TOp Country with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Top Ten Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

The beauty of women is praised everywhere and it is said that nothing is powerful than beautiful female. Beautiful ladies can influence anything. They can occupy the hearts of men. Beautiful ladies have become an industry. They are now presented as a product in different magazines and T.V commercials. Beautiful ladies are taken as models and actresses in films, etc. So, beautiful ladies are used to capturing the attention of the world. In the ads of different products advertising agencies give main focus on the selection of most beautiful ladies who can attract the attention of many viewers. So, a beauty of a lady has the power to get the attention of the world.  These days the beauty of a lady is mostly attached with their boldness. Now standards of beauty have changed; now beauty depends on how well a woman can exhibit her beautiful body. Women spend a huge amount on the maintenance of their beauty. They spend time in beauty parlours and gyms to look beautiful. Every year millions of dollars are spent on beauty products of ladies. There are many countries in the world whose ladies are regarded as beauty symbol. These ladies are blessed with the natural beauty and world knows this fact. Here is the list of the countries with most beautiful ladies of the world.


List of Top Ten Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

The United Kingdom is also famous as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Their females are also elegant and gorgeous. In U.K people from different countries come and started living. Due to this different cultures can be seen in U.K. This has a great effect on the beauty of their ladies. Their females are also a great example of mixed and blend cultures. U.K is also well known for having the world most beautiful and sexiest models. Its ladies are well educated and have a great sense of fashion and beauty. So, in our list U.K is the 10th country with most beautiful ladies in the world.

9. Australia

Top Ten Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Australian females are different and unique. Australian ladies are the result of different immigrants around the world. By face, they look like English female but their complexion is less fair than English ladies. But they look amazingly sexy and beautiful. They love to spend time and money on fashion. They are very confident and outgoing. They know when and how to represent themselves. Australian politicians, models and actresses are famous everywhere in the world.

8. USA

Top Ten Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

The USA is the super power of the world. The USA is ruling the world in many fields like technology, medical, modelling, fashion and beauty. It’s different states are also ranked in world top ten most beautiful countries. Its ladies are an example for everyone in the world. The USA has given much freedom to their females and their females love independence. They are the inspiration of many other ladies of the world. Their beauty is also due to their advancement in heath and technology so; they are well aware how to maintain beauty. They also work hard to shape their bodies in gyms.

7. Canada

TOp 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Canadian females are also many the same American females. Canada also has a  culture of different countries in it. Their ladies are independent and fashionable. They are fun loving and very bold. They have blue eyes, fair complexion and long heights. They are educated and spend a time to make them more beautiful. Canadian ladies are aesthetic and love beauty. You can see the beauty in their well-decorated homes. Their models are taken by many other countries for the advertisement of beauty products. Canadian ladies don’t feel shame in showing their beautiful bodies.

6. Netherlands

List of Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Dutch females have strong bodies and intelligent. Their beauty and intelligence are admired by everyone. Mostly Dutch ladies have long heights and look like supermodels. Their streets are full of supermodels. Every female here is not less than a model. They are mostly blonde and some Dutch females are black form. These black form Dutch ladies are also very attractive and well mannered. Netherland is on number 6 in our list of world beautiful ladies.

5. Italy

Top Five Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Italian women are highly sensible in fashion and art. They are very stylish and their dress designers are also famous worldwide. You can exhibit Italian female beauty in one word Classy. They are a class in beauty and style. Many other countries’ females also adopt their fashions. Italian women are blonde and have round faces. They are attractive and good looking. They have brown eyes and white complexion.

4. Russia

Top 5 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Our list of most beautiful women is incomplete without mentioning the name of Russian women. Russian women are a class and awesome. They have beautiful bodies and fair complexions. Their women have blue eyes and mostly are blonde. They look like eastern and western. So, the mixture of eastern and western culture has also ranked them as the world finest women. They are strong and tall. They have sharp features like eastern women and a complexion like western women. They love to get an education and hence highly educated. They are also confident and outspoken. The know how to get their rights. They are not less than a man in any field of life. Russian models are considered as most beautiful and gorgeous.

3. Ukraine

Top Three Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Ukraine is neighbor country of Russia, so their women have features like Russian women. But they are known as more beautiful than Russian women. They are highly fashionable and educated. They take honor in having more and more beauty. Their women have proud on their beauty so, have high standards and difficult to be approached by men. They are lovely and presentable to the public. You can see many beautiful Ukraine women in their football matches. They are the 3rd most beautiful women of the world.

2. Brazil

Tp 3 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Brazilian women are ruling this list for many years. Some people spot them on number 1 and some on number 2 but not less than it. They have beautiful figures and strong bodies. They don’t have much fair complexion but still look beautiful. Their women are very stylish and attractive. Brazilian women beauty can be described in the single world attractive. They draw the attention of whole world. For them, fair or dark complexion doesn’t matter real thing is their fitness. To be fit and string, they spend much time in gyms than beauty parlors.

1. Sweden

TOp Country with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Swedish women have a thin nose, long heights and fair complexions. Swedish women are intelligent and talented. They are the perfect mixture of intelligence and boldness. It is the reason that they attract the men of the whole world. Swedish women are naturally beautiful and don’t need more beauty products. They are educated and don’t like much makeup. According to Swedish women beauty, lies in looking naturally beautiful. So, they are not spending amounts on makeups. Swedish women are on number 1 in the list of most beautiful women in the world.

List of Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

Sr.No. Names Population
1 Sweden 9.593 million (2013)
2 Brazil 200.4 million (2013)
3 Ukraine 45.49 million (2013)
4 Russia 143.5 million (2013)
5 Italy 59.83 million (2013)
6 Netherlands 16.8 million (2013)
7 Canada 35.16 million (2013)
8 USA 318.9 million (2014)
9 Australia 23.13 million (2013)
10 U.K 64.1 million (2013)


This article has the beauty of the whole world. Beautiful women are also earning dollars for their countries. Beauty is always rewarded and appreciated. As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so, there is so particular scale to measure the beauty of a person. Still fair complexion, spotless skin, and sharp features add beauty to a woman. In this article mostly western women are listed as the most beautiful women but there are many other countries that have most beautiful women of the world like Turkey.


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