Top Ten Good Democracies in the World

List of Top Ten Best Democracies in the World

This article has the list of countries that have best democracy system in their countries. Democracy is done by the people for the people. Democracy is the political system in which state is run by the people. People of the state are given the freedom to choose the representatives of their choice. Through their voting right, they choose the representatives who run the government. Three things are very important in a democratic world legal equality, political freedom and rule of law. In a democratic state, all the citizens got equal rights irrespective of their social classes. Poor and rich all are equal before the law. Democracy also prohibits the authority of wealthy people. Influence of wealth is very low in democratic countries.  Democratic country arranges for the free and fair elections for its people. Through these election candidates with the most votes win the election and represent the state. There are also other political systems in the world like monarchy and military system. But these two systems do not involve the participation of citizens in political affairs. Democracy is also criticized as it does not ensure political stability in the country. This article has the list of countries with the best democracy. These top ten countries are protecting the rights of their people through their best democratic systems. Here is the list of these top ten countries.

10. Belgium

List of Top Ten Best Democracies in the World

Belgium is a member of the European Union and a Western European country.  Belgium has dual cultures a German culture and Latin European culture. Dutch and French languages are spoken in the country. Belgium has a strong economy, and its major exports are machinery and chemicals, etc. It has two political systems Monarchy and a Free Parliamentary Democracy. Their democratic system consists 50 members of the senate elected by the people. In Belgium, casting a vote is compulsory for all the citizens. Belgium has the world highest voter turnout. King is considered the head of state and he appoints the prime minister with the confidence of other representatives of a senate.

9. Austria

Top Ten Best Democracies in the World

Austria is a Central European country. Its population is about 8.6 million. Vienna is its capital. German is its official language. In a 2nd world war, Austria was occupied by the German’s and use the name Republic of German Austria but after the war it started using the name Republic of Austria. Austria has 9 states, and a federal parliamentary democratic system was established in 1920. Austria is sunning its states under the Constitution of 1 May 1945. Head of the state had most of the authority and known as Federal President, he is selected by the popular votes of the people. Citizens above the age of sixteen years got the right to cast a vote.

8. New Zealand

Top Ten Good Democracies in the World

New Zealand consists of many islands and a very beautiful country. Its official language is English and population is about 4.5 million. Willington is its capital. New Zealand has a modern and strong economy, and its official currency is also known as Kiwi Dollar. New Zealand has Monarchy and Parliamentary Democratic political systems in the country. Their head of the state is Queen Elizabeth II, and she appoints a governor general to represent her in the country. Queen along with her governor general are not allowed to make any decision that is against the cabinet. Cabinet is led by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the citizens through free and fair election system.

7. Germany

Top 10 Best Democracies in the World

Germany also represents the world best democratic system. It is in Western Central Europe and regarded as the second best migration place in the world. Germany has 16 constitutional states and Berlin is its capital. Its strong and developed economy is the reason that it has become the second best migration place in the world. Germany is run by the Federal Parliamentary system, and a president is head of state. Head of Government is known as chancellor, and Angela Markel is their current chancellor. Angela Markel is also the most influential lady in the world.

6. Netherlands

List of Top 10 Best Democracies in the World

Netherlands is in Western Europe, and its capital is Amsterdam. Dutch is their official language, and mostly Dutch people are black form. Netherlands also have three Islands in the country. It has both Monarchy system and parliamentary system. But its monarchy system has limited powers and cannot influence the decisions made by their cabinet. Cabinet is the main governing body and elected by the citizens. Head of the state is Prime Minister, who is the leader of most voted party in the country. Netherlands gives so much freedom to its citizens, and it is the first country to allow same-sex marriages. It is one of the most liberal countries in the world.

5. Denmark

Top Five Best Democracies in the World

Denmark is situated in Northern Europe. Denmark has a constitutional monarchy in the country under which state is running according to the constitution of 1953. Queen Margrethe II is their head of state, but she is not allowed to exercise her powers without the confidence of parliament. At the same time, king or queen are not answerable to anyone for their actions and decisions. Denmark has the Danish political system. Denmark protects the rights of its citizens and gives freedom to choose the right person to represent them in a cabinet.

4. Switzerland

Top 5 Best Democracies in the World

Switzerland is officially known as the Swiss Confederation. Switzerland is located in Western and Central Europe. Switzerland has a direct democracy system in the country that is run through the 1999 constitution. Three legal jurisdictions have been awarded to the citizens of Switzerland Commune, Canton and Federal Levels. In Switzerland if any decision or law made by the Parliament is not acceptable to the citizens then they demand a referendum and through 50000 signs within 100 days they can challenge the law. So, their people can directly involve themselves in the decision making of parliament.

3.  Finland

Top Three Best Democracies in the World

Finland is in Northern Europe. Finland is also part of Nordic countries. Finland has a population of 5.5 million and its capital city is Helsinki. Finland has a parliamentary democracy in the country and under this system prime minister is the most powerful person in the state. President is the head of state, but presidential rights had been confined in 2012. Before 2000, Finland had Semi-presidential, parliamentary system in the country. Parliament consists of 200 members all of them are elected by the citizens through voting powers. Finland is practicing one of the best democratic systems in the world.

2. Sweden

Top 3 Best Democracies in the World

Sweden is in Northern Europe, and it is the European Union’s third-biggest country according to the area. Swedish is its official language. Sweden has a monarchy in the country, but the powers are king are limited, and a king is only ceremonial representative in the country. Most of the powers are held by the parliament. Swedish constitution has four parts, and political system is divided into councils and municipalities. Through councils and municipalities powers are divided at local levels to address the rights of everyone in the country.

1. Norway

Best Democracy in the World

According to the Democracy Index, Norway is the country with the best democratic system in the world. Norway has a very old constitution that was adopted on 17 May 1814; this constitution is made from the inspiration of French revolution. Norway has both monarchy and parliamentary system, but parliament is the executive body to make laws. King has limited powers and commander in chief of their army. In Norway, prime minister is head of government and looks after all the affairs of government. Prime minister has executive powers in Norway as he is representative of the nation.

List of Best Democracies in the World

Sr.No. Names Population Dialing Code
1 Norway 5.084 million (2013) +47
2 Sweden 9.593 million (2013) +46
3 Finland 5.439 million (2013) +358
4 Switzerland 8.081 million (2013) +41
5 Denmark 5.614 million (2013) +45
6 Netherlands 16.8 million (2013) +31
7 Germany 80.62 million (2013) +49
8 New Zealand 4.471 million (2013) +64
9 Austria 8.474 million (2013) +43
10 Belgium 11.2 million (2013) +32


This article has ranked the countries with best democratic systems. You can observe from this article that democracy is always done by the citizens of the country. All of these countries are European countries, and most of them are having two systems monarchy and parliamentary system. But their kings and queen have limited powers, and most of the powers have been given to the representatives of the people. These representatives are elected by the fair and free election system. Democratic countries give the freedom to their people and ensure equal laws for everyone.


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