Top Best Athlete of all Time

List of Top 10 Best Athletes of all Times

Athletes are famous all over the world because of their successful career. These athletes belong to different sports and have marked their name in these fields. These players have been playing their respective sports in professional tournaments that made them more successful and known all around the world. It is very difficult to compare the performances to these players because all of them belong to different fields and have played their games at different levels. All of them have different technical skills that made them more competent. Mostly players proved themselves with their excellent performances and made their name in this list as well. All these players have millions of fans all over the world who are always waiting for their matches and watch their favorite players while playing and are supporting them as well. All of these successful players have some inborn talent in them which is further polished by different academies of their respective games. In this article, we will specifically talk about top 10 greatest athletes of all times.
The following are top 10 best athletes ever in the world:

10. Peyton Manning:

List of Top Ten Best Athletes of all Times

Peyton Manning is very famous American footballer who used to play for National Football League. He has played many successful leagues that made his career more successful. He started playing football at his college. In 2002, he was also named as the player of the decade. He was also named as the sportsman of the year which made him more famous. Then due to his neck injury, his career faced many crises but he later he again did a comeback and started playing in NFL. He is famous in the world with his nickname The Sheriff. He is one of the most famous football players in the whole world.

9. Jesse Owens:

Top Ten Best Athletes of all Times

Jesse was a very famous athlete who basically track and field athlete. He belongs to America. The biggest achievement of this athlete is that he won an Olympic gold medal for 4 times that show his skills and performance. He was master long jumps and was also named as the most known athlete in track history. He won all gold medals in long jumps and his athletic skills. He is more famous because of his personal skills and his training as well. He has made many records as well for the best tracks of the year that were very high. He is also ranked by ESPN as the 6th best athlete of America.

8. Larry Bird:

Top 10 Best Athletes of all Times

Again here comes a football player. He is Famous American football which is not retired from the national basketball association. He is now serving as the president of the team and is coaching them as well. He was named as the most valuable player of the year for three times. He played for Boston during his whole career and won many tournaments like NBA finals awards and many others as well. He is also the member of Olympic basketball team in 1992. He also won gold medals at Olympics. He is not again serving as the coach since 2012. He won many special awards like Coach of the year, best player, and many others.

7. Michael Phelps:

Top Ten Athletes of all Times

He is a very famous American swimmer and considered as the most decorated Olympian as well. He has won almost 22 gold medals in Olympics, which is amazing. He also won about 8 gold medals in Beijing games of 2008. He has made a record of winning single Olympic Games. This athlete is a genius and has won almost 61 gold medals, almost 13 silver and 3 bronze as well. He has won many titles like American swimmer of the year, world best swimmer and many others as well. But he announced his retirement in 2014 which ends his spectacular career in this field.

6. Usain Bolt:

List of Top 10 Best Athletes of all Times

Usain Bolt is very famous Sprinter. He is considered as the fastest person in the world. He was the first person in this world to have both titles of 100 and 200 meters world records. He is also the winner of Olympics for almost 3 times. He also won a gold medal in Olympics as well. He has gained more popularity in the world by his participation in the Beijing games. Usain Bolt also won the biggest championship of World in 2013 conducted in Moscow. He also won many awards like a Best athlete of the year, best sportsman of the year and many others as well. In 2015, he has announced his retirement from this game in 2017.

5. Joe Montana:

Top Five Best Athletes of all Times

Joe Montana was a very successful and famous American footballer. He has been playing and winning all the college national championships. He played almost 14 seasons. He was the first player to be called as the Super Bowl best player in the world for almost 3 times. He was also elected as the hall of fame award in 2000. He has won many championships that made him the most successful footballer in the world. He also won many awards for greatest athlete of the world. He was also rated as the number 1 player in the world in 2006.

4. Pele:

Top 5 Best Athletes of all Times

Again here comes a footballer and very famous all over the world. He belongs to Brazil and is now retired. He was considered as the best player of all times. He was also named as the world best player of the whole century. He also received the title in FIFA. He is also named as the global icon of football. He won almost three FIFA cups that are amazing. He is now the brand ambassador of football but is retired now. He is now serving as the president of the football club of Brazil.

3. Muhammad Ali:

Top Three Best Athletes of all Times

Muhammad Ali is the best American best boxer. Everyone knows about him, and he has millions of fans all over the world. He is considered as the best heavyweight in the history of the sports. He is considered as the best sports player in the past 100 years and best in the world. He is also given the title of Sportsman of the Century and best sports personality as well. He has changed the image of an African American athlete that is playing for the racial pride and best athlete in the world.

2. Michael Jordan:

Top 3 Best Athletes of all Times

Michael Jordan is a very popular American footballer. He is not an only player but chairman and entrepreneur as well. He has played almost 15 seasons in NBA. He is considered as the best basketball player in the whole world. He is most effective athlete of his generations as well. He can also be seen in different advertisements while endorsing products. He has advertised the Nike sneakers. He has also seen in the film doing acting called Space Jam. According to Forbes, he is also named as the first athlete of the world to be a billionaire.

1. Wayne Gretzky:

Top Best Athlete of all Time

Wayne is very famous ice hockey player and now their coach as well. He belongs to Canada. He has been given a nickname that was The Great One. He is considered as the best hockey player in the world. He has been the leading player in terms of scores. He also got Hall of Fame award in 2004 which was a big achievement for him. He also won the Olympic season for many times. He is known as the best athlete of all time.

Top 10 Best Athletes of all Times:

Sr.No. Names Country
1 Wayne Gretzky Brantford, Canada
2 Michael Jordan Brooklyn, New York City,United States
3 Muhammad Ali Louisville, Kentucky, United States
4 Pele Três Corações, Minas Gerais, Brazil
5 Joe Montana New Eagle, Pennsylvania, United States
6 Usain Bolt Sherwood Content, Jamaica
7 Michael Phelps Towson, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
8 Larry Bird West Baden Springs, Indiana, United States
9 Jesse Owens Oakville, Alabama, United States
10 Peyton Manning New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


We conclude that there are many sportsmen in the whole world. Some of them are best in their respective games and have marked their names in the whole world. All of them have millions of fans in the world. All these explained above are best and won many tournaments in the world. They also have received many titles and awards as well for their spectacular performances as well.


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