which is most beautiful flag in the world

Most Beautiful Flags in the World Top Ten List – Countries Flags

National flags provide not only as a way of identity but also as a sign for a country’s history and standards. Even though flags initiated from a simple idea, today they symbolize much more than sheer signage. As populations grew and nations developed, flags became more than just a means of identification. They came to represent all that its people appreciated and fougt for.
Flags are much more than beautification, serving to unite the people behind the symbol of a general identity, acting as a sign of the nation as represented to other nations. The flags of countries should be viewed with esteem and honor.
The colors and symbols on each flag are representations of the ideals of a country, shimmering the history and pride of its people. Flags are used to signify nations at international sports gatherings, global discussions and other international events. A flag represents not just the country but also its history and its future. Below is the 10 Best National Flag Designs in the World.

Note: Its not the final ranking your vote in the shape of comments may change the position of these flags.

10. Australia:

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Australia has one of the beautiful flags around the world.
According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 199
Dislikes by the public: 366
The flag was first flown in 1901 and has become an appearance of Australian character and pride. It is an important part of national occasions such as Australia Day Anzac Day, and Australian National Flag Day. The Australian National Flag has three elements on a blue back. The Union Jack in the upper left corner (or canton) recognizes Australia’s historical relations with the United Kingdom. Beneath the Union Jack is a white Commonwealth Star. It has seven points giving the unity of the six states and the regions of the Commonwealth of Australia. The seventh point was included in 1908 and is the only change to the flag since 1901. The Southern Cross is exposed on the fly (or right hand side) of it in white. This gathering of five stars can be seen only from the southern hemisphere and is a token of Australia’s geography.

9. India:

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India is in the list of most beautiful flags of the world.
According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 218
Dislikes by the public: 395
The Indian national flag was planned as a symbol of liberty. The flag of India — called the “Taranga”, meaning tricolor — has three horizontal bars of saffron, white and green, and is imprinted in the middle with a blue wheel. It was accepted on July 24, 1947, in the rouse of India’s independence from the British, and it is made only from khadi, nationally spun Indian cotton, as a symbol of patriotism and freedom. The circular figure in the middle of the flag, the Ashoka chakra, is the wheel of the Dharma, the space law that upholds the sort of the universe. The wheel gives motion as a token that India cannot oppose transform, as forward growth is the key to national success in a rapidly modernizing world. The upper saffron part of the flag is destined to denote courage and self-sacrifice. The white stripe in the middle of the flag is representative of honesty, cleanliness and harmony. The green stripe on the bottom half of it represents faith, fruitfulness and wealth.

8. Spain:

beautiful flags list

According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 223
Dislikes by the public: 393
Spain is extensively known for being one of the leaders of Europe. The flag of Spain is colored red and yellow. The red stripes can be seen on the top and bottom part of the flag. The yellow part is the largest among the three stripes. When coming to the yellow stripe, one can see two pillars which is colored white and gold on the top and bottom part of those pillars. They say that these pillars represent the Pillars of Hercules. In between the pillars is a crowned shield. The crown was placed on the flag to symbolize the ruling of the kingdom. Spain is ruled by the control of the King and the Queen. This has been running from hundreds of years.

7. United States of America:

usa flag

According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 344
Dislikes by the public: 564
The American flag symbolizes the United States of America. It has thirteen equal parallel stripes of red and whites every other. It also contains a blue square with fifty stars showing the fifty states. The American flag is so vital because it indicates who we are. The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that stated their Independence from Great Britain and were the first states. It was used to represent American patriotism and refuse secessionism. The three colors represent as “White” indicates purity and innocence, “Red” indicates valor and bravery, ”Blue” indicates Vigilance, perseverance, and justice. And the Stars are considered a sign of the heavens and the celestial goal to which man has seek from time immemorial, the stripe is representative of the rays of light coming from the sun.

6. Portugal:

beautiful flags in the world

According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 379
Dislikes by the public: 619
The five blue shields signify the five Morisco kings Don Afonso Henriques beaten in the Ourique battle. The white guard with the five little blue shields inside is the shield of Don Afonso Henriques. The fable has it that in the Ourique battle the crucified Christ emerged before Don Afonso Henriques. The dots inside each of the blue shield symbolize the five cuts of Christ. The seven castles around the white shield characterize the equipped locations that Don Afonso Henriques occupied from the Moors. The yellow sphere indicates the world that Portuguese navigators exposed in the fifteen (XV) and sixteen (XVI) centuries as well as the people with whom they exchanged ideas and traded with. The green color represents hope and the red the bravery and the blood of the Portuguese fallen in warfare.

5. Pakistan:

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According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 391
Dislikes by the public: 508
The National Flag of Pakistan was designed by Syed Amir-uddin Kedwaii and was based on the original flag of the Muslim League. The national flag of Pakistan is a green field with a white crescent moon and five-rayed star at its middle, and an erect white stripe at the left side. Green represents Islam as it is believed to be a favorite color of Prophet Muhammad and his daughter, Fatima. The colors and the figures represent as “Green” is also pointed out several times in the Quran, in relation to paradise, “White” signifies religious minorities and minority religions, “Crescent” represents progress, ”Star” symbolizes light and knowledge.

4. Brazil:

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According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 411
Dislikes by the public: 568
The Brazilian flag was formally approved on Nov. 19th 1889, four days after the Republic was announced. The green color symbolizes the Brazilian fields. The yellow losang indicates Brazilian gold i.e. the wealth of the country. The blue indicates the sky of Rio de Janeiro on the night of Nov. 15th 1889 and each star signifies one of the States of Brazil. The white strip encloses the writing which is “Ordem e Progresso” which has the meaning of “Order and Progress”. The slogan is accredited to the French positivist philosopher Augusto Comte, who had follower in Brazil. The dimensions and size of the flag are strong-minded by Law nr. 5700. The flag was planned by a painter named Decio Vilares.

3. Canada:

most beautiful flags in the world

According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 439
Dislikes by the public: 597
The Canadian Flag specifies the overall color is red and white. According to earliest and Heraldic customs much representation is related with colors. The colors on the Canadian flag symbolize as “White” means tranquility and sincerity, “Red” means power of endurance, courage, force & valor. The official Canadian colors were announced in 1921 by King George V.
The fundamental approach shown in the picture of the Canadian flag is illustrated as Emblem reflecting the middle design of the flag pattern. It is twice as long as it is wide. The white square enclosing the red maple leaf is the same width as the flag.

2. United Kingdom:

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According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 481
Dislikes by the public: 639
The flag of the United Kingdom is actually a mixture of three flags specifying England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The English flag consists of a red cross on a white background. The Scottish flag consists of a white saltire, or slanting cross, on a blue background. The Northern Irish flag consists of a red saltire on a white background. The colors of the Union Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland come from a combination of Cross of St George representing Red Cross on a white background, Cross of St Andrew representing White saltire on blue background and Cross of St Patrick representing Red saltire on white background.

1. Mexico:

which is most beautiful flag in the world

Which is the Most Beautiful Flag in the World?

According to a particular survey,
Likes on the flag by public: 799
Dislikes by the public: 1169
The flag of Mexico is an erect tricolor combination of green, white, and red with the national coat of arms charged in the center of the white stripe. The coat of arms has an eagle, holding a serpent in its beak and talon, is perched on top of a prickly pear cactus growing out of rocks in the middle of a lake. A wreath of oak and laurel tied with a ribbon in the national green-white-red colors is below the eagle. The flag’s width to length ratio is 4:7. The colors of it represent as “White” means tranquility and honesty, “Red” specifies hardiness, bravery, strength and valor and “Green” signifies hope, joy and love and in many cultures have a sacred significance.

List of Most Beautiful Countries Flags:

Sr. No. Countries Name Votes Position
1 Mexico 799
2 United Kingdom 481
3 Canada 439
4 Brazil 411
5 Pakistan 391
6 Portugal 379
7 United States of America 344
8 Spain 223
9 India 218
10 Australia 199


Every country has their own significance of their national flags representing their culture and traditions. By this they can create a sense of patriotism in the nation so that they can know who they are and what their country wants them to be.

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  1. pfffff!!!!!!!! How the hell can the flag of Mexico, India and Pakistan be beautiful? Everybody voting for their own country junkheads.

    1. bro excuse me support your flag but don’t disrespect other’s flag… My Pakistani flag is really one of the decent and beautiful flag MA SHA ALLAH <3 (* so don't say any other single wrong word against Him….
      that's a natural fact everyone love's his and her country n national flag…

    2. How dare u to talk about Pakistani flag like this
      Support ur national flag but don’t dare to say a word against Pakistan r itssss flag otherwise……

      Keep it in mind if u can’t support ur own flag then don’t talk against any other flag czzz jealousy kills

  2. The flag of Iran is the most beautiful flag of the world. After that ,we can say the flags of the United States, Italy,Canada, Germany, UK, France, Brazil, Australia and Spain are the other beautiful flags.

  3. 0n my own opinion i think that the most beutiful flag in the world is spin after while canada got second while the 3rd position united state of america

  4. I see no beauty at the flags of USA, Australia and UK, there are lots of more beautiful flags that were not listed. Maybe these are the most remembered, not most beautiful (I am Brazilian) hahah

  5. Philippine flag must be in the top 10 list. Colors are so brilliant. Very historical and symbolize colonialism of spain japan and america
    And the most important symbolize peace purity etc.

  6. My Country Flag Is On 5th..But I Think Thy Mis 2 Beautyful Flags ..1st Saudia Arabia’s Flag N 2nd Labanon’s Flag

  7. My vote for my dear land PAKISTAN….ove u may u live long…..but SAUDIA ARAB flag is missing which I think most be on list…

  8. As an Assyrian, I have no country in current map of the world. But, as a scattered nation whose land has been occupied by Kurds and Arabs and Turks, we still have a National Flag though without Land. Just google Assyrian Flag and then let me know if that is less beautiful than what you think is the most. Sincerely,

  9. The most Beautiful, Unique, Mathematical and only one Non – Quadrilateral Flag in the world is the National Flag of Nepal.

  10. Pakistan’s flag is the universe most beautiful flag it should be number 1
    But feeling proud that we r on number 5 at least our flag is better than Indian flag
    Pakistan zindabad <3

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