Top 5 Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Top Ten Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Global warming is an important issue that must be solved soon. Scientist around the world is trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Many countries have taken many measures to reduce the effects and causes of global warming. It is affecting the not only environment of the world but also the health of living organisms. It is the day by day increase in world temperature along with the increasing levels of water. It is causing serious problems in the world such as droughts, health issues and an increase in temperature, etc. To get rid of it, radical changes are required with low consumption of energy sources. Energy sources like coal, electricity are also the global warming causes and effects. Now countries are emphasizing on the solar energy that is the main source of renewable energy. It is environmental friendly and will solve the issue of universal reheat. United Nations have made a council that is working for improving the climatic conditions. The name of this organization is United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  Almost all countries of the world have become the member of this council. The purpose of this council is to encourage the member countries to reduce the reasons of greenhouse effect and global warming.  In this article, we have ranked the top ten effects of global warming. Here is the list of these top ten effects of global warming.

10. Extinction

List of Top ten Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Extinction is the process of disappearing. It is usually linked with the species of animals and plants. So, it means the death of animals and plants. Extinction is an effect of universal warming. Due to the environmental changes many species of animals and plants are unable to survive. Temperature is increasing that is causing many rare species of the world to become disappear. Its biggest example is Polar Bear, now Polar bears are decreasing in numbers because they are unable to fight with the biological changes of the world. According to an estimate, until 2050 almost 30% species of plants and animals that are alive today would be vanished from this planet.

9. Storms

Top Ten Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Storms are more intense these days. Due to global reheat temperature of the earth is increasing that is causing an increase in water temperature of oceans. Warmer oceans are becoming because making more and more intense storms. It is the reason that you can see the strong storms in the countries like Dubai that are more affected by universal warming. Floods are also more intense and doubled in numbers in last few years. These storms and floods are the reasons for destruction in the world. To cope with the issue of storms scientists are trying to reduce global reheat from the world.

8. Economic Collapse

Top Ten Global Warming Effects

As universal warming is causing the floods and storms in the world, these storms have huge effects on the economies of the countries. Due to floods and storms countries bear a huge cost in terms of loss of property or lives of human beings. Economies of some countries are dependent on oil, etc. These energy sources are causing global melt and reducing universal warming means reducing the prosperity of these countries. So, economic collapse is obvious due to the warming. Economic collapse is the 8th effect of global warming.

7. Effects on Plants and Animals

Top 10 Global Warming Effects Around the World

Animals and plants are adversely affected by the universal warming. Animals and plants grow in specific environmental conditions that are adequate for their growth. With an increase in temperature and rainfalls, different species of animals and plants are affecting. Such as many plants need fewer rainfalls like cotton so unexpected rains are causing damage to such crops. It has affected the sea life to a great extent. Sea water is now warmer than ever, so the sea life is unable to survive in such conditions.

6. Rising Sea Levels

List of Top 10 Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Sea levels are increasing because ice is melting at high speed. Ice is melting because temperature has increased. This ice is becoming the reason to increase the level of sea.  With an increase in sea levels, coastal areas population is affecting. People living in coastal areas are migrating and moving to the areas that are far from the coastal areas. Like Maldives has announced to move from the coastal areas.

5. Effects on Human Health

Top Five Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Human beings are becoming more concerned about the fatal issues to their health that are caused by the universal warming. Due to global melt every year almost 150000 people are dying. Diseases like low respiratory systems are very common these days. Due to increase in floods and rains fatal diseases like Malaria and Dengue are very common. Insects that are spreading diseases have become very strong these days. Eyes and skin diseases can be found in every 3rd person of the world. So, human beings have become the prey of their inventions.

4. War

Top 5 Effects of Global Warming Around the World

It is causing the scarcity of natural resources and economic system failures. All these reasons are causing wars in different countries. To get the resources countries are at wars and to try to win the wars. Countries are killing people ruthlessly and damaging properties. Civil conditions of the world are now very tense. It is just the war of resources that has covered all the countries of the world into the war.

3. Droughts

Top Three Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Droughts are the after effects of global warming. Water shortage is the result of high temperature. Plants and crops are decreasing due to the water shortage. So, the results are droughts. According to an estimate, until 2020 there will be 60% more droughts than today. Droughts are the 3rd effect of global warming. Due to droughts not only human beings are dying but also different animals and plants are reducing in their species.

2. Ecosystem Failure

Top 3 Effects of Global Warming Around the World

Greenhouse gases are the major reason for global warming. These greenhouse gases are increasing the temperature of the world and also changing the environmental conditions.  Both air and water have become polluted. Pollution is also becoming the reason of many diseases in human beings. The ecosystem is now out of control of the human beings. People are migrating from the areas that have more temperature to the areas that have less temperature.

1. Increase in Temperature

Top Effect of Global Warming Around the World

Temperature of the earth is increasing with the passage of time. This increase in temperature is due to the greenhouse gases. The population of the world has increased to the large extent that is causing the concentration f Co2 in the air that is also because an increase in temperature. Deforestation and minerals extraction is also increasing the level of temperature.

Effects of Global Warming Around the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Increase in Temperature
2 Ecosystem Failure
3 Droughts
4 War
5 Effects on Human Health
6 Rising Sea Levels
7 Effects on Plants and Animals
8 Economic Collapse
9 Storms
10 Extinction


This article has the information related to the effects of global warming. Global warming is because of many problems in the world. Global warming is destroying the natural beauty of the world and making this world worst place to live in. All over the world specially dirtiest Countries are trying their best to reduce the global warming. Every year plantation days are celebrated to increase the numbers of trees in the world. Along with this world, pollution day is celebrated every year on 5th of June to increase the awareness among people regarding the cleanliness of the environment.


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