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Top 10 Best Interesting Wedding Reception Ideas

What is the most memorable thing about a wedding function? Surveys have indicated that the most memorable moments are held at wedding receptions following the wedding ceremony.
This does not really mean that the wedding reception is remembered as an amazing and a memorable event. Sadly, wedding reception is often long remembered for not so many good reasons.
Most of the engaged couples don’t have the knowledge of how to arrange an outstanding but yet a memorable event, that’s precisely what is meant by a wedding reception- an “event” that requires considerable thoughts, brain storming, unique and exciting ideas to transform it into an outstanding and memorable event. What are those unique and innovative ideas that can make the day of the wedding a long remembered event. Here are the top 10 amazing and unique wedding reception ideas that will surely help concerned couples out there to think out of the box and make their wedding an amazing, beautiful and a memorable event.

10. Rent a Photo Booth:

wedding reception ideas

Capturing some funny moments of the guests at the wedding can be an amazing idea. You can set up a mini-studio at the reception, covering the camera with some handmade cardboard walls with the camera standing on the tripod. Guests stand on some marked specified spot and pull a button to take their self-portraits .You can also hire a photographer who will take pictures of the guests at the reception but it will be a bit mainstream so it is preferred to go with the former idea. Try to get camera the one that produces multiple film strips. Guests can keep one strip, and the other can be pasted into your guest book specially designed for the wedding, with each guest have a message written along with photos.

9. Create a Bonfire Feel:

best wedding reception ideas

Facilitating guests in an effective way is a major part of planning wedding reception. If you’re having an outdoor wedding you should be thinking out of the box something different, something amazing like creating an open area event where guest can talk and hang out and have fun. You can have a lounge with a hot tea station serving snacks and you can have a violinist , so guests could sing along enjoying  meals like grilled cheese and mini sliders can be served. This is ranked at ninth spot in our wedding reception planning list.

8. Plan for after party actions:

wedding reception ideas list

Turning your reception into an after-party spot can be a unique wedding reception idea and might be a bit costly for you, but the advantage of this idea is that guests will not wander to some wrong location after drinking. Like you can transform a room at the wedding spot into an all-white South Beach type lounge. Serving meals on white-leather beds and sofas with some funny wedding moments being on the LED can be an amazing and unforgettable experience for the guests. Moreover you can have your own homemade Beer bar for the guests turning your spot into a sort of club with a small crystal dance floor where guests can have a hell of fun. This is ranked at eighth spot in our list of top wedding reception ideas.

7. Assigning seating in an unique way:

best wedding reception ideas

Seating the guests in a unique way can make the wedding function a one of the best ever wedding reception. There can be many more ideas regarding this concept. Like you can hang seating cards from some Christmas tree .Guests will be provided with scissors to cut their name from the tree. For a completely different idea, you can take names of all the guests, then ask the couple to think  funny nicknames to be given to each guest (e.g. “Soccer Captain,” some movie star or a cartoon character), and after arranging them, you can run their nicknames, with their seating on Projectors screens as guests are entering the reception. Do something unique and memorable for your event.

6. Hire a road food truck for after party snack.

top wedding reception ideas

Long after dinners over, snack can be served which can also be an amazing and wonderful idea. A local mobile food vendor can be arranged to pull up his truck outside the reception with microphone announcing about the delicious meal deals he offers for your event. Guests can be given some sort of ticket so they can walk up to the truck and get some eatable then resuming their party activities. You can hire trucks serving everything like cupcake truck, or a truck that serves waffles hotdogs and pancakes as a late night meal.

5. Have a cool video coverage of the event:

amazing wedding reception ideas

Having a cool video coverage of your event can also be served as a unique and amazing wedding reception idea. You can hire a video booth, allowing the guest to record funny videos of theirs at the wedding and record some interesting messages by them for the couple. Moreover, you can hire a proper videographer who will record the memorable moments of the event and record views of the guests, film the couple making preparations for the event and make some funny memes and bloopers of the bride and groom and guests as well.

4. Present a Delicious Dessert Buffet!:

list of wedding reception ideas

Arranging a delicious night for the guests is listed as one of the first preferences in the wedding preparation list. Most of the guests usually used to have a sweet tooth, so a Desert buffet can be arranged for them allowing the guests to create their own desert. It will be quite a healthy and delicious activity. Arrange different tables with the ingredients of different deserts and name them like Cup Cake Station. Have different colorful trays of different flavors allowing guests to make any desert of their choice and can serve to the others also. This type of Make it yourself Treat will definitely bring out a child from everybody and is listed in one of the best reception ideas ever by wedding planners.

3. Transport your guests to the reception in a Unique Way:

wedding reception ideas

In order to escort your guests from the gate to the reception, shuttle service can be too conventional so why not try a different and unique idea for the transportation of the guests. Like arranging a vintage car service to facilitate guests. Other options for the means of transportation can be city trolleys like those used in San Francisco and red a double-decker city bus which is a bit innovative and funny but yet amazing and memorable for the guests. This is ranked as third in our list of top wedding reception ideas.

2. Have an Entertaining Environment:

interesting wedding reception ideas

Organizing an entertaining evening for the guests at the wedding is ranked second in our top 10 best wedding reception ideas. Apart from the energizing performances of the live band, guests also like to hear to DJ’s playing their favorite tunes and songs. Again you can come up with some amazing and different ideas. Like you can add a line for the DJ song request on your invitation cards for the guests and when they arrive to the function the DJ will play their requested song as written on the invitation card. The live performances of the requested songs at the same time can also be a huge crowd pleaser and will surprise and amaze them.

1. Decorating Reception with Memorable Pictures:

top ten wedding reception ideas

Make the guests an important part of the memorable event by involving them efficiently in your wedding decoration. You can hang pictures of the couple along with the pictures of the friends and relatives at the reception area. The memorable captured moments of the past events with bride and groom will make guests feel special. As guests will walk in the hallway and find pictures of them along with the couple, they will recall those precious moments and can socialize effectively. Couple can also include their love story in the form of photos or with white chalk on black aisle runner.

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