Top Ten Best Songs for Teachers

List of Top Ten Best Songs for Teachers

Teachers are the people who teach us. They give us their knowledge and experience. You may have experienced teachers at your schools, colleges and universities. All type of teacher plays important part in the student’s a life. There are many examples in the world where teachers fell in love with their students. Often students also have crush on their teachers, whatever the conditions teachers must be respected in all manners. There must be a pious and respectable relation between teachers and students. World recognizes the services of the teachers. Every year On 5th October world teacher day is celebrated to salute the services of teachers. The purpose of celebrating this day is to ensure the importance of teachers in the minds of students. Different events are celebrated on every year 5th October to give honour to the teachers. Many singers have also given tribute to the teachers for their valuable services for the nations. This article has the top ten list of songs for teachers. We all have atleast one teacher who has played important role in our life.  Many successful personalities of the world give credit of their success to their teachers. Students always get inspiration from their teachers and usually they wanted to be a person like their teachers. So, teachers have important place in our life, and they should get respect and, honour from everyone. Here is a list of best teacher songs that have been sung in the respect and honour of the teachers.

10.Teacher, I Need You

List of Top Ten Best Songs for Teachers

This melody is about a school boy who has a crush on his female teacher. It lyrics describes the feelings of a school boy for his teacher. It was realised in 1973 and written by Elton John. It has the music of 1950’s. Its lyrics shows the intimate feelings of the boy for his teacher. Its famous lyrics is “It’s a natural achievement, conquering my homework, with her image pounding in my mind”. These lyrics tell that in his minds he always thinks about his teacher even while doing homework he just thinks about his teacher.

9. Just Sixteen

Top Ten Best Songs for Teachers

This is another melody that is about the love of a student for a teacher. This melody is written by Hudson, Saul, Ruff Rose. It tells the desperate feelings of a boy for his teacher. He just began to love her and unable to hide his feelings. He is feeling restless and admitting that he is in love but he is just sixteen year old. It is common observation that usually students fell in love with their teachers. In this melody school boy is just sixteen years old and having the same situation. Its lyrics show that he is also thinking it’s wrong but he can do nothing because he is in love.

8. Teach Me Tonight

Top Ten Songs for Teachers

Teach Me Tonight is another hit melody for teachers. This melody was officially released in 1953. It lyrics remained on Billboard chart top songs. Its music was composed by the director Gene De Paul. It Lyrics was written by the famous writer Sammy Cahn. It is about a student who wants his teacher to teach him tonight. This melody was on the professors great services.

7. Jeremy

Top 10 Best Songs for Teachers

This melody is about a true story of a student. It was released in 1992. It became the biggest hit of its time. Eddie Vedder wrote its lyrics. It was sung by the famous American band Pearl Jam. The melody has the sad story of a student Jeremy, who killed himself in front of the whole class. Jeremy was late in the class, so his teacher said him first to go to the school office and bring a admitted slip. But Jeremy came back with a revolver and shot him in front of a teacher. It was a very sad story and got much fame after the song was released.

6. Campus

List of Top 10 Best Songs for Teachers

The campus is a Chinese folk song. It remained a famous melody from 1970’s to 1990’s. The melody was a sung for the real inspiration of the university students and professors for the Taiwanese and Chinese cultural exchanges. It is the mixture of both American and Chinese folk music. It is the six best melody for the teachers.

5. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

Top Five Best Songs for Teachers

This song is sung in three parts. Among its three parts second part has the title of Education. This song is written and sung the Pink Floyd. Song was published in 1979. This song has the background about “The Best Days of Life” and the meaning of this term is the best days of life being spent in school. Song was also sung in a school courtyard. Real school children were also taken to sing the song. Song reminds us the sweet memories of school and teachers. This song is about 4 minutes long and according to the director and singer the most difficult part was the recording in school.

4. The Art Teacher

Top 5 Best Songs for Teachers

The Art Teacher is a famous song of the year 2003. Its singer name is Rufus Wainwright. Song has a story in its music video in which a woman remembered her old days in which she had a crush on her teacher. According to its singer Wainwright, he got inspiration for the song from a straight man whom he met in his gym. This Straight man was a school teacher, and he told the Wainwright about his female students who had crushed on him. Song is almost 3 minutes and 58 seconds long.

3. Hot for Teacher

Top Three Best Songs for Teachers

This song is from the Van Helen’s Album. The album was released in 1984. This song is about a school teacher; she is a very hot and seduces all her students. The video of this song was criticized a lot. Even parents protested to remove this song from TV and radio because song sexually aroused the feelings of kids. According to critics song, is disrespecting the prestige of female teachers. But the song remains on getting fame from the public. This song is on the 3rd number in our list of best song for the teachers.

2.  School out

Top 3 Best Songs for Teachers

This song is released in the year 1972. It is also known as the “School our for summer”. The singer of this song Alice Cooper said he got inspiration for this song from a person’s three greatest minutes of life. According to Cooper, the first minute is the minute of the Christmas morning and next greatest minute of life is the last minutes at the school. Lyrics of this song are about the school memories, No more pencils, no more books and no more teacher’s dirty looks.

1. Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Best Song for Teachers

Don’t stand so close to me is the most famous melody about teachers. Song depicts the story of a school girl who loves her young teacher at a school. She had a crush on him and song showed her feelings of lust, fear and guilt. She is in guilt of love with her teacher that why lyrics says Don’t Stand so Close to me. This song shows the classroom sexuality.

List of Best Songs for Teachers:

Sr.No. Names Released
1 Don’t Stand So Close to Me 1980
2 School’s out 1972
3 Hot for Teacher 1984
4 The Art Teacher 2004
5 Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 1979
6 Campus 2013
7 Jeremy 1991
8 Teach Me Tonight 1997
9 Just Sixteen 2007
10 Teacher I Need You 1973


There are all types of teachers in the world. Where some teachers get respect as parents at the same time, some teachers have been involved in students. This article has the list of songs for teacher, and these songs are showing the lust of students for their teachers. A relation between a student and teacher must be maintained on respectable terms. Teachers should be respected as parents. As in Islam, teachers are known as the spiritual parents of the students.


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