Top Free Game for Window Phone

List of Top Ten Free Games for Windows Phone

Before going to the list of top ten free games for windows phone, let us have a look at how the trends of gaming have been changed. The history has evident some massive changes in the every field of life, in recent years. There has been a change in trends and ways altogether. There is a change in ways how our daily businesses of life go on. And there has come a change in the taste of people, how they think and prefer the things going around them. Even the way a layman spends his leisure time has also been changed. Their ways of socializing have also been changed. And this accounts for the Revolution that has emerged in the IT sector. This computer revolt has not aggressively changed the things all around the globe. Along with that, a release of smart phones, 3G and 4G technologies has even changed lessened the distances even more. Today, we want to get our works done virtually by setting at home or office place. Same is the mentality that has been brought up about spending the free time. Today, people like to enjoy the socializing, networking and gaming in dormant. And the amazing milieu provided by the smart phones has added a lot in this mindset. The gaming applications on the smartphone are favorably liked by the app users. They like to spend hours in just playing some challenging, tricky, exciting and stirring games on the mobiles for entertainment. It is because the game lovers don’t need to go the gaming zones or buy big play stations and spend a lot of money if this all. Tithe, there is a wide range of gaming applications which are available free of cost on internet. Thus, playing games on the smartphones by taping the games object on the touch screen become a great experience. Windows mobile phone are distinguished in this regard. It is because, it App Store of Window Phones is rich of these free games. So, let us have a quick look on the best puzzle games for phones

10. FIFA 14:

List of Top Ten Free Games for Windows PhoneWith a blessing of a playdown developer, you can enjoy the real expertise of having control over your favorite FIFA team in the tournament. You can not only guide your team as a coach, but you are to devise your team throughout the play. This playdown offers Features of 34 leagues and 600 licensed teams and more than 16,000 players. You can also enjoy English Premier League to La Lira and beyond on this application. Else than that, you can enjoy listening commentaries in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish! In the mobile playdown for the first time, another feature of this playdown lets you to Earn and trade FIFA players to build your team.


Top Ten Free Games for Windows Phone

In The list of Top Ten Free Games for Windows Phone, AGE OF EMPIRES: CASTLE SIEGE COMES AT NUMBER 10. THIS IS ONE OF THE UNIVQUW GAMES DESIGNED FOR gaming in windows 8.1 and windows phone. It is a typical strategy game devolved for Windows Phone. In this playdown, you are to build a city having combat elements. So you are to defense the tower of your city. Thus, it is a multidimensional play in which one has to Build a fort city, protect against robbers and, use your army to lay barrier to opponents.


Top 10 Free Games for Windows Phone

In This interesting play down you are to Smash the cars of your opponent, try to smash it down into as many pieces as you can to get high scores. Along with that, perform some impossible stunts with exquisite vehicles. It is such a picture of a dream in which you are to handle an experienced car and to destroy it without paying anything. Airborne 8 download way is very simple. You are just to go to the Store from your Nokia  Windows phone and search for the App. Due the popularity, the application will come up with a first number.


Free Top 10 Games for Windows Phone

This One of the most multiplayer shooting games which are being played on Windows Phone. This game has been developed by Game loft. The screenshots of this playdown do not look very real; rather they look like cartoonish. However, The Windows version of this game gives an excited playing milieu for shootouts. It is a gun show. There is a use of Axis, Allies, mayo and mustard in this game. Thus, it is one of the most entertaining games of free windows phone games,


Free Top 10 WIndows Phone Games

It is A fantastic app which let you feel the experience as if you were in space. The screen shot will lead you to the darks of hell like milieu of space. In the space zone, there will be no one to hear you. But you can use your Fingers of a thumb against the aliens. You are to use your fingers on the screen of your Window Phone to move your ship around the enemy fire. The use of thumb will trigger the missiles and bombs to destroy the enemy. This game is available free on the store of Windows Phone.


Top FIve Free Games for Windows Phone

At number five is Dungeon Hunter 4 in our list of top ten Free Games for Windows Phone. This Game is compatible with both Window 7 and Window 8. This game has some extraordinary screen shots which attract the user to the Application. It was released by Game loft in 2014. In this game, you Hack and Slash to Gain experience points.  Then do it again after Rinse. One thing most remarkable about the 4th version of the DUNGEON HUNTER is that it only requires only 512 MB of Ram to make the game play. However, if you download this game, you should have more than 4 GB ROM free for this game.

4. Heroes of Order & Chaos:

Top 5 Free games for Windows Phone

Heroes of order & chaos is at number four in the list of top ten Free Games for Windows Phone. It is A multiplayer battle game in which you can exhale your stress by smashing the objects of a game. Though, this game looks like dote 2, but in heroes of order & chaos has an impressive job else than just copy the way of its generic father. Although, this is a free game, but you can enjoy the full joy of this game if you play it online.


Top Three Free Games for Windows Phone

This Game stands at fourth position in the list of Top Ten Free Games for Windows Phone. In this fantastic game, you experience ski-jacking on some amazing jetpacks. These jetpacks have spewed bullets, laser and also the rainbows. The entry if unicorns like subject increase the fantasy of the game. The horns of these jetpacks can create massive damage. Else than this all, your mission is to make the Barry Steak fries active. That means the jetpacks are actually in the shape of Barry Steakfries. Jetpack Joyride Is Available Freely On The App Store Of Every Windows Mobile Phone.


Top 3 Free games for Window Phone

This a Real time strategy game, in which you are to strategize your resources for your kingdom. So your realm is in need of your wisdom. You are to groom your armies by providing them fund. This fund would come from planting the crops and farming animals. You can exhale your stress on you unsuspicious fellows who are real friends of you. Along with that, you are to keep an eye on the buildings of the empire. Because if they get too old, they will demolish. Ultimately, it will decrease your defense.


Top Free Game for Window Phone

With some amazing graphics, the game has such an exciting touch that everyone would love to spend his number of hours on this game. Minion Rush was last updated on February 2015 and is capable to play on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. There are number of bananas which you are to eat. In this game, you will use an amazing freeze beam and belt to make the Followers on to a ship. It is a heavy game which takes more than 80 MB of space in your memory. However, it can be easily downloaded from the store of Windows Phone.

Best Free Games for Windows Phone:

Sr.No. Names
4 Heroes of Order & Chaos
10 FIFA 14


The important thing is that when anyone use mobile phone without any limit he face some dangers of mobile phones. The above-given list is formulated on the basis of reviews and downloads each game got in the recent survey. Every game has its favors, good turns, and the wrong turns. The thing that matter is that with which game you get your affiliation. Sometimes it may happen that the first impression of the game may not look very progressive while other may dislike those game.


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