Top 3 Reasons of Global Warming

List of Top Ten Reasons of Global Warming

Global warming is a hot issue these days. Many scientists have discussed this issue to save the world from the effects of global warming. World warming is the increase in temperature of both earth and oceans. Due to global warming causes and effects everything on the earth is affected. Pollution is also a cause of international warming. Everything is polluted on the earth; water that we drink is no more drinkable for us. Air in which we breathe is now causing diseases instead of giving life to human beings. We have destructed the environment with our hands. Our factories, cars, fertilizers are giving negative results and become the causes of air pollution. In search of more and more comforts, human beings have destroyed the God gifted world.  And now warming is the main issue that scientists want to solve. It is said that it has two types. One is natural global warming that is caused by the natural processes in the world. Natural world warming is very difficult to reduce. Another one is Man Created Global Warming; this can be reduced by the different efforts. Due to international warming other creatures are also facing problems. Insects, birds, animals all are affected due to international warming. This article has the list of top ten factors that are the reasons of global warming in the world. It is a common issue for all countries so; everyone in the world is concerned about this issue. Here is the list of top ten reasons of global warming,

10. Increase in CO2 Concentration

List of Top Ten Reasons of Global Warming

Carbon dioxide is increasing day by day in the air. Due to an increase in CO2 temperature is also increasing. The main reason for an increase in CO2 is the increase in human population. Human population exhales co2 that is causing worldwide warming in the world. Many measures have been taken to reduce the birth rate in the world. Many countries like China have taken radical measures to reduce the birth rate and save the nation from its many adverse effects including worldwide warming. Human beings are becoming the cause of the increase in transportation, heat and consumption of electricity that are main reasons of worldwide warming.

9. Deforestation

Top Ten Reasons of Global Warming

Deforestation is the process of cutting the trees. Trees play an important role in keeping the environment clean. Trees absorb the co2 from the air and reduce the concentration of co2 that is a reason for worldwide warming. Trees are decreasing to burn as a fuel that is causing worldwide warming in the world. Trees also cause rains so, reduce the number of trees is also increasing heat in the atmosphere. Deforestation is the 9th reason of worldwide warming.

8. Permafrost

Top 10 Reasons of Global Warming

Permafrost is the frozen soil in the world. According to an estimate about 25% of earth area, is covered with permafrost. Permafrost has a large amount of carbon and methane gas in it. Now scientists have reported that permafrost is emitting carbon that is causing global warming. It is also increasing the temperature in the world.

7. Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emission from Agriculture

Global Warming Top Ten Reasons

Methane is produced from the agricultural products. It is the process in which bacteria breaks down the organic matters and if oxygen is in a small quantity in agriculture fields then it will become methane. Methane is also produced from the animals that eat grass or herbs. The animals like cows are also a cause of methane. Methane is also a reason for international warming.

6. Rise in Sea Levels

List of Top 10 Reasons of Global Warming

The increase in sea levels is also becoming the reason of worldwide warming. Sea level increases when ice is melted. According to the researchers increase in sea levels, is mainly due to the Antarctica’ weather conditions. Due to rise in sea levels people are facing many problems like migration from the coastal areas to other areas. It is increasing the density of population in few areas and causing the increase in heat in those areas.

5. Ozone depletion

Top Ten Five Reasons of Global Warming

Ozone is the safe layer around the earth that protects the earth from ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Ozone protects the human beings from the negative effects of the sun rays. Ozone layers are getting a weaker day after day that is dangerous to the health of living things on the earth. The main reason of ozone depletion is smoke that is emitted from the factories. Now governments are encouraging factories holder to reduce the use of unhealthy chemicals in their processes. It is a reason for increasing the heat on earth.

4. Mining Activities

Top 5 Reasons of Global Warming

Different mines like coal, oil and mineral gases are extracted from the lower surface of the earth.  These minerals hold a large amount of Methane in them. When these minerals are extracted from the earth, they include the methane gases in the environment. Due to this ozone layer is also affected and becomes the reason of global warming. Mining activities also increases the consumption of these mines that eventually affects global warming in the world.

3. Sunspots

Top Three Reasons of Global Warming

Sun has different spots on its surface that hinder the way of dangerous sun plasma. This sun plasma is very much dangerous for the human beings because it contains more powerful radiations in it. These radiations become the reason of many diseases like skin cancer, etc. Sunspots are now becoming weak and unable to stop the sun plasma. Sun plasma is the 3rd reason of global warming. These radiations are very strong that it can affect the environment of earth 30 times more than the normal radiations.

2. Burning of Fossil Fuels

Top 3 Reasons of Global Warming

Fossil fuels are the reason of increasing the co2 in the atmosphere. This Co2 stops the infrared rays to go back in the space and return these infrared rays back to the earth. So, it is a reason for increasing the level of temperature of the earth and hence global warming is obvious. Other reasons of global warming are different means of transportation like cars, trucks, buses etc. Most of the countries are using coal for producing electricity but now world is determined to change it in nuclear power plants.

1. Increase in Population

Top Reason of Global Warming

The population of the world is a serious concern for the world. The population is increasing with high speed that resources are insufficient to fulfill the demands of the population. So, the result increase in pollution. Along with pollution, the population is also a cause of increasing the level of co2 in the atmosphere.  Trees are cutting down to make space for the increasing population that is a reason for deforestation. The basic reason for these problems is a high birth rate of the world.  So, increase in population is the top reason for global warming.

Reasons of Global Warming in Points:

Sr.No. Names
1 Increase in Population
2 Burning of Fossil Fuels
3 Sunspots
4 Mining Activities
5 Ozone depletion
6 Rise in Sea Levels
7 Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emission from Agriculture
8 Permafrost
9 Deforestation
10 Increase in CO2 Concentration


This article has listed top ten reason of the global warming. These are the reasons that are destroying the natural environment of the world. Temperature of the world is increasing, and people are facing more and more unhealthy conditions. Different diseases like skin cancer, low respiratory system are common these days. People have become the prey of their inventions. Energy consumption is increasing and damaging the atmosphere of the world. It can be reduced by taking different measures and the most important among all is a decrease in population.


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