Top 3 Greatest Flutists in the World

List of Top 10 Best Flutists in the World

In this article, we will talk about Top 10 Greatest and best Flutists in the world with their names and domicile. We all know that everyone loves music and it is a good source of entertainment. In past, people were more focused towards this kind of instrument and were fond of music. Now the trends are much-changed people especially young generation wants to listen pop music, not these traditional instruments. But some people with old taste still like to hear them and admire them. Flute is considered as the sweetest instrument to play. The tune made by this instrument can make you fall in love with it. Flute is almost most favorite musical instrument all around the world. By reading this list, we are sure you must be encouraged to hear their tunes. There are thousands of people in the world who can play this instrument very beautifully. Some of the greatest flautists are more prominent because of their magical tunes and are still in the minds of people. Flute was introduced in about 20th century and was much famous among the people in very short span of time. By reading this article, you will be able to know about top 10 greatest flautists in the world.
The following are top 10 greatest flutists in the world:

10.William Kincaid:

Top Ten Greatest Flutists in the World
William was best flutists during a time period of 1895 to 1967. He was considered as the grandfather of American flute school. He worked for the training of student for this prestigious work for almost four decades. He is still in the hearts of flute lovers because of his exceptional tunes and versatility. He also owned a platinum flute which was auctioned and sold for almost $187,000 which shows his popularity and work as well. He was prominent at his time because of his different tunes.

9.Julius Baker:

Ten Top Greatest Flutists in the World
Julius is considered as the best American flautists of all time because of his exceptional tunes. His sounds can be heard on almost all popular records of 20th century which made him more prominent. He worked with many well known orchestras which made him more popular and successful as well. He was also the founder of prominent music group called Bach Aria group. He performed as flautists for almost 1915 to 2003. He retired from different Orchestra in about 1983 only to perform solo. He has very graceful personality and beautiful sounds which made him much popular all around the world.

8.Jean- Pierre Rampal:

World Top Ten Greatest Flustists
He is very famous for his work as he was the one who promoted this instrument all over the world. He has his golden flute which made him more popular. He was an owner of 18k gold which he used for almost his all work and on many famous musical shows as well. He was not only a good musician but also a stylish person as well and his brilliant sounds as well. He also revived many traditional tunes in a different way which was much liked by people. He was considered as the founder of modern music by flutes and also reviving this music instrument also. He worked as flautists for almost 1922 to 2000.

7.William Bennett:

World 10 Greatest Flutists in the World
William was very famous flautists and got much fame at the age of 22. He also worked with many famous orchestras and also recorded almost 100 CDs which was a huge success for his career. He also got many awards for his work in this field. He also launched his label for the promotion of this flute music and to improve the scale of this instrument also. He was a system himself which was later adopted by different musicians. He worked for his instrument about before 1936.

6.James Galway:

Top 10 Greatest Flutists in the World
James is the most successful flautists in the world who’s about 65 records, and 30 million albums were sold in the world which shows his success. He got much fame in his career after working when he started to work Berlin Philharmonic in about 1969, and he then decided to perform solo. He is still considered as the best flautist because of his beautiful sounds, techniques and performance as well. He worked in this field of music in before 1939.

5.Jeanne Baxtresser:

Top Five Greatest Flutists in the World
She was a good flautist and performed in this field for almost 15 years. She was very famous flautist of Toronto and Montreal as well. She also got an award called Lifetime award for his music career. She started to make her music more professional and then adopted some techniques and tones like Jazz, etc. to increase her listeners. She was not only a musician but also a teacher and author as well which shows the latest of this graceful lady. She worked in this field in before 1947 but still she is famous.

4.Emmanuel Pahud:
Top 5 Greatest Flutists in the World

He got fame in his career at the age of 22 when he joined Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. After this work, he was famous all over the world. His talent was inherited and was much successful because of his beautiful sounds. He also did many successful concerts every year like in 2005 he did almost 160 concerts. He is very strong and enthusiastic flautists and worked with famous musicians as well. He started to work in this field in 1970.

3.Gareth Davies:

Top Three Greatest Flutists in the World
Gareth is considered as most esteemed flautist all around the world. He is much famous because of his blog and famous book called The Show Must Go on. He was more famous because of his different sounds and tunes as well. He was much famous at the age of 23 because of his work with famous musicians of the world. He has worked for many film records and Orchestras as well. He started to work in this field of music in about 1971.

2.Jasmine Choi:

Top 3 Greatest Flutists in the World
She is a Korean flutists and famous all over the world. She was the first Korean musician to perform with US Orchestra and many other famous musicians of the world. People love her golden tone and different sounds. She was also given a title of Goddess of Flute, which made her more popular all around the world.

1.Marcel Moyse:

Greatest Flutist in the World
Marcel is the best flutists in the world in 20th century without any doubt. He got more fame and success in his career because of his solo performances and Orchestra shows as well. He was not only flautists but also a composer as well. He was also a teacher of many famous flutists of the world like James Galway, which shows his talent and skills. He is still very famous because of his sounds and techniques as well.

Sr.No. Names Domicile
1 Marcel Moyse France
2 Jasmine Choi Seoul, South Korea
3 Gareth Davies Carmarthen, United Kingdom
4 Emmanuel Pahud Geneva, Switzerland
5 Jeanne Baxtresser Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
6 James Galway Belfast, United Kingdom
7 William Bennett Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
8 Jean-Pierre Rampal Marseille, France
9 Julius Baker Cleveland, Ohio, United States
10 William Kincaid Tenmile


We conclude that everyone loves music, and people are fond of music not nowadays but in past also. There are many musical instruments in the world which are famous. Flute is very famous instrument and sweet as well. There are hundreds of people who play this instrument and play it exceptionally well. All the people explained above are very famous because of their achievements and talent as well. We hope by reading this article you will be able to know about top 10 best flautists in the world.


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