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Top 10 Busiest Ports In The World

In past few decades marine transportation has increased a lot and that has raised the demand of ports and all that. So every single country is paying lot of attention on this issue as they have enough ports to serve this industry or not. This article is all about top ten busiest ports in the world and one thing which I really want to mention that every biggest seaport is not necessarily a busiest port as well. Ranking of busiest ports is on the basis of number of container that can easily pass through them. Here is a list of top 10 busiest seaports in the world…have a look!

Sr. No Top Ten Busiest Ports in the World Country
1 Singapore Port Singapore
2 Shanghai Port China
3 Port of Hong Kong Hong Kong
4 Shenzhen Port China
5 Port of Busan South Korea
6 Ningbo Port China
7 Port of Guangzhou China
8 Port of Dubai UAE
9 Port of Qingdao China
10 Port of Rotterdam Netherlands

10. Rotterdam:

Rotterdam port

Port of Rotterdam is first seaport which I am going to discuss in this article. It is on tenth number in ranking of top 10 Busiest seaports in the world and it is considered as one of the biggest and busiest harbor in Europe. In 2012 it controlled and dealt with 441.5 million tons of Cargo. It covers area of 12,426 ha approximately and its Authority is the ultimate authority of this seaport all the matters are deal by PoRA. This seaport is considered as one and only seaport of north-western Europe that has ability to get access to those ships which are having deepest draughts. One of the most leading projects relevant to Port’s expansion was initiated in about 2008.

9. Qingdao:

Qingdao port

The second one which is going to be discuss in this article is Port of Qingdao and in world ranking this is on ninth number among all the busiest ports in the world. It is present at the entrance point to Jiaozhou Bay this is at the Shadong Peninsula’s south coast. In 2012 it has credit of handling of cargo of about 400 million tons approximately. This is considered as one of the largest seaport as for as iron ore is concerned and when we talk about crude oil then it’s one of the largest ports of China for this sake. It has credit of merging three renowned ports named as; Huangdao Oil Port, Qianwan New Port, and it is connected to almost 450 seaports which are present in 130 countries around the globe. All the major departments of port for example it’s Economic and Technological area, its industrial zone these all are present within the proximity of port. This Group is the ultimate authority of under discussion port.

8. Dubai:

duibai port

Port of Dubai is yet another busiest seaport in the world and it is graded as eighth busiest seaport among all other ports in the world. It has capacity of operating marine terminals not less than 65 in six continents and new expansions of Port of Dubai are under process in countries like South America, India, Middle East and Africa. And handling of container is the essential or we can say central business of it and through this produces almost 80% of its total income. It has faculty of about 28 thousand people and faculty is highly professional and extremely devoted. In previous year it handled about 13.3 million TEU and it is said that in year 2014 it going to be increase definitely by development and it will be up to 19 million TEU. And the most nominating feature of Port of Dubai is that for consecutive years about 9 it has been credited as Best Seaport as far as Middle East is concerned.

7. Guangzhou:

Guangzhou port

Port of Guangzhou is third one busiest seaport which is chosen for description and this is considered as eighth busiest seaport of the world according to world ranking of Busiest Ports. It is believed that under discussion it dealt with 460 million tons of Cargo in previous year. The exact location of seaport of Guangzhou is the central most point of Pearl River Delta. It is operated as well as managed wholly and solely by Guangzhou Port Authority. And in 1999 it handled about 100 million tons of cargo approximately and this ability of handling cargo kept on increasing with every passing year. It is basically comprises of four areas; Xinsha seaport, Downtown seaport, Huangpu seaport and Nansha seaport. At the present moment it is labeled as largest seaport in China as far as transportation of coal is concerned.

6. Ningbo:

port of ningbo

The next seaport which I am going to discuss is Ningbo Port of China and this is on sixth number in world ranking of busiest ports in the world. This busiest port has credit of handling 453 million tons approximately of Cargo in year 2012 and TEU capacity of it reached in same year that is 2012 to 15.6 million tons. The busiest seaport of the world it is destined in Zhejiang and is comprises mainly five areas; Beilun seaport Area, Ningbo seaport Area, Chuanshan seaport Area, Zhenhai seaport Area and Daxie seaport Area. This world’s sixth most busiest harbor is managed, operated and look after by Ningbo Port Group. It is connected in almost hundred countries with approximately 600 seaports and is comprises of about 309 berths. It is merged with Zhoushan Port and after merging TEU combined capacity of both merged ports reached in year 2012 to 16.83 million tons.

5. Busan:

busan port

Port of Busan is fifth busiest seaport of the world and it is destined in Naktong River which is located in South Korea. In previous year 2012 it dealt with 298 million tons approximately of cargo. This seaport is wholly and solely looks after by Busan Port Authority which is an ultimate authority without any doubt. This busiest seaport of the world is comprises of following things; Gamcheon Port, North Port, Dadaepo Port, passenger international terminal, South Port along with six those terminals which are container terminals. This fifth number busiest seaport in the world has capacity of handling about 40% of sea transportation burden, 42% of total fisheries production and about 80% of container burden is also handled by Port of Busan. This busiest seaport has credit of dealing with 169 vessels at the same time and it covers an area of about 840,000 meter square.

4. Shenzhen:

port of Shenzhen

Next harbor under discussion is Shenzhen Port which is ranked as fourth busiest seaport in the world according to world ranking of busiest seaports. This busiest seaport in the world is believed as second biggest shipping seaport among all other ports in China mainly present is southern side of Chinese mainland. It serves to industrial plants and companies which are destined on the River Pearl.

3. Port of Hong Kong:

Hong Kong port

Port of Hong Kong is next in list of top ten Busiest Ports in the world and it is located in the South China Sea. It is known as one of the most deepwater seaport and specialty of Port of Hong Kong is export of products in a container and it deals with raw material as well as passengers to lesser extent.  In the economic development of this busiest port an essential and core factor is natural shelter along with extremely deepwater of Victoria Harbor that provides very ideal circumstances for dealing with vessels of all kinds. It is regarded as highly busiest port of the world as it deals with all the three things; marine export, handling of Cargo and thirdly it carries passengers.

2. Shanghai Port:

port of Shanghai

Among the top listed busiest ports in the world Shanghai port is labeled as second busiest port in the world. In year 2012 the total cargo throughput of shanghai port was 744 million tons and includes about 32.5 million TEUs. This busiest port is present on Yangtze River and is spread over an area of 3,619 kilometer per square. It is operated and managed by Shanghai International Port Group. Basically Shanghai Port is comprises of three container area named as; Wusongkou, Yangshan and Waigaogiao and it has about 125 berths with approximate length 20 kilometer. It has ability of dealing with 2,000 shipping containers in a month. And Shanghai Port serves about quarter of the total China’s international trade.

1. Singapore Port:

port of Singapore

Singapore Port is last but not the least port in the list of busiest ports in the world. It is ranked as highest port among top ten busiest ports in the world. Singapore port in year 2012 handled about 537.6 million tons of cargo. For the first time in history of Singapore port in year 2012 it handled more than 30 million TEUs container. Terminals of Singapore port are located at Keppel, Pasir Panjang, Jurong, Tanjon Pagar, Brani and Sembawang.All the managing of above mentioned terminals is done by collaborative effort of PSA Singapore along with Jurong Port. It is connected to almost 600 ports around the globe and annually serves about 140,000 vessels.

Above discussed all the ports are top ten busiest ports of the world and this ranking is yet constant. All the necessary information relevant to these busiest ports is given in a very concise manner. Among all these busiest ports most of them are located in China. So, for those who are desperately looking for top 10 busiest ports in the world must give a look to this article definitely you will find it fruitful for yourself.

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