Top Ten Big Inventions From Dragon's Den

Top Ten Most Successful and Big Inventions from Dragons Den

Dragon Den is a series of reality television programs. This show was firstly originated from Japan as money Tiger or Tiger of money. The format was owned by Sony Pictures Television. Among the English-speaking world, the series is a title as Dragon’s Den in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The company pinches its idea to five rich entrepreneurial business people. Before the show, the company used to name a specific amount of money that they wish to get. Dragon’s Den series are produced in numerous of countries. In Afghanistan, the show is known as Fikr wa Talash. In the Australian version of Dragon’s Den was broadcasted on the seven networks and hosted by Andrew O’Keefe. The Australian Version is called 2minuten 2millionen, which means 2 minutes 2 million. 1.2 million Canadian tunes in every week to see who’ll make a deal and who will shuffle out the warehouse doors with their eyes on the floor. Now we are going to discuss the top ten most successful and big inventions from Dragon’s Den.
List of top ten big inventions from Dragon’s Den:

10. Dr. Mist:

Top Ten Most Successful Invention from Dragon's Den

Dr Mist comes from Dead Sea minerals and salt that creates an odorless bacteria shield on the skin. The product made by Dr. Mist gained a lot of popularity and earned $250000 from sales in North America. The hard working spirit and result driven business model was enough for Dragon Brett Wilson, who invested in the company $100000 in return for a 5% royalty on net sales. More production in 2014 gained much of the success and earned $4500000.

9. Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews:

Top Ten Big Inventions From Dragon's Den

Dr. Joey Shulman outlined in the den in 2013 armed with her 11+year experience. He introduced an efficient solution to weight loss cravings. This low-calorie weight loss solution contains 4 grams of prebiotic inulin fiber that helps suppress appetile, balance blood sugar and helps digestion. Dragon Arlene Dickinson enjoyed the snack and pitched enough to offer $375000 for 25% equity in the company, and the profit increased from $150000 to sweet half a million.

8. Nud Fud:

Top 10 Most Successful Inventions From Dragons Den

It is pronounced as nude food. This snack is raw organic, vegan and gluten free. That is all about organic whole food market. Founder Julia Kirouac managed to secure an investment of $100000 for 33% plus and 2% royalty in season six with Dragon Jim Treliving. By the success of the firm increased its production. The products of this company are very famous in the US.

7. Mistura Beauty:

Top 10 Big Inventions From Dragons Den

Mistura Beauty is a six in one solution and best for all skin types. It acts as the foundation for the skin. It is considered to be the most expensive, popular and effective formula. The company earned much of the profit of almost $1.2million. In 2009, a company earned the profit of about $850000. According to Marcus sales of the company are increasing day by day.

6. Shoelery by Erica Giuliani ( formerly Erica Giuliani Shoe accessories):

Top Ten Most Successful and Big Inventions Fron Dragon Den

This company is considered to be a sixth most expensive invention of the company. Two sisters Patricia and Nadia Macri in 2010 give the shoes a bit flashier with the glam-footed pitch. Shoelery by Erica is a very famous company for shoes. The company has since rebranded their core shoe clips product line to shoelery by Erica Giuliani. When the shoes of the company became popular, 200% sales of the company were increased.

5. AWAKE Chocolate:

Top FIve Most Successful Inventions From Dragon's Den

The company is considered to be the fifth best invention of the company.  In 2013, they secured $200000 investment with Dragon David for a 7.5% return of capital royalty. After perfecting their chocolate bar that packs a 140-milligram punch of caffeine, roughly equal to 1 cup of coffee. The chocolate bar of the company is sold almost about in 16000 stores of North America. This chocolate is considered to be much expensive.

4. Dig It Hand wear:

Top 5 Big Inventions From Dragons Den

The firm is considered to be best and very expensive. There is something oddly heartwarming about watching Dragon Kevin O’Leary sell ladies gardening gloves on the home shopping network. The product became famous and one of the best product of the firm. The firm received $50000 from the notorious tight. O’Leary initially wanted a 3% royalty on sales in perpetuity.

3. Steeped Tea:

Top Three Most Successful Inventions from Dragon's Den

Steeped Tea is considered to be a third most expensive product of the company. The company produced the best kind of the tea and earned the profit of about $250000. About teas, as well as tea related products, are being sold in US market. The sales of the company reached to $12 million in 2014. Currently, the company employs 41 people at its 2000 sq/ft facility.

2. OMG’S:

Top 3 Big Inventions From Dragon's Den

OMG is one of the best and most expensive products of the company. OMG are arguably one of the greatest success stories to come out of the den, due in part to their already proven track record in business. That is the fact that everyone buys this product in Canada. Brown paper bags of chocolate- wafer goodness are dangling out from a retail display. The company earned the profit of about $250000. The company has grown from 0 to 15 fulltime employees and at the 10000 sq/ft factory.

1. Holy Crap:

Most Successful and Big Inventions from Dragons Den

Holly Crap is the most expensive invention of the company. The sunshine coast mom and pop shop with a twisted sense of humor has grown to become a multimillion-dollar business since its owner’s brain and Corin Mullins pitched to the dragon in 2010. The company earned the profit of about $15 to $20 million dollars. The sale of the product is 100 units a month, and 200 plus units are sold online.

List of Most Successful and Big Inventions from Dragons Den

Sr.No. Names Earned Money
1 Holy Craps $ 20 Million
2 OMG’s $ 250000
3 Steeped Tea $ 250000
4 Dig It Hand wear $ 50000
5 AWAKE chocolate $ 200000
6 Shoelery by Erica Giuliani (formerly Erica Giuliani shoe Accessories) Profit Increased by 200%
7 Mistura Beauty $ 850000
8 Nud fud $ 100000
9 Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews $ 3750000
10 Dr. Mist $ 4500000


We have discussed above the top ten best and successful invention of the Dragon Den company. All the products produced by the Dragon Den are considered to be the best. The company earned much of the profit from the production of these products. AWAKE chocolate produced by the company is considered best and sold in more than 16000 stores in the US. In the same way, all the products gained much success.


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