Popular Pakistani Movies from 1959 to 2012

Lollywood: As we all know that it is the industry of the Pakistani cinema which is famous for the Urdu films. Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi films  are also included in the list of the films carried out in Lollywood. Pakistan had the three large movie production companies in Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka, i.e. before the separation of Eastern Pakistan. Today, film pakistani film industry is more centered in Lahore.


Today, TopTenFindings.com found below movies which are known as best in their times and popular till date.

#10, Baharo Phool Barsao

Baharo phool barsao

Baharo Phool Barsao ranked #10 in this list. In this movie Pakistani actress Rani and movie actor Waheed Murad performed very well and people much like this film. This film was released in 1972 which time known as a gold jubilee.

#09 Amrao Jan Ada

In this film famous Pakistani actress Rani, Actor Shahid and Actress Zammurad play main roles, it was released in 1972. This movie is based on the novel of Sauda of the same name, although the history was changed a little to adapt to the restrictions kinematics.

#08 Koel

It was the best musical and the super last movie by Mrs Noor Jahan in 1959. Songs of this film are very popular till date.

#07 Baji

It was a large musical movie and well scenarist, and gained the price of the critic of the British film.

#06 Shaheed

An instantaneous success putting in the star Mussarat Nazir and Ijaz Durrani, was based on the history of the Twenties. Shaheed have some great songs of which “Bewafa ka hai sheher”.

#05 Bandish

A film with Nadeem and Shabnum, which supplemented 81 weeks and gained 6 Nigar prices in 1981. Songs of this film were included “Na Na what Chandi Mehal” which was then copied in the Indian film “Ek Ek Larka Larki”.

#04 Armaan

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Better film of 1966 which obtained 6 Nigar prices after having benefited from the been jubilant statute of platinum. After its exit, everyone the music was an enormous success. Songs of the film Arman “Jana Akele Na” and “KB KB Korina” are always very popular. Waheed Murad was the hero original chocolate appeared of sound better in this film.

#03 Choorian

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A successful film putting in the star Saima and Rana Moamar, followed 300 weeks of tracking and carried out heavy profits. In the last decades, it was among one of the rare films Pakistani which was worth so many profits to him. “Kraan mein Nazara” is the most popular song of this film.

#02 Khuda Ke leye

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A well documented film written by Shoaib Mansoor, it was a film which breaks all the records. This film treats the religious extremism underlining the human suffering like the finished product. This film stars had Shaan, Fawad Afzal Khan and Iman Ali. This film was released in 2007.

#01 Bol

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A 2011 film Carried out by Shoaib Mansoor among best works of the Pakistani cinema. Bol is was the blockbuster and probably the most discussed subjects films directed ever produced in the Pakistani cinema. In this movie famous pakistani singer Atif Aslam show his best acting to his lovers.


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