Top Ten Best Android Tablets

List of Top 10 Best Android Tablets in the World

The technology in the world is increasing day by day which can be seen in the market. The latest technology is changing the life of the people, and the latest products are becoming important for every person. Nowadays, it is estimated that only latest and products with innovations can be accepted in the market because people always want something new in their life. The young generation is fond of technology, and different needs of people have made them more common. The trend of social media is very common, and people including kids are fond of them. In this market, not only latest mobiles are available in the market but the tablets are also very common now. There are many brands that are making tablets for the customers in different prices ranges like Samsung, Qmobile and many others. Tablets are now widely used all around the world, and kids are fond of them because of games. Tablets have many features in them which are a camera, music system, games, social websites, drawing, etc. which makes it the best thing to spend extra time with enjoyment.
The following are top 10 best android tablets 2015 in the whole market:

10. Amazon Fire HD 6:

List of Top Ten Best Android Tablets in the World

This attractive tablet belongs to Amazon which has made it more compact to keep it easily in the bag and provided with all the facilities in it. The camera of this tablet is not very impressive and same is the case with its speakers but other than these two other features are very attractive and is the best pocket slate available in affordable price. The total length of this tablet is 6 inches and is light weight. The price of this tablet is estimated to be $123.5. It is very small just like a smartphone and provides all the services like the phone. The battery timing is also very impressive.

9. EE Harrier Tab:

Top Ten Best Android Tablets in the World

EE Harrier Tab is the tablet that has a nice size of a screen and comes with much affordable budget. The most amazing and latest feature in this tab is it has 4G mobile internet facility in it. The camera of this tab is not very impressive and battery timing is very effective which can remain to 98% while using the basic features of this tab. The storage value of this tab is also effective and the whole look of the tab is quite attractive for the people.

8. Tesco Hudl 2:

Top Ten Best Android Tablets

Tesco Hudl 2 is a quite good Android tablet available in the market. The price of this tablet is $152.96 in the market and online stores as well. It will provide a large number of features in this limited amount of money, and a is very latest tablet. It is considered as the excellent product for the people with limited budget and has enough space in it for the storage of different apps and pictures etc. The battery timings of this tablet is very poor which is the only disadvantage seen in this tablet while the screen is very good one and HD as well.

7. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2:

Top 10 Best Android Tablets in the World

Samsung is well reputed brand in the whole world and is quite expensive than all other brands available in the market. Samsung always comes with some new features and innovative services in their products. This tab is much better than other tablets in the world. It also has a pen stylus with it for perfectly operating it and it works perfectly. An It is not much small tab so that it is easy to carry it. It comes up with the latest software of android which is 4.4 KitKat. It is very effective camera and the price of this tab is $999 which is very expensive.

6. Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+:

List of Top 10 Best Android Tablets in the World

Lenovo is a quite famous brand regarding technology products as it produces laptops, tablets and mobiles as well. Lenovo is a Chinese company, but the quality of their products is very impressive and best in the whole market. It is considered as the best one for watching movies on it. The screen resolution of this tablet is also very high and was introduced with major new features in it. The price of this tablet is $630 in the market that is totally worth it because its quality is excellent.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note Tab S:

Top Five Best Android Tablets in the World

Again here comes a Samsung Galaxy Tab S, which is made in very stylish design and very thin to make it more portable. The whole look of the tablet is the real winner in the whole market. It is available in two sizes in which one is 8.4 inches and 10.5 as well. It had a good camera and equipped with the latest operating software that is KitKat 4.4. It has the security feature with finger print that is a very latest thing. The screen of this tablet is very impressive and large. As Samsung is an expensive brand, so its price is $450.

4. Sony Xperia Z3 Table Compact:

Top 5 Best Android Tablets in the World

Sony is a very famous brand in the whole world, and its products are also very latest. It is considered as the perfect tablet for watching movies and playing games. It is very thin, light and also water proof that are the amazing features of this tablet. It also comes up with the PS4 share play as people have large craze of PS4. The price of this tablet is $463, and the total length of the tablet is 8 inches.

3. Google Nexus 9:

Top Three Best Android Tablets in the World

Google is also well-reputed brand and has recently launched a large size tablet in the market. It has a powerful processor and high-class speakers that are the most amazing features of this tablet. The size of this tablet is 8.9 inches and is a very effective tablet available on the market at the price of $460. It comes up with the Android 5.0 Lollipop that is the new operating software in the Android products. It got more expensive than the previous models that were the bad point about it.

2. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet:

Top 3 Best Android Tablets in the World

Again here comes a Sony Xperia tablet that is considered as one of the best Android tablet available on the market. It also comes with different memory options that include 32 and 64GB. It is the best tablet that is also named as the effective substitute of the Apple Ipad. The design of this tablet is very stylish and sleek. The brand has worked on the improvement of its design, but it is a very expensive option as its price is $986.2.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

Best Android Tablet in the World

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is the best and most innovative tab available on the market that is very user-friendly. The shape and size of this tablet are the best things about it. It is also available in different sizes that include 8 and 9.7 inches. It is made with the latest technology that is the reason it is very light in weight and thin as well. The price of this Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is $580. Samsung also included in the list of best laptop brands 2015.

List of Best Android Tablets in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 $ 580
2 Sony Xperia Z4 tablet $ 986.2
3 Google Nexus 9 $ 460
4 Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact $ 463
5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S $ 450
6 Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ $ 630
7 Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 $ 999
8 Tesco Hudl 2 $ 152.96
9 EE Harrier Tab $ 226.96
10 Amazon Fire HD 6 $ 123.5


The above ranking of top 10 best android tablets available in the market is given according to their prices and the reviews given by their users. All these tablets are made by the famous brands of the world and are available in different prices ranges from which people can choose the best one according to their budget. These tablets are very helpful for all types of work and entertainment.


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