Top Cause of Air Pollution

List of Top 10 Causes of Air Pollution in the World

We all know that pollution in this world is increasing day by day. There are many causes and effects of pollution in this world which are badly affecting the health of the people and polluting the environment as well. It is considered as the major problem in the whole world. People today are breathing in much polluted air which is damaging them and their internal system as well. The major problem because of pollution is that global warming in increasing because of this which is affecting the whole climate of the world and moving towards more harmfulness. There are many causes of pollution in this world which cannot be avoided if no proper attention is given to them. Some countries are working on this major issue and have started a campaign of planting trees and trees can reduce it and make the whole environment more pure and clean. This is very serious issue and governments of different dirtiest countries should work on this to reduce it and provide people more healthy life. In this article we will specifically talk about, top 10 major diseases caused by air pollution in the world.  The following are top 10 major causes of pollution in the world:

10. Radioactive Waste:

List of Top Ten Causes of Air Pollution in the World

These radioactive wastes are not very common in the world but after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 it caused pollution in the world that was very dangerous as well. The area around the whole factory was the victim of this waste and was spread in the atmosphere. Because of all this food facility was banned in that area to keep the people healthy. But the whole situation is now under control but radiations are still emitting from the plant but are not in large quantity. But it caused many health problems for the people living there which also raised the number of abnormal kids in that specific area.

9. Water Disposal:

Top Ten Causes of Air Pollution in the World

Water disposal is the major problem of air pollution. We all know that water is also not pure, and the water disposal from different big factories cause many problems for the people. It is usually associated with the gasoline disposals because it is also a disposal but of water. Because of this polluted water, there are many health issues among the people that are considered very serious among the people.

8. Agriculture:

Top 10 Causes of Air Pollution in the World

Agriculture is the major problem of pollution for all the countries which are agricultural countries. All agricultural products and their harvesting are very harmful to the environment and air as well. In different agricultural processes like the dust and particles from their harvesting and their wastes can create pollution in the air. But this problem can be avoided, and pollution can be reduced if the fertilizers and harmful chemicals are avoided by the farmers then this can help a lot to reduce these problems and people can live a healthy life.

7. Fires:

World Top Ten Causes of Air Pollution in the World

Usually, fires occurred naturally or are done to waste the harmful material in the world. Mostly fire occurs in forests or in trees that cause a large amount of smoke which pollutes the whole environment. Some fires are set by the people or forest authorities to waste material or for some agricultural processes. It’s not only creates pollution in the air but also damages the wildlife in forests. As fires emits a lot of smoke which will completely damage the whole environment and can create major problems for the people having asthma disease.

6. Gasoline Terminals:

List of Top 10 Causes of Air Pollution in the World

We all know that gasoline is used for many purposes like for cooking food, for automobiles and in factories as well. It is very useful still it is creating many problems for the people. It is also the main cause of the pollution in the environment and emits many organic components in the air. It is not only creating air pollution but many other kinds of pollution which makes it a major source. The pollution by this reason is increasing because its use is increasing among the people day by day.

5. Solvent Use:

Top Five Causes of Air Pollution in the World

It is also a very big reason for the pollution in the world. It has many ways from which these solvents are emitted from smoke and particles from the vehicles. It is also released from many processes like by dry cleaning, degreasing and from the industries as well. The most important reason is the smoke and harmful chemicals emitting from the factories are polluting the whole environment and are becoming the main reason many diseases for the people living around them.

4. Industrial Processes:

Top 5 Causes of Air Pollution in the World

There are hundreds of industries all over the world. In those industries, there are many factories that are making many kinds of products while in making of some products harmful materials are used which are emitted by them as well. Mostly organic and harmful oxides are emitted from the factories. Many major factories like cement, chemical and petroleum industries are the major cause of this problem. The smoke emitting from these factories are causing major diseases like lung cancer, brain problems, problems in vision and some rare cases of death as well.

3. Dust:

Top Three Causes of Air Pollution in the World

Mostly people will be a surprised to see dust in this list but it is true. Dust is always in the air due to many reasons. Dust is usually evolved from the construction projects like buildings, roads and many others as well. In making of them, dust is mixed in the air that makes it more polluted. All the construction projects in the world have added the dust particles in the environment. Dust is considered as the major source and more harmful than all others as well as it is very bad for the patients of the asthma.

2. Fuel Combustion:

Top 3 Causes of Air Pollution in the World

Mostly the fossil fuels like gas and coal emit many pollutants into the air then which is transformed into acid rain and many other problems. It is the major source of pollution in the air and is also ranked high in the causes of air pollution. It also damages the ozone layer that is creating major problems for the earth and people, as well as heat, are increasing in summer. It is not only creating pollutions but also the main reason of many diseases as well.

1. Automobile Emissions:

Top Cause of Air Pollution

We all know automobile vehicles are increased in the world, and there is large number of vehicles all over the world. All these vehicles emit smoke when they are running. All these vehicles emit different particles and organic compounds which are harmful to the environment. The smoke emitting from a single vehicle is very low but when hundreds of cars are combined it is very big.

Main Causes of Air Pollution in the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Automobile Emissions
2 Fuel Combustion
3 Dust
4 Industrial Processes
5 Solvent Use
6 Gasoline Terminals
7 Fires
8 Agriculture
9 Waste Disposal
10 Radioactive Waste


We conclude that pollution in the air is increasing day by day. There are many causes of pollution in the world which are described above and some others as well. All these causes have made the environment very poor, and it is creating many diseases as well. These causes are also damaged the ozone layer that is creating problems for people like the heat has been increased in summer because of all this. Some countries are working to reduce it by starting campaigns of planting trees.


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