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ICC World Cup Top Ten Most Successful Cricket Captains

This article is about most successful captains of cricket world. Captain is the one who leads from the front. Team cannot perform well without captain. It is one of the most played games in the whole world. Cricket is a passion. For many people it is not only a game. Cricket is watched almost all over the world. So many countries have their own team. When a match is played between the teams, everybody wants their team to win. If there is a match between England and Australia peoples take leaves from offices just to watch this historical match. 2015 World cup is coming. Everyone has their own hot favorite team in world cup. The most seen match is of PAKISTAN AND INDIA. People of both the countries are patriot and they show their full support for their favorite teams. The win of any team depends upon the teamwork but captain plays an important role for the success. Cricket in different countries is watched with the great avidity. People leave their chores behind and sit to watch the match of their favorite teams. The captain is the one who inspires his fans. They love captain for his skills to lead the team. Teams often depend on their captains. No doubt it is a team work that leads to victory but captain is the leader of that team. So captain is essential part of every team. It is difficult to survive and win without a good captain. So in this article we will tell u about the leaders of the team. These are the top leaders from all the teams ICC have chosen. ICC is the international cricket council. It has ranked the top most successful captains of the world. All those captain ranked by the international cricket council are below. These most successful captains’ names are following.


Most Successful Cricket Captains

He belongs to INDIA. He was a wonderful captain. He was the hot favorite player of the INDIANS. They loved him for his playing skills. When he was a captain he brought the world cup trophy in his home town. He made his nation proud. He played fifteen matches and won eleven while he lost four matches. His winning percentage calculated by ICC is 73.33%. Due to this ICC percentage he is being given the position of 10th most successful captain. 1983 was his year because he made the nation feel great. Four hundred thirty four wickets were taken by him in his entire career in the test matches. He is not only a great bowler but also all rounder. He has eight test centuries. He also made a century in 1992 ICC cup but that match was won by South Africa.


Successful Cricket Captains

He belongs to the PAKISTAN. He is known as BOOM BOOM AFRIDI. His fans love him a lot for his wonderful batting. He is known for his batting skills. He is also a great bowler. People love to watch his sixes. Recently he made fastest fifty against the NEW ZEALAND in only 19 balls. He is LEGEND for Pakistan and People love him a lot. He have great fan following in PAKISTAN and in other countries. 2015 World cup is coming. And his fans are looking forward to his performance. He is not only leader for the team but also a HERO of the PAKISTAN. This NATIONAL HERO has made action proud so many times in his entire career. He plays in the ground without any fear that is the reason people love him a lot. He played 8 matches as a Pakistan cricket captain in 2011 ICC cup and he won 6 and his winning percentage by ICC is 75%.


Most Successful Cricket Captains names

He belongs to SRI LANKA. SIRI LANKANS loves him a lot for playing. He is the most successful leader of the world cup. He is also a SRI LANKAN wicketkeeper. He has lot of fans in SRI LANKA. He has a nickname SANGA. He won six matches from the nine played matches and lost two matches and that’s the reason his ICC calculated percentage is 75%. So he is also the seventh successful player. He has a lot of centuries. He has contributed a lot for his teams.


names of Most Successful Cricket Captains

This super star belongs to AUSTRALIA. He was one of the best cricket captains of the globe. He bought two world cups to his home town. He have wonderful fan following. He played ten matches and won seven matches. He leads his team from the front and that is the reason he rings the victory home. He is the most popular cricket captain of AUSTRALIA. Fans are crazy for his playing skills. He is LEGEND for the country. People love him for his outstanding skills.  He is ranked as 7 because he gained 75%.


top Most Successful Cricket Captains

He was a South African cricketer. He played fifteen matches in 1999 ICC  cup and won eleven matches. His career was a little bit controversial. But still he is one of the best captains of the South Africa He led his team to many victories. His fans love him for his playing skills. Cricket is a passionate game. People watch it with great avidity. They love him and follow him. According to ICC ranking he achieved 76.66% and that’s the reason he is the sixth top successful captain of the world.


best Cricket Captains

This right handed batsman was born in September 1962. He belongs to NEW ZEALAND. He is in our top list because of his playing and captaincy skills. He was a very popular cricketer and he was famous among his fans. He was the son of the cricketer. He has made many centuries in his entire career. Test matches played by him are seventy seven. He was one of the best young batsman of the world. He is also a well known commentator. According to ICC percentage that is 77.77% he is given this rank of world fifth successful player.


Most famous Cricket Captains

He was a very popular Indian cricket captain. He was one of the best captains of INDIA. He played eleven matches and won nine in ICC 2003 tournament. He is famous among his fans for his spectacular performance. This captain is also known as DADA. His fans and friends love him and call him DADA with respect. He have a huge fan following. This superstar was born in July, 1972. He is being ranked because his percentage calculated by ICC is 81.81%.


Most Successful Cricket Captains

This spectacular player belongs to INDIA. He is the most famous and loved cricketer of INDIA. He has fans all over the world. His batting skills are awesome. He has brought one world cup trophy in INDIA as a captain. He is captain who has played an inspiring role for his team. His full name is MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI. He is well known for his batting skills. He is also a wicket keeper. On the basis of 83.33% he is ranked ICC third successful captain.


Most Successful Cricket Captains

He belongs to WEST INDIES. He has also written many books. This awesome player was born in August, 1994. He was famous player of the West Indies. His captaincy skills were awesome. CLIVE HUBERT LLOYD is the full name of this superstar. This hero has played seventeen matches and has won fifteen. He brought the world cup trophies home two times as a captain. He is ranked second on the basis of 88.23%.


Who is the Most Famous & Successful Cricket Captain in the World?

who is Most Successful Cricket Captain

He is a well known AUSTRALIAN player. He is ranked number one due to the percentage calculated by the ICC and that is 92.85%. He is a wonderful captain of AUSTRALIAN team of all the time. He has played twenty nine matches out of which won twenty six. When he was a captain he brought the world cup trophy home two times. His captaincy and playing skills are not hidden. He is a player who captures the attention of the audience with his awesome playing skills. This player tops the list of the world best players. He has a huge fan following in Australia and all over the globe.

All data is taken from ICC official website.

Sr. No Captain Name Country ICC Cricket World Cup Play Total Matches as a Captain Wins Losses No Result or Tie Percentage
1 Ricky Ponting Australia 29 26 02 01 (nr) 92.85%
2 Clive Lloyd West Indies 17 15 02 none 88.23%
3 MS Dhoni India 09 07 01 01 (tie) 83.33%
4 Sourav Ganguly India 11 09 02 none 81.81%
5 Martin Crowe New Zealand 09 07 02 none 77.77%
6 Hansie Cronje South Africa 15 11 03 01 (tie) 76.66%
7 Steve Waugh Australia 10 07 02 01 (tie) 75%
8 Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lanka 09 06 02 01 (nr) 75%
9 Shahid Afridi Pakistan 08 06 02 none 75%
10 Kapil Dev India 15 11 04 none 73.33%


These are the best ICC world cups cricket captains. They are the great inspiration for their fans. They all have fans not only in their hometowns but all over the world. CRICKET is a passionate game. All the patriots are emotionally attached with their favorite teams and captains. So we have told you about the most successful captains of the globe. They are the famous and capable captains. It is not easy to be the world top players. A lot of hard work is required for achieving this position. The next world cup is coming in February, 2015. We are looking forward to see which captain will take the trophy in his home after the victory. This world cup is seen all over the world in different countries. Fans are preparing for this world cup with the great avidity. Fans are happy as they will get to see the spectacular performances of the players they love. Let’s see which captain will lead from the front and will take the 2015 world cup trophy home for their fans. It’s not only a captain but a team work that lead to victory. But captain are very essential for each team to lead them from front.

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