and its economy only depends upon agriculture. The total population of Malawi is about 17,377,468 which are high according to resources available in it. The growth ratio of population in Malawi is about 3.4% which is high. The birth ratio in is 41.8 births/1000 population while death rate in this country is 8.7% deaths/1000 population. As birth ratio is high as compared to deaths so resources in Malawi are less for the people.


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This is located in Africa and is the 2nd largest highly populated country of Africa. This is very rich because of fertile soil and agricultural products. Total population of Burundi is about 10.3 million which means this is highly populated. In this area intermarriages take place and birth ratio is very high here. The birth ratio in Burundi is 42.33 births/1000 persons which is very high than other countries. In Burundi people suffer from many major diseases like AIDS which increases death rate there as well.


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Burkina Faso is located in West Africa and covers a large area there. It is surrounded by six main countries which increases its importance. It was called Republic of Upper Volta in past but then its name was changed. Total population of Burkina Faso is about 18.3 million. The economy of Burkina Faso depends mainly on agricultural products. Growth ratio in Burkina Faso is high as it covers large area and has resources for the people living there. The birth ratio in it is 42.4 births/ 1000 persons in 2014.


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Zambia is located in Africa. It shares borders with many successful countries like Congo. Its total population is about 15.2 million which is very large and ranks this country as 70th highest populated country of the world. Its population increases with the ratio of 3.3% every year. It is not much populated according to its area but has high birth rate. The birth rate in Zambia is about 42.46 births/1000 persons which are high but country can handle this because of less population in Zambia.


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Uganda is also located in Africa and we see mostly countries belong to Africa which have high growth ratio. Total population in this country is about 39,234,256 which are very large. Uganda has population which belongs to different cultures and 3 languages are spoken in it. Rate of life expectancy in Uganda is about 52.72 years. Birth ratio in this country is about 44.17 births/1000 persons which are very high but the living standard is so low.

2. MALI:

top ten countries with highest birth rate in the world

This is called Republic of Mali and is located in West Africa. It is situated near Sahara desert. Total population of Mali is about 15,786,227. Most of the population living in it belongs to rural areas. Economy of Mali mainly depends upon agriculture and fishing industry there. The birth ratio in Mali is about 45.53 births/1000 persons. The fertility ratio in this country is very high but people living in it have low standard of living because of less resources and more population.


Which Country with the Highest Birth Rate in the World?

Which Country with the Highest Birth Rate in the World

Niger is also located in Western Africa and was named on River Niger. It covers a large area of land that makes it largest nation of Africa. Total population of Niger is about 17,466,172. This is still a developing country but is on the top because of high birth ratio. It has lack of resources to provide better living standard for people. Economy of Niger depends upon agricultural products and their exports. High fertility ratio is the main problem of Niger which hinders the success of this country. The birth rate in Niger is 46.12 births/1000 persons which is very high and takes Niger on the top of the list.

Birth rate Information is taken from the world factbook,

Sr. No Name Births/1,000 Population (2014)
1 Niger 46.12
2 Mali 45.53
3 Uganda 44.17
4 Zambia 42.46
5 Burkina Faso 42.42
6 Burundi 42.33
7 Malawi 41.8
8 Somalia 40.87
9 Angola 38.97
10 Afghanistan 38.84

We conclude that all countries included in this list belong to Africa. Africa is not a developed continent and faces many problems mainly because of high fertility rate. All the rates show average total number of births every year per 1000 persons of population at midyear which is also called crude fertility ratio. The birth rate in countries is the dominant factor in determining the rate of population. Government of these countries should adopt special measure to control high fertility rate in these countries to provide better living standards to the people. We hope that this article will help you to know about top 10 countries with the highest birth rates.

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