Education Stat of the Country, Where Student Spend Most Time in Homework

Countries, Where Students Spend Most Time in Homework

In this Article you will find Education Stats of the Countries, Where Students Spend Most Time in Homework with hours per weeks. Homework, as everyone knows, refers to the assignments given by the teachers to their students. These assignments are to be completed outside the school. There is a culture of assigning the tasks to the student for a century ago. This practice was very common until the past decade. And it was also felt to be a fair exercise.  However, almost five to seven years before, a debate was started on the issue. It asked the question, whether the students should be given homework or not. Furthermore, the teacher should assign how much quantity of home assignments to their students. Meanwhile, the literacy system of many countries started to rethink the matter of home assignments.  Thus, it started lower down the emphasis on the home tasks of the students. There has been a number of studies made by the educationists in this regard. Else than that, there has been number of surveys made in different countries to explore the stats regarding the homework of the students. In this regard, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is the one who has been very active in exploring the facts about the literacy system of its member countries. Recently, it has made a study on the same issue, collecting data from its member countries. It has found out the list of top ten countries, where the students spent most of the time in their homes works. In the survey, the data has been collected from students of 15 years. The survey asked the question that how much hours the students of different countries spend weekly in doing homework. We shall have a short overview of the States of the top ten countries where the students spend most of the time in their home tasks. We take all calculations from Forbes.

12. Quality of Education in Finland:

Educational Stats of the Countries, Where Students Spend Most Time in Homework
To bring the high standards of the literacy system in the country, the government of Finland is intended to provide a mechanism in which students can easily flourish. Finland has developed such an attractive literacy system, where every student of the world would have loved to get the education. The students are not only given the tuition fee less education but are also provided with penalty of scholarship and other facilities. 2.7 hours is the average time, which a student usually spends on homework in a week. The students have more recess times. There are lesser tests taken from the students. Along with that, they are to spend comparatively more time in the vocational schools. The teachers are professionals and are supposed to spend a handsome time for the preparation of their lessons. These might be the reason, the students are ranked at 3rd in terms of the skills and knowledge regarding science and math, when compared with the same of other member countries of OECD.

11. Quality of Education System South Korea:

Educational Stats, Where Students Spend Most Time in Homework
The education system in the country is centralized. The state is intended to make its educational institution upstanding; that is why, and it gives funds to both the public and private institutions. That’s the reason, why the literacy rate in the country is so high. However, there has been a criticism of the educational system. It is criticized for not being innovative; rather it is mostly conventional. The students of South Korea studies only 3 hours in a week. That might be the reason that South Korean students could have not good received a good educational base in early life. Thus, only 65% students could have gone through high school degree. Another fact is that, the rate of unemployment of the educated people is also high in this country. However, this might be due to the curse of lack of planning by the Government.

10. Quality of Education System in Japan:

Educational Countries, Where Students Spend Most Time in Homework
The public and private educational institutions are performing very well to build a good literary base of the students of this country. However, there are more students in the public sector at lower secondary level. For higher secondary level, the students prefer private level. There is less scope of higher literacy in Japan. It is because, Japan is an industrial country, and the dynamics of this country believe in the motor skills of the students. They spend only 3.8 hours a week in their home works, but even then, the student of this country have ranked 2nd in terms of the professional skills they have in the ranking of OECD.

9. Quality of Education System in Germany:

Countries Where Student Spend Most Time in Homework
With a claim of Free Education till College, the literacy system in Germany has been upstanding from number of decades. Being father of Social Estate, the Germany is following this practice from 1870. After charging a high rate of tax from the public, the government is also intended to provide free education to its people. However, there is some criticism of this notion that is named as inequality. It says that the country is charging a lot from one side as tax, but spending on the other side which is not paying a lot back. Although, the literacy rate in this country is 99%, but the children are at risk of poor educational achievement.  This risk is high, if the students belong to the family receiving scholarship from the state or parents are in teenage, or have been remained involved in criminal activity. Simply saying, there is not equal chance of getting good literacy for all the children. But, even then the percentage of those who have attained the high school degree at the age of 25 years or above, is high and near to 88%. Here in Germany, an average student only does homework of 4.7 hours in a week, but even then, the students of this country have comparable skills in terms of reading and math and science.

8. Quality of Education System in France:

Educational Institution, Where Student Spend Most Time in Homework
There is a highly centralized, but also systemized education system in France. There are five level of education in this country. The county has the good blend of both public and private educational institutions. However, the thing remarkable about the education in France is International Education. There are more than one hundred international educational institutions in France. This country has decertified dynamics, and there are more than 22 religion over here, but no religious things are allowed in the schools.  There is 99% literacy rate in this country. However, only 71% students can get the degree of higher schools at the age of 25 years or above. Thought, students here, spends only 5.1 hours a week in their home works. But, in the OECD ranking, the skills of students in France could not have secured good ranks.

7. Quality of Education in Mexico:

Top Ten Educational Stats of Countries, Where Student Spend Most Time in Education
The current literacy system prevailing in Mexico is almost a century old. It is regularized under the Secrete of Education, which come directly under the Federal Government. Primary School, the Junior High School, and the High School are three levels of school education. After that, there comes the higher education and post-graduation. There are both public and private institutions are offering the education services. Free education is available in the Mexico public schools only for its citizens. There has been a great expansion in the growth of enrollment in the schools. The state spends more than 5 % of its GPD on the education. That’s why the literacy rate in Mexico has reached up to 98.5%. Other interesting facts revealed that there are 38.5% people of the lit rated ones who got upper secondary degrees. The students of Mexico spends 5.2 hours a week in doing homework. Moreover, the students of this country are found to be weak in terms of reading skills and knowledge of science and math. Thus, it can be said that the education system, especially at the especially level education, is not very successful in building a good base of the students. And a lot of improvements are required in this regard.

6. Quality of Education in Canada:

Top 10 Educational Stats of Countries, Where Student Spend Most Time in Homework
In Canada, the Literacy system comes under the jurisdiction of the provincial government. There are three levels of education in this country, i.e. primary level, secondary level and the higher (post-secondary level). The education is renowned internationally. It is the reason that Canada earns students from all over the world. Moreover, the Canadian education got highest ranks in the rankings issues by the OECD, especially, in terms of higher education. Here, an average student spends 5.5 hours a week in their homework. Another important thing to be mentioned here is that, the students of this country got 5th rank in terms of the skills they have in reading, math, and science.

5. Quality of Education in Austria:

Top Five Education Stats of the Countries, Where Student Spend Most Time in Education
A well-defined education, especial schooling system, is prevailing in Australia. Where both the public and private schools have to follow a same curriculum in the school. PISA in 2006 ranked education of Australia at Sixth for the reading skills in the students. Here, the education of a student start when he reaches three years of age. However, at this age level, education is not compulsory. The education is compulsory, when the student is at the age of 5 years to 15 years. Education year starts in February. More than 74% percent people of age between 25 years to 64 years have degree of high school level. Here the students spent almost 6 hours a week in their home assignments. However, regarding the skills of the student, they are ranked at 5th among the member countries. These skills include the reading, science and mathematics expertise.

4.Quality of Education in USA:

Top 5 Educational Stats of the Countries, Where Student Spend Most Time in Education
There is a well-established literacy system United States of America. The main focus of this system of USA is to develop those professionals, who can proficiently work in their fields of work. There have been made a number of changed in the literacy system here. Presently, there are three level so of education in USA i.e. school; involving elementary school, the middle school and high school, college and then universities. There are exists both public and private institutions. But almost 86% of the children get schooling in public schools. In USA, public schools are managed by the locally elected bodies and regulated by the state governments. However, the private schools have candidate to set their curricula, staffing policies and other matters like that. The teachers give their students such homework, for which the students spends 6.1 hours a week. However, in the ranking of OECD, USA students got 21st rank among the students of other member countries, regarding the level of knowledge and skill they have.

3. Quality of Education Poland:

Top Three Educational Stats of the Countries, Where Student Spend Most Time in Homework
Poland is the first country that initiated the Ministry of education in the world, for the very first time in 1773. Another thing worthy to be mentioned is that the education system of this country is ranked 4th in Europe and 10th in the world. Education is compulsory in the country at the age of five years of age. There are five levels of education in the country; these are kindergarten, primary school, gymnasium and then higher education. The literacy rate in Poland is 99.7% percent. However, men are only a bit more literate than the women. Else than that, there are 89.1% people who have acquired minimum degree of higher secondary education. The students of this country got the 6th ranking in the list of OECD for their skill and knowledge comparative to the students of other countries. While, weekly a student has to spend almost 6.6 hours for home tasks.

2. Quality of Education in Ireland:

Top 3 Educational Stats of the Countries, Where Student Spend Most Time in Homework
The literacy system in Ireland has been divided into three levels. These levels are primary level, secondary level, and higher level. The schooling to 16 years is compulsory for everyone. Due to the heavy emphasis on the Irish government on the education, the literacy rate in this country is almost 99%. Moreover, the students having higher secondary schooling are 73% in the country. Along with that, the Irish students got 10th ranking among OECD’s member country students regarding the knowledge and skills that are important for the full involvement in modern societies. However, an average student of Ireland spends 7.3 hours a week for his home assignment. What so ever the stats are, it is a matter of fact that the education of Ireland has been highly admired, especially by the third world countries.

1. Quality of Education in Italy:

Education Stat of the Country, Where Student Spend Most Time in Homework
Italy has an education system of more than one and a half century old. The education system of Italy has five stages. These stages are kindergarten, primary school, lower secondary school, upper secondary school, and university. The country has both private and public education institutions. The government takes responsibility to educate the students for free till their 16 years of education. Of the total population of Italy, 99% percent are the lit rated persons who can read and write. However, according to the figures from OECD, there are only 56% persons of the total population have the degree of higher secondary in age of 26 to 64 years. Regarding the motor skills of the average student of country, Italy is ranked at 23rd position of all the member of OECD. According to the survey, on average, a kid of 15 years spends 8.7 hours a week in his homework.

List of Countries, Where Students Spend Most Time in Homework:

Sr.No. Names Hours/Weeks
1 Quality of Education in Italy 8.7
2 Quality of Education in Ireland 7.3
3 Quality of Education Poland 8.4
4 Quality of Education in USA 6.6
5 Quality of Education in Austria 6
6 Quality of Education in Canada 5.5
7 Quality of Education in Mexico 5.2
8 Quality of Education System in France 5.1
9 Quality of Education System in Germany 4.7
10 Quality of Education System in Japan 3.8
11 Quality of Education System South Korea 2.9
12 Quality of Education in Finland 2.8

Ending Remarks:

To sum up the whole discussion, we can say that the matter of homework is very crucial in the due course of studies. It cannot be said that the time spent on the homework is totally useless, or it decreases the efficiency of the students. While, the time that students should spend on assignments in a weak depends upon the nature of their subject. For example, a math’s student might have to work a lot on home assignments to make the practice of the problem sets. However, the education background of the student also decides how much he should study at home.


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