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List of Top Ten Best American Presidents

Who are the Top Ten Best American Presidents in the history of America? Here you can know their names and date of birth. It is a matter of fact that, there are certain leaders in the histories of a nation which bring their nation on track of prosperity. It has been revealed by the history that if a nation becomes successful to emerge a visionary leader from its society, the success and prosperity of the nation is not so far. And same has been clear from the case of USA. This country has been blessed with remarkable personalities which brought their nation on the right track. And, fortunately, most of those personalities got able to reach such a place, where they could make the things in the best way. USA is a superpower of the World since long. And the reason for its supremacy is the visionary personals which lead the US state. Almost every president elected by the people of the nation added a lot in the current version of USA. On the basis of which, they earned high regards in the heart of their people. Let us gave a look at the list often best presidents in the history of America.

10. Harry S Truman:

List of Top ten Best American PresidentsThis person is known to be a cheerleader in the list of best presidents of America. He was born in 1884. During World War 1, he was the part of an army. However, after leaving the army, he was appointed as judge. Afterward, he became Senator in 1934. And in the 1945, the day reached when he became 33rd president of America. This man of dignity took challenge if the revival of American Nation, which was on very downside after World War 2. This man stands in 16th position as most influential politician in history of America. He left his office in 1953. He died at in 1972 in age of 88 years.

9. James Madison:

TOp Ten Best American PresidentsThis legend had a domicile of Montpellier. He was born in 1751 and did hide graduation in a remarkable institution i.e. Princeton University. After his studies, he was commissioned in 1775. But he couldn’t serve there for a long due to physical fitness. Political career of this person started when he was selected as legislator in 1776 in Virginia State. That, man is known as a father of the constitution. Because, his role was instrumental in drafting constitution of America. He became a fourth president of America in 1809 and remained in the post till 1817. During his era, he did some remarkable things which would never be forty his lovers. He died in 1836 at age of 85.

8. Ronald Reagan:

American Ten Top Best PresidentsRonald was born in Tampico in 1911 to a mediocre family. His father was a sales rep and a storyteller. And the first profession this man joined was acting. He has remained enacted to the military services in his life. His political career started in 1945 when he joined Democratic Party. During the boom phase if his career, he became 33rd Governor of California. After which he started to struggle for Presidency. And in 1981, he got his destiny. After which, his journey did not stop. He took some rectifying action during his tenure. It Might be the reason that he is known as 7th most influential person in history of America. This guy was honored with several awards. He died in 2004 at age of 93.

7. Dwight Eisenhower:

Top 10 American Best PresidentsAnother glorious star in the history of America is Dwight. He is 7th in the list of the best presidents of USA. He was born in 1890 in Texas. The guy belongs to an Iron Hewer Nobel family. But once the man stuck with the US Army, his career kept in flourishing all the time. He has been a part of Military services of America in both World Wars. However, his role was very influential in the Second World War. He was first Governor of American Zone of occupied Germany. In 1945, he became chief of staff of an army and 1st Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. However, 1953 was the year when the person became president of America. He was elected as president for two times and served the office for eight years. He died in 1969 at age of 79 years. There are many awards, medals, memorials that were won by the guy.

6. John F. Kennedy:

Top 10 American Best PresidentsJohn got birth in 1917 in Massachusetts to a politician. He has remained in Harvard school of science and Stanford School of Business till 1942. In 1941, he joined Military, where he served for more than three years. In 1947, he got into the US House of Representatives. He remained there till 1953. After that he has elected as Senator. In 1960, he went on a strong campaign for presidency and became 35th president if USA in 1961. During his tenure, the man did some extraordinary policy making about the foreign policy and the domestic policy. He had such a sharp mind of all the time. He was flourishing high, when, on November 22, 1963 he was assassinated while being on a political campaign. . Many people wish for this person to be alive.

5. Franklin Roosevelt:

Top Five American Best PresidentsThe only president in the history of American Presidency who served for more than eight years is
Franklin. He belongs to one if the oldest families if New York, who have distinguished themselves in the field of politics. He was born in 1882. His father was a business person. He had a very colorful childhood and teen ages. He was a great player if Polo. He was a lawyer also. This guy belongs to Democratic Party. He boomed in the career of politics, when he became Governor of New York in 1929 and remained there for more than three year. In 1932, he won Presidency elections. He served the office for four terms. It was his mind and understanding of the politics abs state affairs, which made him elected for four times, however, 1945 wad the year of his presidency when he got death.

4. Theodore Roosevelt:

American Best Top 5 PresidentsTheodore Roosevelt is at number for in the list of Top Ten Best American Presidents. He was born to a glass business person in 1858. He was home schooled in his early life, but he has also attended Harvard College and Columbia Law College in his study period. This guy was blessed with a number if talents. He was a great politician, the remarkable author, decent historian and keen explorer. He has won many awards and entitlements during his life and include Nobel Prize for his kart in negotiation in Russo-Japanese war. He was 26th president of America and held the office for the eight years. He died in 1919 natural death.

3. Thomas Jefferson:

Top Three American Best PresidentsAccording to an autobiography, Thomas was born in a mediocre family in 1743. But, as time passed, he became one if the founding father of America. These founding fathers were the one who struggled to make USA free from British Crown. He is also known to be the principal writer of Else than being politician; he was a great architect and painter and a remarkable lawyer. During his lifetime, he has been there in many posts. He had served as Governor of Virginia, secretary of US state. Vice president and president of USA. He served theme office if presidency for eight years. Thus, most influential guy in history of America died in 1829.

2. Abraham Lincoln:

American Top 3 Best PresidentsThe second most influential person in history of America was Abraham Lincoln. In 1809, there born a guy in a small one room log cabin in Hardin Country. After completing his early education, he runs a store with hid friend in partnership. Before his entry into politics, this man has had practiced law in Springfield. This man was against slavery in USA and was one of those firsts who struggled to eradicate the culture of slavery from the country. He has worked for more than six years to fight for slave Hispanics. And in this campaign, this man become popular amongst the people. Even he started his campaign for election to presidency in 1860 and ultimately won the game. He led US during some of its worst times. That was the time, when there was a civil war going inside the country. Meanwhile, the nation got strength, slavery was demolished, and union was preserved. However. During a peak of his political career, he was assassinated in 1865. But, for the revolutionary steps of this guy, he is known to be second more influential person in American history.

1. George Washington:

Best American PresidentHere comes the man who has been the most influential person in the history of America. He is also known to be the fourth most important leader of the world. He was the first president of America. He was born in 1732 in Virginia to a planter’s home. He has held many important posts during his lifetime. But of these all, being Commander-in-Chief of Continental Army, Senior Officer of Army and first president if USA. He was elected as president unanimously in 1789 and continue serving the office till 1797.

Names of Top Ten Best American Presidents:

Sr.No. Names Date of Birth
1 George Washington February 22, 1732
2 Abraham Lincoln February 12, 1809
3 Thomas Jefferson April 13, 1743
4 Theodore Roosevelt October 27, 1858
5 Franklin Roosevelt January 30, 1882
6 John F. Kennedy May 29, 1917
7 Dwight Eisenhower October 14, 1890
8 Ronald Reagan February 6, 1911
9 James Madison March 16, 1751
10 Harry S Truman May 8, 1884


People from all over world vote at ranker to their best president of America. The given has been designing on the basis of a survey, in which opinion was taken from public about their likeliness toward the presidents of USA. The ratio was extracted between the likes and dislikes each president got. From the above given list and analyzing the characteristics of personalities and work done by each president during his tenure, we can conclude that only those rulers won the hearts of their people who took some remarkable and radical for the long-term prosperity of the nation.


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