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List of Top Ten Wood Furniture Designers in the World

Furniture is something that is proposed to support various human activities like sleeping or seating or to hold things in a suitable state for work and it is also used to save things. Objects which we call as furniture are a variety of things like sofa, chair, table, shelves, desks and bed etc. Furniture is believed as a product of design and it comes under the field of decorative art. On one hand furniture supports us in various human activities and on the other hand it can be considered as a source for representation of your local cultural and religious beliefs. There are a large number of wood product designing and building companies, but few of them are comparatively much better than others and they are better because of the material they use. Another factor that makes them best is design; designer which gives you extremely up-to-date, luxurious, beautiful and comfortable furniture will be best for you of course. In this article top ten wood product designing and manufacturing companies are discussed and almost all of them make their products from waste, saved and second-hand material which is the best part of them. In this way recycling of waste wood takes place and on the other hand, you are given best furniture. If you are looking for best furniture designs then this is totally for your ease. Here we go with a list of top ten wood product designers…

10. Nightwood:

Wood Furniture Designers

First wood product designer which I would like to discuss is Nightwood and in the ranking list of best wood stuff exclusive it ranks as the tenth best in the entire world. Nightwood’s collected work is all about a crazy-quilt of domesticated wood and material which is transformed into different things like chairs, desks, couches, credenzas, counters and shelving. This process is according to Nightwood a “reconstruction” of finding wood and furniture into a devious display of ceasing and colors whose consequence is not anything short of fine-looking. In the short Nightwood scheme of work is to transform hodgepodge of color and texture into something which is entirely unique and larger than the addition of components.

9. Sundance Catalog:

best Wood Furniture Designers

Next in my list of best and top ranked wood products designers is Sundance Catalogand it is considered as ninth top grade designer in the world. The Sundance entire work revolves around reclamation of aged-wood or we can say waste wood into very usual up to date and stylish furniture. Sundance style is worth acceptable ad is no doubt a perfect fit for your bedroom because of its recyclable residence goods. Most of the components which are used by Sundance are antiques and wood stuffs collected from the old schools and buildings.

8. TEAM 7:

Wood Furniture Manufacturers

TEAM 7 is next wood products designer which is one of the best considered designer and in the list of top ten wood furnishing designers it is ranked as the eighth best in the world. This designer is believed as one of the most promising and leading producer of highly modern, green and safe solid wood materiel. The Batinau Design Group Company is the one that is behind TEAM 7 and this company had its inauguration in Europe. In the beginning company fashioned solid hardwood materiel from low-waste plus low-energy manufacturing practices that used economically sound and sustainable ways and resources. And now this beautiful, stunning and timeless aesthetic is brought to America.

7. April Hannah:

best Wood Furniture Manufacturers

Next best wood materiel designer, which I am going to discuss, is April Hannah and it is positioned as seventh best and top wood materiel designer. April Hannah is believed as best furniture designer for kids. Its Tree Table compilation for kids is manufactured from significant one-inch, FSC-certified, formaldehyde-free plywood with harmless finalizing. April Hannah’s furniture is presented in sky blue, grass green, dove white or a clear coat finish. Tables and stools presented by April Hannah’s are leveled undersized just to fit for 5-10 years old kids and everything manufactured from this designer clearly witness its motivation from nature.

6. Schubladen:

top ten Wood Furniture Designers

Schubladen comes next in my list of top ten wood furniture Manufacturers and in this list it is positioned as sixth best wood materiel Manufacturer in the world. Schubladen has its foundation in Germany and this Germany’s leading furniture company has its expertise in reprocessing saved scarcity drawers dwelled in an MDF or concrete wood formation. Schubladen has a wide range of drawers with varying sizes as well as style and each of them enlightens a tale of the drawers they contain and each piece carries its individuality.

5. Kerf:

Best 5 Famous Wood Furniture Designers:

top Wood Furniture Designers

Next best wooden materiel Manufacturer that I am going to discuss is Kerf and it is considered as fifth best wooden materiel Manufacturer in the world. The basic aim and philosophy behind the designs of Kerf is to manufacture very easy, practical and attractive pieces of the furniture. Kerf’s products are manufactured by FSC-certified plywood, formaldehyde free glue and finishing is done by a UV remedial procedure that abolishes all VOCs. Kerf supplies 16 diverse colors of the cover and every part of furniture which whose manufacturing is done by Kerf is intended and built in their Seattle studio. Along with furniture it also offers reasonable DIY cabinets that are flat-packed and shipped to end on the spot.

4. Uhuru:

top Wood Furniture Manufacturers

Uhuru comes next in my list of top ten best wooden materiel Manufacturers and it is ranked as fourth most excellent wood furniture Manufacturer in the entire world. Uhuru is one of the renowned companies in term of designing and building furniture pieces and it designed and manufactured them from domestic, recovered or used materials. Uhuru most recent stock includes a compilation made from recovered stuff taken from Coney Island and one more album is made from particular huge, irregular chunk of cut down wood.

3. Green Swan:

Top 3 Wood Furniture Designers:

Top Wood Furniture Manufacturers

In my list of top ten wooden furniture designers next is Green Swan and it is ranked as the third largest and best wooden materiel Manufacturer in the entire world. The Green Swan Company is headquartered in Chicago and it creates up to date furniture and make it from domesticated lumber and nearby resourced wood. Green Swan shows its expertise in making furniture, cabinets, countertops and doors modified or off the rack which are shown on their website.

2. Andre Joyau:

top 3 Wood Furniture Designers

Andre Joyau is next in my list of top ten wooden furniture Manufacturers and it is considered as second largest and best wooden product design and build company in the world. This designer is manufacturing extremely modern, handcrafted furniture for about twenty years from able to be maintained materials such as hand-selected coped forestry farms, domesticated timber and saved industrialized substances. Andre Joyau proficiency is in children’s and adult furniture, wood displays, residence garnishes and illuminations.

1. Miles & May:

Which is the Best Wood Furniture Manufacturers?

Wood Furniture Manufacturers

What is the name of world’s number one wooden product designer? Miles & May is believed as world’s best and largest company as far as designing and building of wooden materiel is concerned. It is headquartered in Geneva; New York and was initiated in 2004 by Brandon Phillips. Miles & May’s skill is in formation of domesticated and sustainable furniture but with a stress on using second hand or scrag which is always rejected by most of the producers. Every single bit of the furniture manufactured from Miles & May witnesses its motivation from the wood by which it is made. It has an approximately collection of more than 50 designs and every design has uniqueness and differs from other.

Sr. No Company Name
1 Miles & May
2 Andre Joyau
3 Green Sawn
4 Uhuru
5 Kerf
6 Schubladen
7 April Hannah
8 TEAM 7
9 Sundance Catalog
10 Nightwood


So this was all about top ten best wood product designers. It was quite a difficult task to nominate world’s top ten best wood product designers, but an effort is made to help you in finding good furniture designing and building companies out of all. Every best wooden materiel designer has its proficiency and skill in forming modern and luxurious furniture elements from cut-off and saved wood materials. If you are to buy furniture for your home give this article a reading because it will really help you out in choosing the best designer which can guarantee you the best and comfortable furniture.

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