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Top 10 Most Amazing Places In The World

The World in which we live is full of beautiful and amazing destinations. Few of them are very popular because of their natural beauty but few of them are not commonly known. Exploring the beauty of this World is I think best passion and to explore new, beautiful and unique spots is wonderful job. This article is an effort to highlight such amazing spots which are not as such commonly known. Here in this article top ten amazing places to visit are discussed. And I am sure it will be an amazing thing for all the tourists in the world.

Top ten amazing places to visit:

Sr. No. Name of amazing places Country/region
1 Guaira Falls Brazil-Paraguay border Brazil and Paraguay
2 Iceberg B-15 Antarctica Antarctica
3 Don Juan Pond Antarctica Antarctica
4 Rotorua New Zealand New Zealand
5 83-42 Greenland Greenland
6 Socotra Republic of Yemen Yemen
7 The Great Dune of Pyla France France
8 Meteor Crater USA USA
9 Mount Roraima Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana Brazil and Guyana
10 The Door to Hell Turkmenistan Turkmenistan

10. The Door to Hell (Turkmenistan):

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First amazing place of the world which I would like to discuss is The Door to Hell and it is enlisted as tenth most visiting place among top ten places to visit. It is basically a natural gas field and is present nearby Derweze; Turkmenistan and in its wideness it is approximately 70 meter wide. The Door to Hell is been burning continuously for about 35 years. It was first of all lit by geologists who were searching for natural gas deposits in 1971. When it was uncovered it caused destruction by collapsing the ground and all of the equipments were taken down deep into the earth. And geologists who were working on it dared not to go inside and to bring back there things as it was very risky. And this hole is yet not covered and is burning and in present time The Door to Hell has become a tourist’s attention and people from all over the world visits this place in Turkmenistan.

9. Mount Roraima Venezuela (Brazil and Guyana):

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Mount Roraima is enlisted as ninth most visiting place in the world and is very eye catching place. It is known by another two names Tepuy Roraima and Cerro Roraima. It is basically a tabletop mountain and 400 meter of high cliffs are surrounding it from all sides. This remarkable place was for the very first time discussed by Sir Walter Raleigh who was interested in exploring the world in 1596. An amazing thing about it is that it serves for three different locations as a border point; Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil.  On every single day rain fall happens on the peak of mountain just to wash nutrients for plant growing and also to form a different landscape on sandstone surface area. Mount Roraima is situated in Guiana Shield which is in southeastern side of Venezuela and highest point of it is 2810 meter and that is Maverick Rock.

8. Meteor Crater (USA):

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So next in my list of top ten amazing places to visits is Meteor Crater and it is enlisted as eighth most amazing and remarkable place to visit. It is situated about 37 miles east of Flagstaff, 18 miles west of Winslow in northern Arizona desert; United States. Initially the site of Meteor Crater was given a name of Canyon Diablo Crater and fragments are known as Canyon Diablo Meteorite. Scientists refer to it as Barringer Crater on the name of a person Daniel Barringer who for the very first time suggested that its production is just because of meteorite impact. It is owned by Barringer Crater Company and they proclaimed it as best preserved meteorite crater in the entire world. It is credited as National Natural Landmark in 1967, November.

7. The great Dune of Pyla (France):

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Next in my list of amazing and beautiful places is The Great Dune of Pyla and it is seventh most amazing place and worth watchable. And when we talk about its highness, its length, its wideness then it is in 3 km length, its height is 100 m and it is 500 m wide and amazing thing about it is that it is present in forest of Europe which is quite strange. It is present 60 km from Bordeaux; Arcachon Bay Area, France and is believed as tallest dune in entire Europe. The Great Dune of Pyla gained popularity for being paragliding site. Since it is highest than all the trees which are surrounding to it so it gives a charming and captivating view to sea of the forest. It is just because of its location and natural beauty is an eye catching destination and thousands of tourists visit it every year.

6. Socotra (Republic of Yemen):

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Next amazing place that comes under discussion is Socotra and it is enlisted as sixth most amazing and wonderful place to visit. Socotra is archipelago with four islands and is in Indian Ocean. It can be spelled as Soqotra as well. It is believed as most alien place on the earth because it is in isolation and has very dry and damn harsh climate and result of this is that life of plants is nowhere on any other place and has in it famous Dragon’s blood tree and also very unique and unnatural plant that is in umbrella shape and produces red color fluid. It is unique and seems alien not only because of such sort of plants, along with plants lots of birds, animals and spiders etc are also part of this island. It has greatest biodiversity in it as no other place in Arabian Sea has and is designated as World Heritage Site.

5. 83-42 Greenland:

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Now the place which I would like to discuss is 83-42 Greenland. It is another exciting place to visit and is enlisted as fifth most amazing place among top ten amazing places to visit. It will not be wrong to say that this place is not as impressive as other places are but it has curiosity in it. 83-42 Greenland is considered to be northernmost permanent chunk of land on the earth. Size of it is 35m by 15 m and is not as such a high; its height is 4m. When we see it from somewhere high place it seems as small spot of land which is surrounded by shards of ice. It is an ultimate uniqueness when only North Pole is full of ice and ground not. Its uniqueness was found in year 1998 and it is a record breaker in uniqueness. Yes record made by ATOW in 1996 was broken by it in later years.

4. Rotorua (New Zealand):

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Rotorua is another very amazing place to visit and it is enlisted as fourth most amazing among top ten amazing places to visit. This is a city which is present on the southern shores of the lake which is of the same name Rotorua and that is present in Bay of Plenty region of North Island; New Zealand. Rotorua destination is of much popularity for domestic as well as international tourists. This amazing city is commonly known for its geothermal activity, has geysers like Pohutu Geyser at Whakarewarewa, boiling mud pools which are located in Rotorua city. Its “rotten eggs” spell which is because of geothermal activities of the city is also a reason of popularity. This city is seriously amazing and very unique.

3. Don Juan Pond (Antarctica):

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Don Juan Pond is next amazing place of the world which I would like to discuss here. It is enlisted as third most amazing place among top ten amazing places in the world. Don Juan Pond is known for being most salty lake. It is a very small and shallow lake which is present in west end of Wright Valley, Victoria Land; Antarctica and it is about 9 km west from another lake that is Lake Vanda. It was explored for the very first time by two pilots Lt Don Roe and Lt John Hickey in 1961.And then this lake was given a name of its explorers and is known as Don Juan Pond.

2. Iceberg B-15 (Antarctica):

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Next in my list of top ten amazing places to visit in the world is Iceberg B-15 Antarctica. It is enlisted as second most amazing place of the world among top ten amazing places. It is believed as largest recorded ever iceberg and with an area of 3100 square kilometers. It is 295 kilometers in length and width of this iceberg is 37 kilometers and this is more than Jamaica Island. In March 2000, by splitting from Ross Ice Shelf this Iceberg B- 15 was broken into so many tiny icebergs and among those smallest icebergs Iceberg B-15 A was largest. It’s been about decade has passed but still B-15 parts are not melted.

1. Guairá Falls (Brazil- Paraguay border):

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So, here comes last but top place among top ten amazing places to visit and that is Guairá Falls. These Falls are considered as longest waterfalls on the basis of volume and are present on Parana River along the border between Paraguay and Brazil. When we compare waterfall on Niagra Falls and Guairá Falls it is 1750,000 cubic feet in each second approximately on Guairá Falls and it is 70,000 cubic feet in every second on Niagra Falls.  In 1982 dam was formed to save this water flow. And now this Dam which is known as Itapúa Dam is considered as second largest Dam after Three Georges Dam in the world.
Above discussed are all amazing places of the world and are definitely worth visiting. The reason is that every place is unique and is renowned for something special. So this article will be fruitful for those who love tourism and want to see beauty of this world.

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