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Top 10 Best Ways To Propose A Girl

To propose someone is a request or desire of a person to make someone yours. You propose someone to show your intentions, your feelings for that person. And everyone desires to make this proposal special, romantic, cherishing yet different. A guy wants to propose a girl of his choice in fascinating manner and yes a girl wants to be proposed in entirely different and unique manner. If you are not creative to such an extent that you can make your proposal unique and creative by yourself then this article is a solution to your problem. Here is a list of top 10 best ways to propose a girl or how to propose a girl? These are very creative, exciting and admirable as well. If you have been looking for best way to propose check it out and I am sure this article will be very helpful for you because all the best and creative ways to propose someone are given in this article.

Top 10 Ways To Propose:

Sr.No How To Propose A Girl
1 Be Yourself
2 Candle Light Dinner
3 Place Where You Met First Time
4 Special Day
5 Proposal During a Movie Break
6 T-shirt Proposal
7 Picnic in the Park
8 Radio Proposal
9 Surprise by Hiding Yourself in a Box
10 Banner Proposal

10. Banner Proposal:

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Banner proposal is firs which I would like to discuss. If you are shy and are not expressive to such an extent then you can go for this way to propose a lady of your choice. If you are interested in someone and are not willing to face rejection then banner proposal is best way among top ten ways to propose a girl.  You have to go to buy a banner or you can make it by yourself by writing words like I love you or will you marry me or something like that. And then just display it somewhere, where she can easily see like outside her place or office. To make your moment special you have to plan something special and this is indeed a special way to propose.

9. Surprise By Hiding Yourself In A Box:

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This is another very exciting and indeed fascinating way to propose a girl. Just hide yourself in a beautifully wrapped box and surprise her in this way. Holding an engagement ring in your hand and lying inside the box and obviously anxiously waiting for someone to be unwrapped. Indeed it’s a blasting just think of it. Isn’t it romantic?

8. Radio Proposal:

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Radio proposal is another very charming and romantic way to propose a girl among ten best ways to offer a girl that you want to spend entire life and that she is your dream girl. Bravery is such a trait of guys that every girl loves the most. If you are daring enough that you can propose a girl via radio then it will be an amazing one. If you can propose a girl through radio medium and you can propose her in front of thousands and thousands of peoples then she will definitely say yes. Just dedicate her very romantic song and call in the program which she watches and propose her. It will definitely work I must say.

7. Picnic In The Park:

picnic proposal idea

One another very charming and exciting way to propose a girl of your choice is picnic plan. Yes its very romantic and loving way to propose. Just plan a fantastic picnic in a very beautiful park or any other closer to nature. A very romantic and dreamy scenes of nature, you are surrounded by greenery and you are accompany by your loved one it’s an amazing moment and to propose a girl in such a way will be dream of any lady. You can offer her a chocolate where you have stuck an engagement ring with wrapper of chocolate. In this way you can propose a lady of you dream and it’s indeed a best way among top ten best ways to propose. You can share your feelings by singing any romantic song that can clearly transmit your feelings.

6. T-Shirt Proposal:

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Another very fascinating way among top 10 best ways to propose is this one T-shirt proposal. You can propose someone by not uttering a single word in fact you can choose a shirt where words relevant to your feelings like will you be my love or will you marry me or anything like this are written. Go and buy such shirt wear it and go to that girl to whom you want to marry. Hide your shirt with any coat or jacket and then reveal your T-shirt in front of her at your favorite place.

5. Proposal During A Movie Break:

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Proposal during a movie break is one another very exciting and creative way to propose someone very special. It is on fifth number among top ten best ways to propose. Just imagine how romantic it will be when you edit any romantic and awesome movie with different questions that suddenly and unexpectedly appears on the screen during break. And what you have to do is to focus on your lady’s ever changing facial expressions it will be definitely merrymaking. And this way to propose will definitely work … Check it out.

4. Special Day:

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There are lots of ways to propose your beloved and every person can make its own way special and dreamy by his own special and creative ideas. To propose a girl by choosing and selecting a special day like there are so many peoples who wait for Valentine Day, Christmas Day, her birthday or any other special day for proposal. But  it’s totally up to you can make any day a special day by relating yourself with special incident of that day like Birthday of your beloved, when you both met for the first time, when you became friends or any such day. You can propose through this creative way it will be easy and definitely effective one.

3. Place Where You Met First Time:

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To choose a place where you met first time with your beloved for proposal is another very romantic, exciting and rocking way to propose. It is third best way to propose among top 10 best ways to propose a girl. What you have to do is just take her along with yourself to that place where you met with her for the very first time in life. And try to recall those memories and cherish them in her presence. Recollect all those memories of your first meeting and repeat whole scenario and then show your feelings to her.  It will be an amazing way of proposal for any girl.

2. Candle Light Dinner:

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What else can be much more romantic and classic than candle light dinner?  Candles always hold a very special significant role in romance. Candle light dinner is best way to propose a love of your life. Just organize a special candle light dinner in full romantic surroundings; beautiful romantic tunes are in the air, burning flames of candle, you and your beloved…What else can be better than this to propose. When romance is surrounding you then let her know what she means to you, what is her status in your life. This is known as one of the most fascinating romantic way to propose. This way will be worth applicable.

1. Be Yourself:

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Last but not the least way which I m going to discuss is entitled as “Be yourself”. Being a genuine is something more lovable and admirable. This is considered as the best and foremost thing in any relationship. When you are interested in someone and you want to let that person know then don’t try to be someone which you are actually not. Never try to exaggerate things be simple and straightforward yet very natural and special. It must be heart to heart relationship. Be yourself, show what you are what you feel for her and let her grasp and understand your feelings. Nothing can be better than this way to propose I believe. Be genuine, be creative, and utter three powerful and full of emotion words “I Love You” to your lady.

So, here I conclude this article by proudly and confidently saying that above discussed all the 10 ways of proposing are best and very creative indeed. You can find all the best way in this article and everything discussed in this article is very true and fruitful enough. If you are in trouble and trying to know something magical and fascinating then must read this article. You will enjoy reading it, because it’s worth readable.

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