Top Health Care System in the World

List of World Top Ten Best Healthcare Systems

You can see here a List of World Top Ten Best healthcare Systems with names and rank. Here we will talk about that what countries have the best healthcare system in the world. Western countries come to our mind. Countries like America, United Kingdom, and Australia, etc. have the world excellent health care system for their people. These countries are very careful about the well-being of their people. Countries with world best care system have the best health of their people. People of best healthcare system countries are healthy and strong. They can serve their country. They are proud of their countries. Their countries are more conscious about their health. Best health care delivery system has all types of facilities for their people. It provides insurance facilities of the people. It also pays most of the medical bills of its people. Canadian health care systems around the world is Best among all the countries. In this article, I have listed the top ten countries that have best healthcare system of the world.

10.United States of America:

List of World Top Ten Best Health Care Systems

United States of America remains best in a healthcare system for many years. But now it is known as the expensive and costly. Still some persons say it is costly yet it is providing top medical services. But on our list it is on number 10th. Because it is not as efficient as it was in last few years. America doesn’t have a universal system. But now its government has passed a legislation to form a universal system of it till 2015. In America life expectancy of persons are about 72 years. It is also increasing with the improvements in their facilities.


List of World Top 10 Best Health Care Systems

Canadian healthcare system is publically funded system. Canada has its act for the health of its people. It has health care Canada act 1984. All the medical and healthcare facilities are provided to people according to this act. Canadian patients don’t need to be involved in billing system. They are claimed by the hospital from the insurance companies. Canadian act does not involve dental treatment. It also doesn’t involve long term treatments of patients. For these types of treatments, people have to pay expenditures from their pocket. Still Canadian public seem very happy with Canadian healthcare system. According to a survey by Nanos Research, almost 86.2% people are happy with Canada health care system.


World Top Ten Best Health Care Systems

France is also among those countries that have best systems around the world. France has the Universal Healthcare system. It is spending 11.6% of GDP on the system. WHO (World Health Organization) has ranked France as the close to the top overall health-cares. National health Insurance provides the fund for this. It is the 8th best system in the world. Its government usually reimbursed 70% of its patient’s medical charges. France is providing efficient facilities of health to its public. Their people enjoy good health in the country. France is also known as the most fashionable country of the world.


World Top 10 best Health Care Systems

Norway has faced severe health issues during 1800’s. After then its government struggled hard to improve the health conditions of the people. Its government has developed a public system of it for the better health of its people. Now they have got the control of epidemics. Their communicable diseases have been converted in non-communicable disease. Its government these efforts have placed the Norway among top ten best healthcare systems of the world. But still they face social differences in their public system. In 2013, Norway was awarded as the world best country in Human Development Index.


Top Ten Best Health Care Systems in the World

Netherland has the world six top systems in the world. It has a mental healthcare system. Cure for short-term diet issues. Care for long-term well-being issues. It is not considered as cost effective system. Most of the expenses are paid through taxes. 40% of their expenses are covered by Insurance. Netherland has as effective system as other Western countries.


List of Top Five World Health Care Systems

Germany has historical importance in the world. It has the oldest national insurance system of the world. Many other countries have adopted the insurance system based on Germany. Germany has multiple health-cares system in the country. Its system is divided into two groups. One is for sickness funds and another one is for health insurance. It spends almost 3500 pound per capita for the health of people. It spends about 11.7 % of GDP on the system. German doctors are best known for heart treatments. It is due to its top system that Germany has low infant mortality rate.


Top Five Best health Care Systems in the World

Australia has fourth highest expectancy in the world. Australia introduced the Universal health care system in 1975 for its people. It is said that Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Their persons are highly addicted to smoking. Country system is playing important role in reducing these two diseases among its public. Most of it expenditures are met by a tax system of the country. It spends 9.8% of GDP of the country. Its universal health-cares system is known as Medicare.


List of Top Three World Best Health Care Systems

Sweden is the third largest country in Europe. It is in Northern Europe. Sweden has care system like many developed countries of the world. Sweden is also well known for providing safe drinking water for its people. It is the fifth country with low mortality rate. Sweden care system has steps in its system. First patient goes to the clinic for the appointment of Doctor. Then he is referred to a specialist. After then, it is decided whether to send him for in-patient or out-patient treatment. Sweden is on 8th number in this list.


Top Three Best Health Care Systems in the World

Switzerland has bound its people to buy private insurance. This rule is universal for all. People buy private insurance that is costly but provides efficient systems. They have a system like other European countries. In a country, life expectancy is highest in the world. It’s people expected life expectancy is about 80 years in men. It spends about 11.6% of its GDP on the care system. Switzerland is providing new technologies for its people care. It has 2nd best care system of the world.

1.United Kingdom:

Top Health Care System in the World

United Kingdom has the best care system in the world. It is one of the oldest systems of the world. It has its separate publically funded healthcare system. By the commonwealth fund report, United Kingdom has the world best health-cares system. It provides efficient and safe care system. It is also based on equity. It means everyone is regarded as equal in a country for medical treatments. It is said that United Kingdom spends almost 9.4% of GDP on this system. Health-cares in England is known as National Health Service. It is funded by the government with a total amount of approximately 110 billion pound. In a case of emergency, air ambulance service is also provided to patients.

Sr.No. Names
1 United Kingdom
2 Switzerland
3 Sweden
4 Australia
5 Germany
6 Netherland
7 Norway
8 France
9 Canada
10 United States of America

In this article world, best health-cares systems have been ranked. Best care systems also provide the people with efficient well-being services. Its management and administration for it, is efficient and fast. These countries also provide care services on an equity basis it means all people get equal chances of availing that services. It is in easy access of people and provides latest technologies for medical treatments. It is said countries with best well-being system are usually best able to do development. The success of these countries is also in its best well-being systems. So by focusing on better healthcare system developing countries can also become developed countries.


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