Ugliest Food in the World

Top Ten Most Ugliest Foods in the World

Food is necessary for the survival of all living things. Everyone likes healthy and good foods to eat. Food is an important part of our daily life. We cannot survive without food. Food must be full of healthy ingredients. Food contains vitamins, calories, calcium and proteins etc that are necessary for the development of human body. People spent almost half of their incomes on food. They always try to eat best food that can fulfill the requirements of a human body. There are billions of people in the world who are connected with the food business. They always try to provide healthy and delicious food to the people. Delicious food wins the hearts of many but there are many other types of, foods. Some foods look so ugly and bad that you will vomit out just after watching these foods. These foods are still eaten by some countries in the world. People of countries like China and Japan don’t feel bad in eating anything.  Mostly sea foods look ugly. Sea foods like Octopus etc. look bad and ugly food. Still there are many people who like to eat these foods. According to these people, such foods are full of proteins that are necessary for the body. This article has the top ten ugliest food of the world.

10. Monkfish

List of Top ten Ugliest Foods in the World

Monkfish is of black colour. It looks like a dangerous nightmare. It looks very dirty and ugly. By eating this fish, you will feel like a nightmare for weeks. You need a big heart to eat this dangerous looking Monkfish. In our list, our list of ugly foods this is on number 10th. It is used in many recipes for potato pancakes, monkfish cakes, etc.

9. Head Cheese

Top Ten Ugliest Foods in the World

Head cheese is derived from the Pig. These are meat pieces of pig’s head. As Pig meat is of a cheesy type that’s why this is called head cheese. Pig meat is used in many other dishes. It is known as one of the delicious meats. But pig meat is not healthy for the human beings. It is full of dangerous viruses. This meat also doesn’t look good. Meat from Pig’s head is the ugliest part of Pig’s body. But still some people like to eat this meat. Head Cheese is on number 9th in this ugliest food list.

8. Sea Urchin

Top 10 Ugliest Foods in the World

Sea Urchin is the 8th ugliest food in the world. You cannot even touch a sea Urchin because Sea Urchins have sharp nails on its body. But inside the nails its body is delicious. You will even scream out while watching a Sea Urchin. Still some restaurants present this ugly seafood in their food menu. Although it’s a costly food yet you can buy it from different fish markets. You have to spend enough amounts to have this dish on your table. Sea Urchins are ugly in their appearance but very tasty in eating.

7. Morel Mushrooms

World Top Ten Ugliest Foods

Morel Mushrooms are liked by many people. Mushrooms are used in many dishes. But these Morel Mushrooms don’t give a pleasant view. These consist of a grey-brown cap. It is on umber 7 in this list of ugliest food of the world.  These are famous and mostly used in French cuisine. It is mostly used to eat with butter that adds taste to the Morel Mushrooms. These are not washed hardly because it destroys its taste. These are gone through cold water to wash.

6. Truffles

List of Top 10 Ugliest Foods in the World

Truffles don’t look delicious. But Truffles are known as the luxurious ingredient. It is used in many products. Its skin is covered with dirt that looks ugly. Truffles are the 6th ugliest food. French Gourmand called the Truffles as “the diamond of the Kitchen”. It is found in French, Italian and Spanish cosine. Truffle Vodka is also used that has the truffle flavor. Truffle is also used as truffle oil.

5. Celery Root

Top Five Most Ugliest Foods in the World


Celery roots look like an alien brain. These can be eaten daily. These are full of healthy nutrients. But you cannot look this Celery root daily. You will start hate this food item after some days just because of its look. Celery root is the 5th food item that looks ugly. One Celery root usually consists of 42 Calories.  Mostly found in Northern Europe. Its soup is also made. It is full of healthy contents. It has 1.5 g proteins in it.

4. Octopus

Top 5 Ugliest Foods in the World

Octopus is among the famous seafood. You have been watching Octopus in many kids’ animated movies and cartoons. These look so different from all seafood. Due to the different look these have got the attention of many people in the world. Common Octopus has many arms. To eat an Octopus is really a big deal especially for those who are eating for the first time. But this seafood is tasty while eating. It is said nothing is tastier than a tandoori style cooked Octopus. This is the 4th ugliest food for eating in the world.

3. Eels

Top Three Ugliest Foods in the World

Eels are the mini snakes. These give a terrifying look. You need a big heart to watch and then eat the Eels. Its skin is very slippery are shining. These have long bodies like snakes. Some crazy people in the world love to eat these Eels ignoring its harmful side effects. Eels are on number 3 in our list of ugliest food. It is mostly used by Japanese as food. It is costly its leather is also sold costly. Its leather is very strong and smooth. Its length is usually 5 cm to 13 ft long.

2. Goblin Shark

TOp 3 Ugliest Foods in the World

Goblin Shark is a rare type of sharks. Its meat is dried and then salted to eat. It is mostly found in the southern Japan. Japanese people have been using this shark as the fertilizer.  It is not harmful to the human beings. It’s illegal to catch a Goblin Shark now. But sometimes fishers accidentally catch this Shark while fishing. It is on number 2 among ugliest food. Goblin Shark is about 10 to 13 feet long.

1. Geoduck

Ugliest Food in the World

It is ranked as the number 1 among the ugliest food of the world. Geoduck has a head and under the head a long skin coloured body. These look so special. It’s seafood and lives in water. Although it’s good in eating but while eating don’t look closely at it. It is mostly found in West Coast of North America. It is mostly eaten by Chinese people. It is also known as Mud Duck. Its length is 20 centimeters. Geoduck is sold in China for $150/lb. A documentary had also made on geoduck named 3 feet under.

List of Most Ugliest Foods in the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Geoduck
2 Goblin Shark
3 Eels
4 Octopus
5 Celery Root
6 Truffles
7 Morel Mushrooms
8 Sea Urchin
9 Head cheese
10 Monkfish


This article is all about the foods that are not good food for the eyes. The ugliest foods look so unpleasant that it can destroy your dining table. These can destroy you food menu. But still these foods are included infamous cuisine like French, Italian and Spanish. These are mostly sea foods. These look ugly but have good taste. Different cooking experts do much work to make them pleasant looking. Mostly French Cuisine has been doing much work on these sea foods to make them presentable. These are full of Proteins and Calories. Some of these foods are also used in wines to add flavour like truffles.


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