Top Ten Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the Time

List of Top Ten Best Welterweight Boxers of All the Time

Boxing is a very interesting game that is just like martial arts and combat games. In boxing, two people fight with each other to weaken the opponent. In boxing, hands are used to throw punches on each other, and both try to avoid the punches while having fighting gloves on hands. It is an international game and has its World Championship tournaments. The referee decides the match and declares the winner. Boxing is an ancient game and played by ancient Greeks. There are four types of punches in boxing that are Cross, Hook, Jab and Uppercut. Now there are many professional female boxers in the world. There are two types of boxing one is Amateur boxing, and another one is Professional boxing.  In this article, I have ranked the top best Welterweight boxers of all the time. These boxers are famous all over the world and recognized by the international boxing associations. These boxers are the all time favourite of people. This article will tell you about Legends boxers. These are all time fighters who got fame all over the world by their talent. Boxing is a tough game that ends when one of the fighters resigns by throwing the towel or declared by the referee that he is now incapable of playing more. Boxing is also included in Olympics and Common Wealth Games. This article has the list of top ten best Welterweight boxers of current and past times.

10. Parnell Whitaker

List of Top Ten Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the Time

Parnell Whitaker is born on 2 January 1964 in Virginia. He is famous with the nickname Sweet Pea. He is now a Professional boxing trainer. He was a world class Professional boxer during his era in 1980’s. He has won many titles like a silver medal in 1982 world Championship. He has also got Gold Medal in 1983 Pan American Games. He was also announced as Fighter of the Year by the famous Ring Magazine in 1989. He was a lightweight boxer and after his retirement he did not leave boxing and decided to give training to boxers. He is also ranked number 10 as The 100 Fighters of All Time.

9. Oscar de la Hoya

Top Ten Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the TimeHe is Mexican-American Professional boxer, born on 4 February 1973 in California. He is a great boxer who has won 234 Amateur career games and lost only 6 games in his whole Amateur boxing career. He is also a winner of ten world titles of boxing including gold medallist in world championships. He is also called with the name Golden Boy. He got retirement from the boxing in the year 2009. Oscar de la Hoya belongs to boxing family both his father and brother were a boxer.  He was the Fighter of the Year in the year 1995 by the Ring Magazine.

8. Felix Trinidad

Top Ten Welterweight Boxers of all the TimeFelix Trinidad is a Puerto Rican’s most famous Welterweight boxer born on 10th January 1973. He is regarded as the best welterweight boxer in the history of Puerto Rican. First he played Amateur Boxing in Puerto Rican and after winning 5 titles he started his professional boxing career at the age of 17 years. He is rated as a Middleweight boxer, Lightweight boxer and Welterweight boxer. In 2014, he got the honour to be included in International Boxing Hall of Fame. He is the second Welterweight boxer with most winning titles. His relationship with his wife Santiago is very famous; the couple has four daughters.

7. Henry Armstrong

Top 10 Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the Time

Henry Armstrong was an old times boxer born on 1912 and died in 1988. He is ranked as the 2nd greatest boxer of last 80 years by the Ring Magazine. Henry Armstrong belongs to Mississippi. Henry Armstrong is the only boxer in the history of boxing that is the winner of three world championships at the same time in 1938. He has fought 181 boxing championships in his life among which he lost only 21. After getting retirement from boxing, he opened a nightclub. He died at the age of 75 years.

6. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

List of Top 10 Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the Time

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is born on 1977 and a famous American Boxer. He is a great boxer in the history of boxing who has never lost a single Professional boxing championship. He is also one of the world richest athletes. In the year 2012, 2013 and 2014, according to Forbes Magazine he is included in the list of 50 highest paid athletes in the world. He has won the title of fighter of the year award twice by Ring Magazine. In 2015, Spike TV awarded him with The best Award. He has also got an award of ESPY Best Fighter in the year 2007.

5. Manny Pacquiao

Top Five Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the Time

He was born on 1978 and a Filipino boxer. He is a professional boxer who at the age of 32 years elected to the Philippines House of Representatives. He was also playing basketball for the nation. No doubt he is a great boxer who has the honour of the only boxer who got eight division world champions.  Boxing Writers Association of America has declared him the Fighter of the Decade for the era 2000’s. He is the 2nd highest paid athlete in the world according to famous magazine Forbes.

4. Roberto Duran

Top 5 Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the Time

Roberto Duran is born on 16 June 1958 in Panama. The world accepted him as the greatest boxer of all the times. During his career his nickname was Manos de Piedra it means Hands of Stones. According to Ring Magazine Roberto Duran is the fifth greatest boxer in the boxers’ history of past 80 years. He has also got many world titles. From his total 119 fights, he lost only 16. He started his professional boxing career at the age of 16 years. He announced retirement in 2004.

3. Thomas Hearns

Top Three Bests Welterweight Boxers of all the Time

Thomas Hearns famous with the name Motor City Cobra is the number 3rd welterweight boxer of all times. He is born on 18 October 1958 in America. He is a boxer with many distinct titles like he is the first boxer who has won world titles in four divisions. He is regarded as the Fighter of the Year in 1980 and 1984 by the Ring Magazine. His son, Ronald Hearns is also a professional boxer like his father. His is very generous and due to this he had faced many financial issues in 2010.

2. Sugar Ray Leonard

Best Welterweight Boxers of All the Time

Sugar Ray Leonard is the 2nd best Welterweight boxer of all times. He is born on 17th May 1956 in North Carolina, America. He is not only a great boxer but also a motivational speaker who has inspired a lot of people with his motivational talks. In 1980’s he was awarded the title fighter of the decade. He has won five divisions world titles. He was retired from the game in the year 1982. He married his high school fellow.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson

Best Welterweight Boxers of All the Time

Sugar Ray Robinson born on 3 May 1921. He is an African Professional boxer and the best welterweight boxer in the history of boxing. No other boxer can be compared with him in boxing. He started his professional boxing career at in 1940 at the age of 19 years. He won the world welterweight titles from the year 1946 to 1951. He announced his retirement from his professional boxing career in the year 1952. He was included in International Boxing Hall of Fame in the year 1990 after the one year of his death.

List of Best Welterweight Boxers of All the Time

Sr.No. Names DOB Weight (KG)
1 Sugar Ray Robinson May 3, 1921 (US) 73
2 Sugar Ray Leonard May 17, 1956 (US) 72
3 Thomas Hearns October 18, 1958 (US) 80
4 Roberto Duran June 16, 1951 (Panama) 74
5 Manny Pacquiao December 17, 1978 (Philippines) 65
6 Floyd Mayweather Jr. February 24, 1977 (US) 68
7 Henry Armstrong December 12, 1912 (US) 64
8 Felix Trinidad January 10, 1973 (Puerto Rico) 77
9 Oscar de la Hoya February 4, 1973 (US) 66
10 Parnell Whitaker January 2, 1964 70


This article is full of interesting information for the boxing lovers. From this article, you can get the information about your favourite boxing champion. This article has the list top ten best welterweight boxers. These all boxers were the most successful boxers of their times and won many world titles in boxing. These boxers are also recognized as greatest boxers by the renowned boxing associations. Boxing is a game to be played by the courageous people and remained very popular among males, but now it is also getting fame among females.


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