List of top ten most technologically advanced countries in africa

List Of Top Ten Most Technologically Advanced Countries In Africa

Here we will see the top ten most technologically advanced countries in Africa. Science and technology are growing at very high rate. The world is like stone-age. If we remove the aspect of technology and science. From the dawn to dusk we are familiar to live the life given to science and technology. We watch TV. We answer to a phone call. We go outside in a vehicle. Science influences us directly or indirectly. All the continents of the world are technologically advanced. If you move round the globe from Europe to Asia. You can see the wonders of science and technology. African culture is considered most of the time down crushed and mostly countries have highest birth rate in this region. Novels like Heart of Darkness are the glaring example of their cultural struggle. But novel Things Fall apart showed the true picture of Africa. The island Africa is technologically advanced now. Some of the countries in Africa are at the forefront of the advancement of science and technology. There are different measures in order to judge the technology advancement of any country. You can count the output and variability. The advancement in the profession of medical and engineering is also the sign of advancement. We have made a list of countries that are technologically advanced in Africa.

10. Zimbabwe:

Top ten technologically advanced countries of africa

This country is situated in South Africa. It is the technologically advanced country. It can be put on the list of top ten countries. There is not significant technology growth in this country. But we can consider this country technologically advanced. Besides the fact that this country has not brought a significant revolution in science and technology. We can put this country into the list of top ten most technologically advanced countries. The reason behind this fact is the very powerful government. Government is making significant improvements in the country. There is a lot of manpower. Manpower can be utilized for the purposes in favor of Zimbabwe. But all these facts cannot put this country into world’s most technology advanced countries.

9. Uganda:

Top ten most technologically advanced african countries

Uganda is the most technologically advanced country. This country is considered in Africa’s most advanced countries. This country has brought a revolution in the field of science and technology. The reason that made this country so worth mentioning is Idi Amin. It is among the three countries that made progress. This report is submitted by Martin Prosperity Institute of the US. There are considerable start skills in this country. Even this country is chased by Madagascar through the world. At world level, this country got 82th position in technology advancement. The pace through which this country is achieving progress.  It would through her into world’s most technology advanced countries.

8. Angola:

Top 10 countries most advanced in technology

At number eight there comes the Angola country. This country also is technologically advanced in Africa. There is somewhat slow science and technology advancement in this country. But when the question of information technology comes. We can see this country is making progress gradually. If you are looking for groundbreaking advancement in this country. Then you are mistaken. But there is significant growth in progress. This thing can make the good sustenance. The proverb that slow and steady wins the race is fit for this country. This country comes at top when we talk about information technology. There is a need to improve the measures by which this country is making progress.

7. Botswana:

List of african technologically advanced countries

At number seven the Botswana. This position seven is occupied by this country as technology advanced country in Africa. If we talk about strong economies across the Africa. Then this country got a prominent position. This country is most successful country economically. Technologically this country can be considered strong enough. The worth mentioning figure is The Botswana’s Invention Center. This institution is owned by the government. The inventions like Global Corporation, start-ups, research and health organizations. All these things are under one roof. This organization is playing powerful role in country’s development and growth.

6. Rwanda:

Ranking of technologically african advanced countries

There was a time when this city was compressed by war. There were causalities and a lot of bloodshed in war. But the influence is almost gone. This country is going to become a local center in African society. In the field of information technology. The network like 4G LTE broadband has been launched.  This system would give new chances and improvements in development and growth. In this regard, there would be better transmission of network in the country. You can see all kinds of advancements in this country. There is a prediction that in Rwanda there would be groundbreaking inventions in the future. In Africa, Sub Saharan African countries were on top in 2013. We can see the significant technology improvements in this region.

5. Ghana:

African top 10 countries most advanced in technology

If you are looking for the technological awareness in Africa. Ghana would be the possible place. This country provides the best environment to flourish all sort of technologically advancements.  An estimated review has detected. There are About 25 million people that has made different inventions. In the field of science and technology. Means of energy production has increased in this region. The important example is electricity produced by compressed gas. This invention was made by Mr. Freddie. This invention was welcomed by people and government warmly. Another worth mentioning thing is video conferencing system. This video conferencing is available at very low rates by the government. This is a country making progress day by day.

4. Kenya:

Top 10 countries of africa most advanced in technology

This country is ranked in top four African countries. When we talk about technology. This country is also at the fourth number in this genre. There is a crowd of IT companies in this country. The technology advancement can be seen by this fact. There are revolutionary ideas proposed by these companies that influenced the progress of Kenya. There are many startups from the global center in the growth of technology. There are interesting inventions made by this country. These inventions are worth mentioning. There are inventions, Things like alarm fitted TV devised by a young man lives in Nairobi. A solar refrigerator that is a light of hope for the rural areas in which electricity is not present. There is another invention like Shoe from which you can charge invented by Anthony Mutua. The stove of charcoal is also invented by this country. The technical invention is a drone named Moses Gichanga that can fly up to two hours. There are many other inventions made at smaller levels. In these inventions, there are underwater pets housing. The solar refrigerator and tamperproof voting machine. SMS car immobilizer is also invented.  So there is revolutionary technology advancements in this country.

3. Nigeria:

Top ten technologically advanced countries in africa

This country is at 3rd number in technology advancements. The other interesting feature of this country is its large population. But in the race of technology and scientific inventions it is in top developed countries in Africa. The industrial advancements and technology progress have reformed the economy. There are a lot of potentials in this country. The most successful internet company named Lorok Partners resides in this country. There are more than 6 million users of this company from the entire world. There is the majority of people belong to 178 countries as consumers. There are many things related to this company that you will see with the tag “made in Nigeria”. Another interesting invention is made by the teenagers. This invention is generator made through the urine power. A water purification plant named Moringa is a milestone in water related products. The inventions related to web designing and mobiles can also be in this country. Apart these technology advancements, internet interruption is very low. The consumption rate is 38% only. In this country, you can see the people with a lot of potentials. The technology advancement rate is increasing day by not decreasing.

2. Egypt:

List of top ten african most advanced countries in africa

There is a common belief about Egypt that it is the place where civilization started properly. In this country, there are inventions from the start of human history. Thirty-three pharos are associated with this land. People from the entire world come to the mummies of these pharos. The mysteries of Egyptian pyramids is another tourist attraction. There are not much technology advancement in the north region. Butt still it is among the most advanced countries in Africa The revolution in industries can be seen in Egypt. There was a civil war in this country in past years. But this thing has not let down the country’s technology advancement. It is considered at the second number in technology advancement in Africa.

1. South Africa:

List of top ten most technologically advanced countries in africa

The number one is possessed by South Africa in this list. This country is most technology advanced. This country can be compared globally. This country got number 53 at world level. There are a lot of developments in South Africa. The reason behind this fact is the best use of human potentials. Revolution in the field of IT is another reason behind this progress.

List of Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa

Sr No. Name Capital
1 South Africa Cape Town,
2 Egypt Cairo
3 Nigeria Abuja
4 Kenya Nairobi
5 Ghana Accra
6 Rwanda Kigali
7 Botswana Gaborone
8 Angola Luanda
9 Uganda Kampala
10 Zimbabwe Harare

There are a lot of reasons that can put a country into the list of Most Technologically Advanced Countries In Africa. Technology advancement is the only thing that is important. If a country is progressed, then see the development. You will find that this country is technology advanced. So this contributing factor is important for developing countries in Africa.


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