Top Danger of Mobile Phone

List of Top 10 Dangers of Mobile Phones

You can find here a List of Top 10 Dangers of Mobile Phones with their names and symptoms. We all know that mobile phones are the basic need of every person nowadays. Mobile phones have captured the whole market, and now no one can live without them. People are fond of mobile phones and are stressed if they don’t have a phone in their hand. People not only want to have mobile phones, but they want to have a latest and expensive mobile phones. There are many problems related to health because of these mobile phones. Many diseases occur because of these mobile phones due to their radiations and rays that are the main cause of these diseases like cancer, disorders, etc. People are not aware of these problems and are using them without knowing their disadvantages. There is no proper guidance and information provided to all users about the problems occurred because of them. Mobile phones are a basic need of every person if they are to be used for a limited time and on an urgent basis not more than this. By reading this article, you will be able to know about top 10 dangers of mobile phones.

Here are top 10 dangers of mobile phones, which are as follow:

10.Eyes Problem:

List of Top 10 Dangers of Mobile

Looking at mobile phones for a longer time can cause problems in vision of an eye in the future. Screens of its are small which puts a stress on eyes to look at them while reading messages or doing something else. People usually have dry eyes or are facing problems like double visions, etc. It can be reduced by using large font on telephones that can help you to do your work and protect eyes as well. Eyes are very important for everyone so special care must be taken to protect them from many issues.

9.Enhances Stress Levels:

Top 10 Dangers of Mobiles

It can enhance the stress level of people. As messages and calls can be received on them at any time so constant ringing, vibrating and alerts, etc. can cause stress on the people. A recent research also indicated that telephones can cause stress among men and women and many issues related to it. Many issues in men like depression, disturbance in sleep and women like stress, etc. Excessive use of it can cause many problems and high risk for mental issues especially among the young generation.

8.Risk of Illness in Immune System:

List of Mobile Dangers

Mobile-phones are always full of germs and bacteria. These germs travel from the ear, hands, mouth, and pockets as well. These germs can make the person sick and cause many troubles like diarrhea or much intense like kidney failure as well. These bacteria can also spread on the skin and can cause many troubles related to skin as well. It is said in a research that telephones have more germs than a toilet seat that shows how bad it is for the health of a person. Constant use of it can harm the immune system of people and is not good for the health.

7.Risk of Chronic Pain:

Dangers of Mobile

Troubles related to back are very common these days because of cell phones. Mostly people use telephones while multitasking as they hold it in one hand and do some other work with other this causes stress on their neck and causes pain in the backbone. More use of cell phones can cause worse posture of the body and can put stress on the neck as well as backbone. All these issues can cause back pain and many other troubles related to back. Back problems are worse when they become chronic and never go during whole life.

6.Negative Emotions:

Top 10 Dangers of Cell Phone

Mostly people have cellphones also in their important meeting that can divert the attention of a person as well as can cause negative emotions of that person. Constant messages or calls can irritate the person that will result in negative emotions towards the other person present there. People don’t agree to switch off their cell phones during meetings, but they wanted to keep it with them. It can also result in failure to obtain the desired results and can cause stress in the work life. Even if the cellphone is in the pocket, it can distract the person while meeting because of its vibration.

5.Major Disease:

Top 5 Dangers of Mobile Phone

It cause many troubles related to health of people. The radiation from cellphones is considered worse and cause many major diseases like cancer, sleeping disorders, heart problems, eye problems, etc. Some people do not believe it that cell phones cause cancer, but it is true the rays emitting from them are very bad for the health of a person. Cell phone and cancer can damage your health.  All these issues show the danger of it for the people using them. Normal people are not thinking that only more use of cell phones can cause them many serious troubles.

4.Ear Problems:

List of Top 5 Dangers of Mobile

Many people have a habit to keep their cellphones under the pillow or close to their ears. Sometimes people listen songs, etc. and go to sleep while having it by their side which can cause many problems related to ear for them. By keeping it near to the ear while sleeping can make you deaf in future. The radiations emitting from the telephones are stronger at night. They can also affect the brain and the hearing power of a person. Also, more use of headphones can also cause issues like loss of hearing power, etc.

3.Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity:

List of Top 3 Dangers of Mobile

The radiations emitting from the mobile can cause many problems among the users. People using cellphones have listed several symptoms because of their use like dizziness, mental problems, digestive problems, headaches, sleeping problems, etc. All these problems are only because of electromagnetic rays coming from the cellphones that are worse for the health of a person. People these days are not much interested in the problems related to more use of these mobiles.

2.Cook Your Brain:

Top Three Dangers of Mobile Phone

Cook your brain also means radiations from mobile. Everyone says that microwave rays are very bad for the health. Cell phone radiations can cause the brain tissues to heat up. Mobile phone radiation can damage the tissues of your brain. The emitting rays are absorbed by the brain. The effect of these rays is seen among the users that are using cellphones for more than ten years. The risks of mobile phones uses are very high. Radiation from cell phones have increased the risk of tumor among the constant users of cellphones. The problems related to mobiles are increasing day by day which are affecting the brain very badly.

1.Many Develop Nomo Phobia:

Top Danger of Mobile Phone

People these days are fond of mobile phones especially the young generation they cannot imagine some hours or a day without a cell phone. It is the reality these days. Nomophobia is a term defined by many experts that show anxiety of mobile users. It means no mobile-phone phobia a kind of issue people face when they have no cell phone. It was named after a recent survey that shows about 58% men and 47% women suffer from this trouble all over the world. People are crazy for mobile phones these days.

Sr.No. Dangers Symptoms
1 Many Develop Nomophobia Anxiety of Mobile Phone
2 Cooks your Brain Risk of Tumor
3 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Dizziness, Mental, Digestive, Headaches and Sleeping Problems
4 Ear problems Affect the Brain and Hearing Power of a Person
5 Major diseases Cancer, Sleeping Disorders, Heart Problems, Eye Problems,
6 Negative Emotions Negative Emotions of Person
7 Risk of Chronic pains Neck Stress and Backbone Pain
8 Risk of illness in an immune system Diarrhea, Kidney Failure or Skin Problems
9 Enhance Stress Levels Depression, Disturbance in sleep and Women like Stress,
10 Eyes Problems Dry eyes or Double visions

We conclude that Cellphones are the basic need of every person nowadays. People are fond of phones and wanted to keep their phones with them all the time. Mostly mobile users are unaware of the issues occurring from their constant use and major diseases caused by them. Danger of cell phones are most serious for humans. People are facing many mental problems caused due to them. Special issues and awareness shows must be conducted to aware the people about the troubles caused by them. You can see that there are mobile phones dangerous that are mentioned above on the article.  We hope that by reading this article you will be able to know about top 10 dangers of mobile phones.


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