Best Movie for Stress Relief in the World

Top 10 Best Movies for Stress Relief in the World

Today we will talk about top 10 best movies for stress relief in the world. We all know that everyone loves to watch films, and now films are watched everywhere in the world. Nowadays there are many films made in the world which are loved by the people and are very successful as well. We all know that films are watched only to entertain themselves not for any other reason. There are some films in the world which are made to stress and anxiety relief of people through their entertaining films. The content and humor of some films completely is to relax the people who are watching them. Sometimes when people feel down they decide to watch films, then they need films that will boost their mood. It completely depends upon the mood that that whether the person wanted to watch romantic, horror, comedy or any other kind of film. But the most specific movies that are preferred and loved by the people to release their stress that are comedy films. There are some films in this world which are worth watching, and everyone should watch them. As we know now a day movies are releasing which contain a lesson of stress management and they are introducing stress management techniques to minimize human whole day stress and anxiety.  In this article, we will specifically top 10 best films to make people relax.
The following are top 10 best movies which make you know the ways to reduce stress:

10. Breaking Away:

List of Top Ten Best Movies for Releasing Stress in the World

It is a very famous movie of Hollywood which is a pure comedy movie. It is based on the group of teenagers that are graduated from their school. In this movie, there were all good actors who have large number of fans. It was very good movie and watched many awards as well as Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and many others as well. It is also listed in the list of 100 inspiring films of America in about 2006. It was also ranked as the best 8th movie in the sports genre. It is a comedy movie that makes it a reason to release stress.

9. The Sound of Music:

Top Ten Best Movies for Stress Relief in the World

As the name shows, it is pure music movie. We all know that people now are fond of music and love to hear it as well. It is music movie that is made by America and has all leading actors in this movie that was the main reason for its success and popularity. This movie also won many awards that show how successful film it was. Some people think that listening to the music is the best way of managing stress. In this movie, there were many classic songs that will make people happy and relaxed as well. As in this movie, there is a perfect blend of music and scenes as well which will release all tension if viewers.

8. Billy Elliot:

List of Top 10 Best Movies For Stress Relief in the World

People now are fond of dance, and they get more entertained through dance. It is pure dance movie that has beautiful dances with different songs. In this movie, they have shown all famous dance forms of the world which was most amazing thing about this movie. It was a novel but was later transformed into a movie that was very successful. It is considered as the best way to release stress and depression that makes this movie in this list.

7. Up:

World Top Ten Best movies for Stress Relief

Up is very entertaining movie and most watched in the world as well. It is animated movie that was released in 3D. It was also released by the Disney pictures and most appropriate for the kids. This movie was first released in Cannes movie festival and was the first animated movie in the world that makes it more successful and famous. This movie earned almost $731 million which is large amount to generate by a movie. Mostly people still love to watch cartoons movies as they are best way to live in your childhood and release the whole stress of life.

6. The Blind Side:

Top 10 Best Movies for Stress Relief in the World

It is a very different picture that was made in the sports drama. It was released in 2009. In this picture, there was the story of a football player. In this picture, there was the most successful actor in Hollywood which makes it the biggest hit of 2009. This film earned almost $300 million which shows it was a very successful film. It won many big awards like Golden Globe award, academy award and many others as well. It also received the best picture award of the year. The story of this film is very inspiring which will release the tension of the viewer completely and make you relax as well.

5. Babe:

Top Five Best Movies For Stress Relief in the World

It is a very entertaining film that is comedy and drama film as well. It was a novel, and the whole story line revolves around the story of a pig. It was made with the combination of real and animated pigs that made it more entertaining for the viewers. It was full of effects and sound effects as well. It was a very successful film that earned almost $36 million in the world. It was loved by the critics and got many positive reviews as well. It also won many awards as well. It is said in the world that pets release tensions so this film that is full of pets will release the tension and stress of people.

4. The Shawshank Redemption:

Top 5 Best Movies for Stress Relief in the World

It was a drama film about Hollywood which was released in 1994. It was the story of the banker who murdered his wife. It was not much successful in the whole world and got a mixed review from all over the world. But it was nominated for many big awards of the country but could not win any award. It was also named in the American Film institute`s 100 years. It was shown in the film that people who express their love are more successful in their lives. It was not a big hit but was very entertaining as well.

3. Tootsie:

Top Three Best Movies for Stress Relief in the World

We all know that laughter is the best therapy in the world. It is basically a comedy film which is the story of an actor and the difficult time faced by that actor. The songs of this film were very successful and loved by the audience as well. The actors and this film earned many awards for their performance in this film. It is also considered as the 2nd most comedy film in the world. Laughter will completely release the tension and depression of all viewers.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life:

Top 3 Best Movies for Stress Relief in the World

It is a very old film that was released in 1946 and is comedy film that was made on Christmas. It is still considered as the most popular film of America. This film also won many awards and is also considered as one of the most critically acclaimed films ever made on the world. It is also named in the list of 100 best Hollywood films ever made. It is not only comedy film but also very heart touching film. Laughter will release the whole tension of the viewers.

1. Love Actually:

Best Movie for Stress Relief in the World

It is not very old film as it was released in 2003. It was made by the British and is a purely romantic film. In this film there were 10 short love stories which were loved by the people in a single film. It was released on Christmas to make their vacations more entertaining. The most famous dialogue of this film was Love Actually is all around which was talked everywhere.

Top 10 Best Movies for Stress Relief:

Sr.No. Names IMDb Rating
1 Love Actually 7.7/10
2 It’s a Wonderful Life 8.7/10
3 Tootsie 7.4/10
4 The Shawshank Redemption 9.3/10
5 Babe 6.9/10
6 The Blind Side 7.7/10
7 Up 8.3/10
8 Billy Elliot 7.7/10
9 The Sound of Music 8.0/10
10 Breaking Away 7.8/10


We conclude that films are watched everywhere in the world. In this world, everyone is facing some tensions and depressions in their lives which they wanted to release on any day. There are some films in this world which are used of the views of reducing stress and make them relax. Mostly comedy films are more popular for this reason as we all know that laughter is the best medicine to relax.


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