Best Way to Break Up with Someone

List of Top Ten Best Ways to Break up with Someone

This article will help many people to end a relationship in a good way. People fell in love, and it’s a common and natural thing. Love is blind, and it is a universal truth. You can love someone it’s not a crime. There are many examples in the world where a king fell in love with his maid. Love doesn’t ask for color, caste, and nation. Love is the most powerful weapon in the world through which you can rule the world. It is very easy to fell in love; you don’t need much time to fell in love with someone but to hold that love is the most difficult thing in the world. Love and expectations are directly related to each other and when these expectations are not met people come to do breakup. Break up is the end of a love relationship. Young girls and boys fell in love easily and after some time they come to know that they are not a perfect match then they try to do break up. There are many reasons behind divorce in which the most common of all is the cheating. When one of them feels that another one is cheating him/her. Break up must be done in a nice way so that no regrets left. This article will show you the best ways to do break up with someone. By following these ways, you can get rid of a depressing relationship in a good way.
Find the Right Time to do breakup

10. Don’t put this news on social media

List of Top Ten Best Ways to Break up with Someones

Never use social media to share the news of your break up. Don’t use emotional sentences or emotional music. It will make you more sad. Don’t relate ironic posts to your ex-partner. This thing can hurt your lover. Respect him/her because you had spent some time with him/her. Never make your private issues public by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc. If you want to unblock your lover on social media, you can do this but never make fun of your ex-partner on social media. Never relate your ex-partner with funny stuff on social media this thing will only give rise to more discussions.

9. Don’t use public spots for breakup

Top Ten Best Ways to Break Up with Someone

For doing a breakup, this is a relationship advice that don’t use public places to do break up. Never go to a hotel or restaurants that are crowded. This thing will hide your hidden feelings to your lover. Always use private places your apartment or some other place where you both can express yourself openly. By doing this, you can avoid many artificial emotions. Always be honest and natural while having a breakup conversation. Try to select the place where you both use to spend time this thing will create respect in you for each other. So, solve your private issues privately.

8. Don’t give rise to conversation

Top Ten Ways to Break Up with Someone

While having a break up try to be direct and less wordy. Try to end a relationship without having lengthy conversations. It is the best way to break up with a girl because girls are more likely to have lengthier conversations than men. This thing will also save you from loud fights because lengthy conversations can give rise to more and more desperate fights. If you feel that conversation is going long for nothing, then remove yourself from the whole the discussion. Be calm down and cool minded during a breakup conversation.

7. Don’t disturb them in their routine work

Top 10 Best Ways to Break U with Someone

Never disturb any person during their routine jobs. It is a golden relationship advice that never disturbs your lover when he/she is on a job. During their routine work, they may be exhausted from a workload, so there are chances of more misunderstandings. Always try to have a breakup conversation on weekends or at the end of the day. At the end of the day when your partner is off from duty then talks about your relationship. Don’t interfere anyone during their office timings or sleep timings. So, wait for a reasonable time when you think your partner is in a good frame of mind.

6. Never play blame games

List of Top 10 Best Ways to Break Up with Someone

When you are decided that you are going for a break up then don’t play blame games. These blame games will hurt your partner or even can give rise to more intense situations. Accept your mistakes in a relationship. Assure your partner that it’s not his/her mistake instead I am also responsible for this breakup. Try to accept that you couldn’t hold this relationship. Don’t blame your partner for the whole intense situation. Be soft and gentle with your partner. You have no right to blame him/her for this relationship. Accept your faults.

5. Never cheat your partner

Top Five Best Ways to Break Up with Someone

Always do break up before cheating your partner. Cheating is the most dangerous thing in a true relationship. This thing will not only ruin your relationship, but it can also destroy the life of your partner. Respect the feelings of your partner and before cheating your partner go for a breakup. Do talk with your partner that you are unable to carry on this relationship. Never start dating someone else while already having a relationship. It is famous sayings that if you love two girls then go for the second girl because if you loved first one then you wouldn’t have loved a second one.

4. Don’t talk about the past

Top 5 Best Ways to Break Up with Someone

Forget about each and everything that you both have done in past. Don’t recall your past mistakes instead say goodbye to the past and give good wishes for future. Don’t count things that you have done for your partner in the past. Talking about the past is not a good way to do break up. This thing will show that you are a very selfish and mean. Delete everything related to your past and try to move on.

3. Hear your partner attentively

Top Three Best Ways to Break Up with Someone

While having break up talks attentively listen to your partner. First try to remove all grievances of your partner. Don’t interrupt your partner during discussion let your partner open his/her all feelings. Be honest and kind to your partner. Don’t use abusive language that may hurt the sincere feelings of your lover.

2. Don’t use Emails and Texts

Top 3 Best Ways to Break Up with Someone

These days E-mails and mobile texts are the most deadly things to spoil a relationship. These are the best ways to communicate your feelings. So avoid using e-mails, etc. for doing break up with someone. Try to have a face to face conversation. It is not easy to have a face to face relationship break up a conversation but have a big heart and meet physically to your partner. It will save you from further confusion.

1. Find the Right Time to do break up

Best Way to Break Up with Someone

It is the best break up advice to find a right time for break up. Never spoil the memorable and major events of your partner by giving a call of break up. Don’t do break up on the birthday of your partner or Valentine’s Day. These days have special feelings; celebrate these events with your partner. Make the best time of your partner a golden time. Find out the reasonable time slot for giving a breakup call.

List of Best Ways to Break up with Someone

Sr.No. Names
1 Find the Right Time to do break up
2 Don’t use Emails and Texts
3 Hear your partner attentively
4 Don’t talk about past
5 Never cheat your partner
6 Never play blame games
7 Don’t disturb them in their routine work
8 Don’t give rise to conversation
9 Don’t use public spots for breakup
10 Don’t put this news on social media


This article will help you in having a less intense break up with someone. Although just saying these words is very easy but practically it’s very difficult to do break up especially when you have true love for someone. True love is very difficult to forget and to leave your partner the most painful job of the world. But all these tips will help you in doing the best break up. Love must be given natural way no pulls no pushes. Sincerity and honesty are the best rules for an everlasting relationship.


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